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Prologue Let's sleep, I'm tired. I winked not knowing how and where to sleep in this new place, sorry room, oh! Again sorry it's a huge mansion. Common! My mind don't struck and think as you like and it's not the right time. What happens when Arjun Dhev (CEO) and Priya(Fashion designer) gets together in the name of arrange marriage, where they are completely different in their passion, and let's see will they survive together by giving priorities to one other and balance their life.

Yog's Singh
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Chapter 1

Priya POV

This shouldn't happen to me ,why the hell my parents are behaving so, how come they can push their daughter into the fire tunnel. Yes, obviously I feel it when my wedding is not going to happen like a fantasy which I dream of and more over it's been arranged. How can I marry someone who the F***k not even came forward to his own engagement. My son is very busy dear, wait... She didn't say son, then what else? She pronounced some strange name,uh..yeah! It's Arjun..Arjun Dhev. Arjun is industrious, for sure he will be there on wedding. My mind again processed, for sure mean? He should be there anyhow and however, how absurd for a bride to get married without a groom. How can I marry someone who is least bothered about his partner? He didn't show up for engagement do he pinged me at least for saying his excuses nor a hello just for the sake. I just patted my head, stupid don't expect too much after all he's not your lover neither you. Keeping my thoughts aside I pinged seema. Seema is my close friend since my childhood. She knows me intensely and full version of me. Hey, hi seema shall we go out for shopping, by the way I didn't disturb u right? Can you please spare me your day? I said in a extra dramatic way, I no for sure she will giggle on the other end. Hey idiot are you Ok? This is not your actual way of speaking and I guess new bride is taking rehearsal for her marriage. I no I'm fueling her, I can hear only silence on the other end. So instead of making her worse, I admit immediately hey baby I will be there at your place in a hour.

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