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At the age of 26 James Daniel's was one of the most successful young men in the country. He couldn't care about success, he worked hard because it was all he had in life. After graduating 4 years ago his parents and brothers were killed in a tragic car accident. James stopped living that day, he has lived a life of mere existence and devoted everything to make his dad proud by turning his business into a multi billion company. Olivia Conner is innocent, naive, intelligent and a family person. She is a 21 year old final year business major student who works at her aunt's bakery on weekends for extra pocket money but mostly because she loves the smell of fresh baked goods. The moment he laid eyes on her his dead heart started beating again.....

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Chapter 1

It's been 4 years, 4 years of existing but I can't get myself to live. I'm in such a dark place and just can't seem to find a glimpse of light. I decided to go straight from the office to visit their graveyard.

I grabbed my suite jacket, called my driver to pick me up from the entrance of this magnificent building. I still cant believe at the age of 26 I'm the CEO of one of the most successful IT companies in the world. I really hope that all my hard work is making my dad proud. Just thinking of him brought a stab pain to my heart as I got into the waiting SUV.

I instructed the driver to take me to the private elite graveyard of my late mother, father and brother. On our way I stop at the small florist and get 3 large bouquets of white lilies. The closer we get the more shallow my breathing begins and my palms sweating. Every year on the day of their death I visit their grave.

I got out of the car and make my way to their graves. I greeted them with such sorrow "Hi Mom, Dad and Luke, I miss you guys so much I dont understand why, why...... why you had to be taken away from me. With tears streaming down my face and my fist pulling lightly on my hair I relive the moment my life changed forever.

It was my graduation and I had to be on campus a bit earlier. Mom, dad and Luke were to meet me just before the graduation ceremony started. They were late and I felt a bit of irritation because I was sure they left the house late and were now stuck in traffic.

I enter the auditorium and send mom a quick message to say I couldn't wait for them but that I will see them after the ceremony. During the ceremony my phone kept ringing from a number I didn't recognize so I just ignored it. They caller became presistant and I switched of my phone in annoyance.

After the ceremony my friends and I made our way to the dining wall. I scanned it quickly to see if I could locate my family but I couldn't see them through the crowd. I took put my phone and switch it on and phoned mom but she didn't answer, then dad but he also didn't answer, now a bit annoyed I phoned Luke. After 3 rings he picked up "Officer Cole speaking" now I'm shocked and confused "Officer I'm looking for my brother Luke, may I asked why you are answering his phone" I asked. " Sir we have been trying to get hold of you, can you please make your way to the Western police station as soon as you can. I could feel panic creeping up my chest and rushed to my car and made my way to the station in just under 10minutes. As I walked in an officer made his way to me "you must be James Daniel's?" He asked. " Yes that's me, can you please tell me what is going on" I asked anxiously. "James please take a seat in my offiec" showing to a door on my left. I quickly made my way in and loom at him with anticipation. He looked at me with eyes filled with compassion before he spoke the word that ripped my life apart "James I'm so sorry there was an accident and your parents and brother were killed on impact" he continued to talk but I was so shocked it felt like I was outside of my body "from witnesses we believe a truck has lost his brakes and went right into your family's car, we will be doing an extensive investigation... " and so he continued but I couldn't care because nothing will bring them back and at the moment it was as if my heart died with them.

I placed their lilies on their graves, rolled them that I miss and love them dearly and made my way back to the car.

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