My angel

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Chapter 2

Early the next morning I decided to go for long jog to clear my head. I just couldn't sleept last night my dreams were invaded with mental replay of their death combined with work and my business trip next week. Its Saturday and I decided that I'm just going to take the day off work. My brain literally feels fried.

After my run I decided to quickly pop into my favorite bakery to by some of my favorite croissants which I haven't treated myself to in awhile. As a opened the door teg chime rings to announce my presence. As a looked up, I looked straight into the eyes of an angel. I was frozen in place like I was in a trance. I heard her greet me and her voice are just as angelic but I couldn't move. I could feel the blood draining from my face and my limbs going jelly and my heart racing. She came walking from behind the counter towards me and I took in her delicate petite features, her long soft curled light brown hair framing he heart shaped face with the most beautiful big brown eyes staring straight into my soul. I still stood frozen unable to move. She touched my arm and with an electric current I jumped away from her and gave her a fright. She quickly said in an apologetic tone "Sorry sir I didn't mean to fright you, are you oky?" "Uhm... yes, yes I'm oky sorry I was deep in thought. Can I please order one cinnamon sugar, one chocolate and one honey and almond croissant" she started at me then shook her head and walked back behind the counter "yes of course, would you like anything else" she asked. "No thank you that will be all" I replied. She quickly packed my order, rang it up. I watch her work swiftly still mesmerized by her beauty. Still unsure if she is only a figment of my imagination. I paid and mumbled a goodbye and rush as fast as I could out of the store. Once outside I took deep breaths because I'm sure I was holding my breath the entire time, my heart was racing so fast that I felt alive for the first time in four years. I quickly walked the next 3 blocks to my penthouse.

I grabbed a water from the fridge, and walked straight out on the balcony overlooking the ocean. This is my save haven. The one place in the world brings my peace. I sat down and devour the croissants. They taste even better than I remember, with my mind drifting back to the angel who served the. "Was she real, what did I react to her the way I do, why did I feel so alive in her presence" I thought to myself. She stayed in my mind the whole day.

I decided to go work as I had lot of preparation to do for my trip next week but I couldn't focus, her beautiful face invaded every thought of my day. Frustrated I decided to go for a swim to clear my head. Still all I could was think of her.

The weeks business trip went by in a blur, every free moment i would think of her, if i would ever see her again, what is her name and WORST of all what if she wasn't real. When I got home late Friday night I was exhausted and went straight to bed with the thought tomorrow I will go back to the bakery and go see if she will be there. With that I fell into a deep sleep.

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