Internal Revolution

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Finally. I pick up my bag off the floor and shove all my things inside. I get up and walk out of the classroom and into the throng of students, tying to figure out how the hell I’m going to find calculus.

Sitting next to the mystery boy wasn’t what I expected.

I mean obviously I didn’t expect us to become best friends or anything but he wouldn’t even talk to me. When Mr Pike asked us to discuss in class he wouldn’t even look at me. And once the bell rung he was off his chair and out of class before Mr Pike even finished talking.

I put it down to the fact that I was kind of snooping.

“Ash!“, I hear my name, making me turn around to see Micah waving at me through the crowd.

I stop and wait for him leaning on the red and gold lockers behind me. The school colours. I’m kinda surprised there’s no blue.

“What do you have now?“, he asks when he catches up.

“Calculus”, I say with a sigh. “What about you?“, I ask.

“US history”, he says groaning.

I chuckle at how sad he seems. “I have that after lunch”.

“I wish I was you”, he said, signing deeply.

“Do you know where the calculus class is?“, I ask him before the bell rings and I get late. Again.

“Yeah, just go down the hall and turn right. Its room 413.“, he tells me.

“Thank you, you’re a lifesaver”, I tell him.

“Tell me something I don’t know”, he says with a goofy grin on his face.

“Whatever”, I say, rolling my eyes at him. I picking up my pace before the bell rings for class.


The sound of the bell makes people rush off to their next class.

“Bye Micah”, I call out seeing him branch off in a different direction.

“See ya, Ash”, he calls back.

I find my class and see that I’m one of the first people to reach. Even the teacher isn’t here. I look around the classroom and start thinking about where to sit. I mean I don’t want to sit in someone else’s seat then they come and kick me out, but I also don’t want to stand here looking like an idiot.

“Hey”, I hear a voice call. I turn and see the girl with the red hair, Micah’s friend, waving at me.

I look behind me, confused, to see if maybe she was talking to someone else but she calls out again, “Yeah you.“, she makes a gesture of waving me over to her.

I walk to where she was seated, wondering why she was calling me.

She had creamy white skin and a pair of eyes that matched Micah’s green ones.

“You can sit there”, she says pointing at the table next to hers with perfectly manicured hands.

“Really?“, I ask skeptically. I’m not used to people being nice to me.

“Yes really! No one sits there anyways.“, she says smiling. “You’re Ash right?“, she turns her body to face me crossing her skirt clad, legs in the process. The peach, summer skirt showed off her long legs and the black, long sleeved Bardot top complemented in perfectly.

She knows how to dress.

Sitting down, I look at her wondering how she knows me. “Yeah. How do you know who I am?“, I ask skeptically. I’m pretty sure I’ve never met her. I would remember.

She lets out a small giggle, “Oh, my boyfriend told me”, she says with a smile.

My eyebrows draw together in a confused look. “Boyfriend?“, I ask.

“Micah”, she says, a soft look entering her eyes.

It’s then I get it. Thats why they were sitting together during AP biology.

“Oh”, I say dumbly.

Oh? Really Ash?

“Yup. It’s nice to meet you though, Ash”, she says holding out her hand.

“Nice to meet you too...“, I trail off waiting for her to give me her name.

“Paula”, she fills in.

“Nice to meet you too Paula”, I say while shaking her outstretched hand. I came here to start over. That means new friends too.

It was then that the teacher came in and class started.

After calculus Paula and I both had AP English so she offered too show me where it is. She was nice and seemed to have the same energy as Micah which made me like her even more.

We entered class right before the teacher walked in and told us all to sit down.

Paula offered me the seat next to hers as the tables are big enough for two people.

AP English was one of the longest lessons of my life. Even longer than Calculus, and I didn’t think that was possible.

Sitting next to Paula wasn’t boring at all though. We kept talking and kept getting caught talking. At some point Ms Ophelia got so mad she almost gave us detention.

I felt comfortable around Paula though and that was a good thing. It’s been a while since I felt comfortable around anyone but Venus and Finn.

After AP English I had a free but Paula had to go for French, which she told me she had been talking since she was a freshman.

Thinking of getting some books to keep me busy I ask, “Hey, do you think you could tell me where the library is?”

“Of course. It up the stairs, on the third floor. Just walk down the hall take a left, a right, then two more lefts. You’ll see large double doors to your right.“, she says pointing up to where the stairs were.

“Thank you.“, I tell her, smiling, even though I was trying hard to remember everything she just said.

“You’re welcome.“, she tells me. “Oh shoot! I’m going to be late. Mr Dubois is so going to be pissed.“, she says looking at her silver watch. “I’ll see you at lunch Ash.“, she says running off in the opposite direction.

“Bye!“, I yell when she disappears into the crowd.

I decide to go to my locker before heading to the library. My bag is killing me.

Remembering my locker number being 1200, I find it and quickly put in the combination 4576. Easy enough to remember I guess.

After unloading my bag I walk off to find the library. The halls are deserted right now and its just me.

Reaching the third floor I try to remember what Paula told me. Was it left, left, right, left?

I try going that way but end up at a dead end. After 15 minutes of trying to backtrack my steps I realise that I’m lost. All these damn halls look the same.

“Are you lost?“, I hear a deep voice ask behind me making me jump and turn around.

Putting my hand over my racing heart.

I see someone leaning on the wall. Recognising him as my biology partner, I say, “Holy hell you scared me.”

I try taking a deep breath to calm myself.

“Sorry I just saw you wandering the halls and assumed that you were lost.“, he says holding up his hands in an innocent gesture.

He has the smoothest voice I’ve ever heard. It was deep and rich at the same time and also very sexy. It was like having a layer of the softest silk wrapped around my ears.

After getting over my shock at his voice I finally say, “Well I actually am lost. I’m looking for the library but everywhere looks like everywhere so here I am.“, I say gesturing around me.

“Well the library is down the hall to the right”, he says pointing past me. “Brown double doors, you can’t miss it.”

Turning around I see that he’s right.

After the way he treated me in biology I’m kind of shocked he even bothered to help me. Deciding not to act weird about it since I was the one who was snooping I turn back around and thank him.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see that”, I say running a hand through my black locks. “Well, thank you, Blake?“, I say but it comes out more as a question cause I don’t actually know if his name is Blake.

“Mason”, he says with a small smile, revealing a dimple in his left cheek and straight white teeth.

“Huh?“, I say, his smile having momentarily stunned me. Well more than momentarily.

“My name is actually Mason, not Blake. That’s my last name.“, he tells me.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you Mason.“, I say. “I’m A-“, he cuts me off before I finish.

“Ash. Yeah I know.“, he says.

“How’d you know”, I ask surprised.

“You told me remember?“, he tell me, the corners of his lips twitching.

“Oh yeah right”, I say feeling embarrassed for the second time. Not wanting to say anything that will make me look even dumber than I already do I decide to leave. “I gotta go now.“, I say bending my head in an attempt to cover up my flaming cheeks.

“I guess I’ll see you around then Ash”, he sys turning around and walking off.

I turn around and walk to the library. Opening the double door, I get overwhelmed by how big the space it. The smell of old parchment hits my nose and I breath it in.

I love books.

Picking out a table at the back I leave my bag there and walk to one of the many shelves in the room.

I see a book that catches my eye and grab it off the shelf. Reading the part of the book that tells me everything I need to know I block everything out and let my eyes roam the ink stained paper.

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