My angel

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Chapter 3

I was woken up by sunlight in my face. I quickly got up and got ready for my run. On my way back I'm going to go past the bakery to go see if she is there today.

I went for a long run because I felt alive, energized and happy. What did I just thought I'm happy, that cant be oky maybe not happy but something similar. As I near the bakery my heart beat is starting to increase not due to the running though. As the door of the bakery open and the chime rang to notify my arrival I looked up into her beautiful orbs and the biggest smile formed her face and for the first time in four years a smile erupts my face. "Good morning sir, what can I get you today" she asked. "J-James.... you can call my James" I stuttered. With a soft giggle that send butterflies to my stomach she answer "what a lovely name James what can I get you". "You can get me each of the variety croissants, they are the best in town and some brownies and a caramel chocolate cupcake please" I rumbled the order. She nodded and start packing my order. "What is your name?" I asked impulsively. She turned around with flush cheeks she softly answer "Olivia". "Olivia that a beautiful name for a beautiful lady" I said and her cheeks reddened even more. Clearly flustered she quickly turned around to finish my order. She rang it up and I handed her my card. She took it and I touched her hand on purpose and she just looked up and smiled at me. I paid and quickly left the bakery when I heard her called my name " James stop" I abruptly stopped and turned around almost crashing into her "you left your order on the counter" she said handing me the box. A bit embarrassed I said "oh I dont know where my head is at, thank you and goodbye". She greeted my with a small wave and turned around. "Olivia" I said in a whisper and with that she turn around looking at me. "I know I don't know anything about you, but will you go on a date with me tonight" I asked. Her face turned into shock and then into a frown "I have never been on a date, what does a person do on a date. I'm not sure I will have to ask my dad, but I don't think he will let me go" she rumbled so quickly I barely can make out what she is saying. "A date is dinner where two people get to share food and get to know one another" I said with a smile. She still looked at me confused so I continued "we can go to your favorite restaurant where you feel safe and comfortable" I hand her my business card from my wallet "why dont you asked your dad and then call or message me when you are allowed" I said. She just nodded her head and turned around.

Not sure what to make of what just happened. I walked back to my house ready to consume the items in the box. After I showered and got ready for the day I heard my phone notify my of a message. I couldn't helped but to almost sprint to get to it hoping it would be Olivia. I didn't recognize the number so now I'm very hopeful and nervous.

*Hi. It's Olivia from the bakery. My dad has agreed for me to go put for dinner with you but we have to go to my uncle's pizza place where he knows I will be safe. How does that sound?*

I almost jumped on my bed from excitement and quickly typed a reply before saving her contact details on my phone.

Me: Hi. Yes that sounds perfect. Will 7PM be good? Would you like me to pick you up or do you prefer to me there?

Olivia: 7PM is good :-) I will meet you outside. It's the pizza place next to the bakery. Pizza delight. See you there.

Me: Great I look forward to our date. See you later.

I kept myself busy fixing things around the house actually anything to just make the time go by faster and to keep my mind occupied on something else than my beautiful date for tonight.

I was already showered and dressed in my tight fit black jeans and white button up shirt with sleeves rolled up. I look in the mirror fixing my hair. Once satisfied with my look I decided to leave a bit earlier because I want to quickly stop and get her some flowers on my way.

I walked up to the restaurant with the bunch of mixed colorful flowers in my hand, spotting her standing outside the restaurant. Pur eyes met each other at the same time and we both smiled instantly. "Good evening, these are for you" I greeted and gave her the flowers. "Hi, these are beautiful thank you" she replied blushing. "Not as beautiful as you" I answered which made her even blush more. "Shall we go inside" she asked. "Yes my lady, after you" I indicated. She was greeted by the hostess and immediately we were shown our reserved table. I couldn't help but to stare at her taking in all her delicate features. She is short and will probably fit under my arm with small hands and perfectly manicured nails. My eyes continued to take her in until they landed on her small but firm breasts peeking out as her dress revealed a little bit of cleavage. All of the sudden my manhood twitch and I quickly diverted my eyes to her face again. She is busy scanning the menu and ask if I know what I would like to drink. At the same moment an older looking man stood by our table and greeted her "Hi Liv always good to see you" and placed a kiss on her cheek. "It's nice to see you brought a friend for dinner" she blushed and answered "yes uncle Carlos meet my da... my friends James Daniel".

