Internal Revolution

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When Ash moved to this new town she knew it was the fresh start that she so desperately needed. Her old town was full of demons that she knew would never leave her alone. Not as long as she was there. So she left. And now she's here, in Charis to start a whole new life with absolutely nothing holding her back. Will she be able to let go of what happened in her past and start anew? ...... Mason has been here his whole life and he wants nothing more than to leave. He is literally counting down the days until he's out of this hell hole. Charis is his own personal hell but he can't leave. Well at least not for a few months. Too many things have happened to him in this town and nothing can make him stay. But something's changed. Someone's here. Will this new change be enough to change his mind? His demons have a strong hold on him. Too strong. And they're not letting go anytime soon. ---------------------------- "Maybe you should go put on some clothes.", he says, his eyes running over my figure, lingering on my bare legs. "That's rich coming from you", I tell him crossing my arms over my chest. He looks down at his bare chest and grins, "Don't act like you don't like it", He winks at me and goes back to his previous task, his biceps bulging with the strain. I try not to stare but end up failing at that. He catches me looking and stops working. He looks up at me, his eyes blazing

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Chapter 1

Well...This is chapter one. Have to say I’m pretty excited.To my readers thank you for picking my book I really appreciate it.




“Please stop!“, I screamed at him, hot tears streaking down my face as I twisted and turned trying to stop him from doing what I knew he was about to do. The horrible smell of this basement coupled with the sour scent of hot urine stung my nose as I inhaled trying to get the smell of his beer breath out of my nose.

I felt a sting on my cheek as my head is swung sharply to the side. A coppery taste filled my mouth. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was blood. A few seconds to realize that he slapped me.

He raised his hand and grabbed my hair, making my already hurting scalp sting even more. He looked at me with his signature sneer, his yellow teeth fully visible and-

I woke with a start sitting up on bed. The hair stuck to my dripping forehead and the sweat running down my back told me that my whole body was drenched as well as the sheets under me. The darkness surrounding me showed that it was way too early for anyone to actually be awake.

The red numbers to my right reading 4:07 AM only confirmed that. I reached over and switched on my lamp.

It’s been a while since I’ve had my nightmares. My prescribed pills usually help in keeping them at bay but I guess today was an exception.

I pushed my hair back from my face and let out a deep sigh, my heavy breathing the only sound in the room.

I pushed my covers back and got out of bed heading to the shower the cool air hitting my exposed legs due to the sleeping shorts I was wearing. I opened the shower as I peeled my sweaty clothes of my body and decided a hot shower is exactly what I needed. Hopefully the hot water would help me get my mind of that dream.

The dream that made me move to Charis in the first place.

I stepped under the spraying droplets and grabbed my shampoo from the side. I squeezed some onto my hand and and lathered it onto my hair the strong smell of strawberries mixed with citrusy oranges overpowering my senses and making me forget about the smell of beer and urine.

I close my eyes, hot water running over my head and down my back. I could still see his yellow teeth, still feel his wandering eyes on my skin. My eyes shot open and I could feel my heart beating violently in my chest.

I finished my shower and quickly stepped out of my bathroom my hands clenching my towel around my body.

I walked back into my room, heading straight to my closet. I looked at my clock and seeing that it read 5:30AM. I must’ve taken a longer time in the shower than I thought.

I quickly put on a pair of matching black underwear. I picked out a pair of blue skinny jeans and a loose grey sweater hoping it will be cold today so I don’t have to change. I slid my feet in my brown ankle boots to top off the look.

The clock read 6:00AM giving me 2 hours before I have to be in school. I make sure I have everything packed in my bag.

I looked to my right the clock only reading 6:07AM. Time wasn’t moving. I needed to do something to keep my mind busy.

My stomach grumbled making me realize how hungry I was. I made my way down the stairs to go make myself breakfast making sure not to wake my family even though I heard the shower running in my mum’s room.

I rounded the granite countertop and opened the cabinet that had the flour, deciding to make everyone breakfast. I grabbed the eggs, sugar, blueberries and milk and started making the family favorite. Blueberry pancakes.

I mixed everything and got the pan out. I took my time making them and once I was done I started making coffee. Knowing the aroma of food and fresh coffee will wake everyone I started setting up putting three plates on the table with the large pile of pancakes in the centre.

Just as I was about to finish I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked up to see my mum rounding the corner. She was fully dressed and ready for work. She was going to start her new job at a Parks Umber which was a big law firm in Charis. The credit that her boss from her job back in our old town gave her, got her this job.

“Good morning honey”, she said with a soft smile.

“Morning mum”, I replied, quickly finishing setting the table.

She gave me a hug and glanced towards t he table to where the pancakes were sitting, “Oh so that’s what smells so good”, she said taking a deep breath.

“Yup. I woke up early and decided to make everyone breakfast.“. I looked back to the stairs, “Where’s Luke?“, I ask.

“He’ll be down in a minute, he’s just finishing up”, she replies while getting herself a cup of coffee.

Just when she said that I hear steps coming towards the kitchen and when I turn I see my brother walking towards us.

Clad in his blue jeans and red and white flannel shirt, holding his superman bagpack in his hands he comes to the table,“Ooo pancakes.“, he says with a wide smile on his face.

We sit down and start eating while making small conversation about what we plan to do for the day.

My mum finishes first and looks at the watch that my dad gave her for their 9th anniversary.

“Ash you have half an hour to get to school.“, she tells me while picking up her dirty dishes “Luke go wait in the car, I’m driving you to school today.” she tells my brother.

She goes to pick up her bag from the counter. Luke gets up and grabs his bag giving me a hug, and rushes out the front door to get to the car.

I check my phone and see that it’s 7:33, and after washing the dirty dishes, I go get my bag from upstairs

When I come back down I grabbed my bunch of keys from the counter and head out of the front door shouting a quick goodbye to my mum.

“Have a good day honey!” she shouts back.

I get into my black Audi a4 and put my bag into the passenger seat. I start the car and the 15 minute drive it takes to get to my new school.

When I arrive it takes me all but 2 minutes to find a parking spot next to a large red truck.

Glancing at my console I see that I have about 10 minutes till the bell rings so I decide to spend five of those minutes preparing myself. I hear a chime sound go off and I quickly grab my phone from the passenger seat. It was a message from Venus, my best friend.

V: Hey Ash! How’re you doing? How’s the new town??

A:Hey V! I’m good and Charis is great but I miss you and Finn.

V:We miss you too Ash. So much. Since you left nothing has been the same.

Sandness course through me at that. I miss my friends so much but I had to leave that town. I couldn’t take it anymore.

A:I had to go V, you know that.

V:I know it just not the same without you. Anyways I know you have to get to class. I’ll talk to you later.

A:Bye V. I love you.<3

V: Love you too Ash.<3

I looked at her response and let out a sigh. I wish I could see them again.

I turn around and grab my bag from the passenger seat, getting out of my car. I shove my phone in my bag and press the lock button on my car keys.

Looking around the parking lot all I see are teenagers all around trying to catch up with their friends before the bell rang. They were all smiling, looking so happy. I wish I felt the same.

I sling my bag onto my shoulder, holding on to the strap tightly and walk up the front steps that lead to the large, wooden double doors that are wide open, welcoming the students back. I could feel a few eyes on me and could hear the whispers trailing me as I passed by but I didn’t give them the satisfaction of looking back at them.

I look up at the white words painted boldly above those large doors.


Charis high. My new home, I thought as I walked into the busy and buzzing hallway.

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