Internal Revolution

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Hey guys. Firstly, huge thanks to everyone reading my book. I just wanted to let you know that the timetable and the content of the subjects are from pure research as I do not attend and American system school. Please try to understand this.

Thank you,



I walked down the hallway and tried to find the office. I could still hear the whispers, probably people wondering who the new girl was.

After striking out for the fifth time and realising that I’m going to be late for class, someone finally decided to take pity on me. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder making me turn around, with a start. I guess my nightmare was still in the back of my mind.

“Hey. You look lost”, the boy in front of me said.

He had a head of midnight black hair that was sticking up like he ran his hands through it. His eyes were bright green. He had defined cheekbones with light freckles scattered across his cheeks. He looked nice and the friendly smile he had in his face convinced me of that.

I remember that he had said something and remembered that I was standing in the middle of the hallway. I nodded and replied, “I actually am lost”, smiling sheepishly trying to forget my earlier fright.

“I’m Micah”, he said holding out his hand.

I shook it, “I’m Ash”.

“Short for Ashley?“, he asked

“No, it’s just Ash”, I replied with a smile.

“Well then Ash, where are you heading?”

“Well I was going to the office, but I actually don’t know where it is”, I said looking around the hallway.

“Come on, it’s this way”, he turned around and started walking in the opposite direction of where I was going.

I ran to catch up with him, falling into step beside him.

“So where are you from Ash?“, he asks.

“Far away”. I said trying not remember my past.

“How far away?”

“Italy, far away”, I replied.

“Woah”, he said his eyes widening. “How comes you don’t have an accent though?”

“Yeah I was actually there for a year but I was actually raised in America”, I said answering his question.

“That’s really cool. I went to Italy for summer one time with my family and it was amazing. I would love to go back there again”, He said with a wide smile.

The warning bell rang and students started rushing to their classes. I groaned knowing I was going to be late on my first day.

I heard Micah chuckle an I turned to glare at him playfully. He just looked away with a smile on his face.

We finally reached the office and the first thing I noticed was the giant picture on the wall opposite the door. It was a black and white photo of an old man sitting in a chair. He had a monocle on his left eye and he was staring at the camera, a frown on his face. He had a moustache and was wearing a black suit that had a handkerchief in the breast pocket.

“Paul Charis III”, I heard Micah say from next to me.

I tore my eyes away from the picture and walked up to the lady on the other side of the desk, who hadn’t yet noticed us.

“Hi, um, I was told that I should come here to get my timetable”, I said nervously. I hated talking to new people.

“Hello there. I’ll get for you right away”, said the elderly woman. She reminded me of my grandma. “What did you say your name is again?“, she asked while typing away at her laptop.

“Um, it’s Ash. Ash Liams”, I tell her.

She typed some more on her laptop then stood up and walked over to the printer.

“Here you go”, she said handing me a piece of paper.

I looked down at the timetable and could feel Micah doing the same over my shoulder.

8:00 AM-8:55 AM AP Biology

9:00 AM-9:50 AM AP Calculus

9:55 AM-10:45 AM AP English Literature

10:50 AM-11:40 AM Free

11:45 AM-12:15PM AP US History

12:20PM-13:10PM Lunch

13:15PM-14:05PM AP Chemistry

14:10PM-15:00PM Free

“What a coincidence! I also have AP biology first”, Micah says from behind me. “Lets go or we’ll be even later”.

I put the timetable in my bag.

“Thank you Ms...“, I trail off remembering I didn’t actually ask for her name.

“Oh, it’s Ms Helen dear”, she tells me with a smile.

“Thank you Ms Helen”, I say to her.

“You’re most welcome Ash. Now off to class”, she says waving me off.

I turn around and walk out of the office knowing Micah probably left me.

“Well you took your sweet time”, I jump and look to my left to find Micah leaning on the wall, with his hands in his pockets. “Did I scare you?“, he chuckles.

I roll my eyes at him still recovering from the fright, “Lets just get to class”. I start to walk down the hall when he calls out to me.

“What?“, I ask turning around.

“Class is this way”, he says pointing behind him with his thumb.

“Ohh”, I say feeling a blush creep up my neck. Turning around I walk back the way I came.

He chuckles and falls into step next to me, and we walk the rest of the way in silence.

He stops next to an open, brown door, that has foggy glass on the top half and the number 403 painted in bold on a white piece of wood.

The teacher stopped mid sentence and looked at me and Micah.

He was middle aged with blonde hair but you could see the grey streaks growing at the roots, and a protruding beer belly. His brown slacks were a size too big and his faded blue shirt a size too small.

“Mr Reynolds, what is the meaning of this? You are 20 minutes late!“, he says looking at his watch.

“Sorry we’re late Mr Pike. It’s just...“, Micah started before he was cut off by the teacher.

“And who is this you have brought with you to my lesson?“, he asks while staring me down.

I clear my throat and clutch my bag strap nervously, “Um hi. I’m Ash Liams, the new student who just joined. It’’s my fault that Micah is late. I’m sorry.“, I apologise.

“See to it that it doesn’t happen again Ms Liams.“, he says with a stern look.I nod. “Come in then and get seated so I can continue teaching my class.”

The room was big enough to act as both a classroom and a lab. The front of the room had beige tables that were big enough to fit two people. The tables were arranged into four columns and four rows.

The back however was made up of the same type of structure but the tables were bigger, so that all the equipment could fit, and made out black granite.

We walk in and Micah walks to a seat on the far wall, next to a girl with a mane of red hair. I look around the classroom trying to look for a place to sit.

I could only see two spots that are open, one is next to a girl who has a sparkly, silver band holding her straight, long blonde hair back. She was busy chewing gum and admiring her nails and didn’t look like she was going to disturb me at all.

The other is next to a boy who has a black hoodie on and had his head down, looking at something on his table that I couldn’t see from this far away. His black hair was covering his face.

I decided to take my chance with the girl and started to make my way towards her table in the second row.

“Actually Ms Liams, you’re going to be working with Mr Blake this semester, so if you would make your way to his table please, and quickly.“, Mr Pike tells me making me turn and look at the table at the back that the boy was on.

He looked up and looked at me but quickly looked down again without interest.

I walked to the table and sat down, putting my bag on the floor next to me.

Mr Pike continued teaching while I took out my notebook and pens. When I looked to my right and saw he was still looking down at the table.

Looking closer I saw that it was a book he was looking at. A book that he was actually drawing in.

When he saw me looking he quickly shut it and glared at me.

He had the fullest, pink lips I had ever seen on a boy and his black hair fell to cover part of his forehead. His cheekbones were raised and his jawline was chiseled to perfection.

His face was stunning enough to convince me that he was probably a real life Adonis.

His eyes. He had the most captivating eyes. They resembles the deepest part of the swirling blue ocean, and it was as though they entrap your soul and never let go, but at the same time it was like staring into a beautiful, and endless whirlpool.

His eyes probably never let you see more than what he wants you to. And what he wants me to see is how annoyed he is at me for looking at his book.

He turned and bent down to pick out another book from his bag, breaking our contact.

“Hi. I’m Ash”, I introduced myself.

He looked at me then turned to his book and started writing notes on evolution and diversity, completely ignoring me.

Talk about a warm welcome.


Here’s Chapter 2 everyone. Really hope you enjoyed it. Vote and comment pleeeaseeeee.

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