"Are you the James Daniels from Inc. Connections? Nice to meet you James I'm Carlos Liv's uncle. Welcome to our restaurant order anything its's on the house" he said holding his hand out to shake my hand. "Yes that's me, thank you so much Carlo's its lovely to meet you. I would like to treat this lady to her favorite pizza tonight" I said. He turned to Olivia "Liv you didn't tell me you had famous friends" he said. She looked so confused and answered "I didn't knew he was famous". With that he quickly took put drink orders and said the waiter will bring it to us shortly and come take our food order.

"Oky so I know your name is James Daniels and you work for Inc. Connections but I didn't know you were famous, care to elaborate" she asked with a smile on her face. "Well I'm not only working at Inc. Connections but I'm also owning it, I'm not really famous but a lot of people know me because of the growth of the company the last few year" I replied. "So now tell me something about yourself " I asked. She thought for a second "uhm I don't know what to say I've never been on a date" she said shyly. "It cant believe you have never been on a date, do you mean you never had a boyfriend" I asked in disbelief. She just nodded her head. "It can be anything for me to get to know you better" I encouraged her. "Oky I'm Olivia Conner, I'm 21 years old, I'm studying special needs education, I have an older brother Dave he married his high school sweetheart and have a little boy called Nicholas who I adore, I'm very close to my family, still live with my parents and I think that's me in a nutshell. What about you" she asked.

I dont know why I haven't thought about it before, probably because I haven't been on a single date since my family passed away. How do I answer her. I think she noticed the change in my demeanor and suddenly looked very uncomfortable. I decided to for the first time since the passed away to talk about them " I'm 26. I don't know how to tell you this" I was interrupted by the waiter with our drinks. I haven't even looked what to order so I just ordered what she did. It was silent around the table when he left and i knew it's now or never. "Both my parents and my younger brother died in a car crash 4 years ago on their way to my graduation" I told her with a voice filled with emotion. Her eyes started to fill with tears and she answerd "I cannot imagine what you must've and still must be going through, my deepest condolences". I didn't want to hear "I'm so sorry for your loss" even though I expected her to say that but her response took me by surprise it was so sincere and heartfelt. She placed her hand over mine and said "you dont have to talk about it if you dont want to, but I'm here when you ready to. I stared at her in amazement, how does she calm the raising storm in my heart with her soothing voice and words. "I've never talked about that day or them since that day until now with you. I just feel safe to share it with someone. Hence the success of my business because I have dedicated every possible minute of everyday to my work so that I can forget the pain. That day my soul died with them i merely existed but i stopped living. It's my first date after the accident, I even lost all my friends because I just couldn't social while my heart was destroyed. That is until I met you and somehow I felt alive again" I said honestly. She still had tears sitting on the brink of her eyelids but gave me a butterflies in my stomach kind of smile.

We continued to talk about my work and her studies even sharing stories from our childhood. I have never felt so alive it is like a burden was lifted of my shoulders. Our food arrived and we dived right into eating the best pizza I have ever tasted.

As dinner came to an end, her uncle refused to give me a bill so i gave the waiter a hefty tip for an unforgettable dinner. Once outside she looked up to me and said "thank you for making my first date unforgettable". "I haven't even treated you but I agree it was un unforgettable date, I hope to take you out again. I replied. "Yes that would be lovely, I must head back home now" she said. "Perfect I will phone you, drive safely and see you soon" i said and placed a kiss on her cheek. She blushed and touched her cheek where i placed the kiss and said goodnight before walking to her car.

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