Internal Revolution

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In history I had to sit alone because neither Micah nor Paula were in the lesson, so when the bell rang for lunch I was one of the first people out of there.

Finding the lunch hall was way easier than finding the library, but maybe that was because of the smell of food wafting to me and leading the way. From the smell I think I might have gotten lucky and picked a school that actually serves good food in the cafeteria.

The hall was just like a normal school lunch hall, but a bit modified. The tables, instead of being a murky brown were actually alternating between red and gold, which were the school colours.

The tables were arranged in a way in which the centre had a raised platform which had one long table, made up of two connected golden tables. Scattered around the room were more tables, all able to fit up to six people. In some areas the ground was raised up to fit a round table on the platform with five chairs surrounding it.

There was a section to the left of the door where people could get their food and just after that where they could grab a bottled water, which I assumed was free. At the beginning of the line of people waiting to get food was a whiteboard which had the words Menu written across the top. A menu? “What kind of school is this?” I mumbled under my breath.

The words written after indicated that the menu for today was lasagne and a salad.

Today I forgot to pack my lunch incase the food here was bad but thank goodness it wasn’t

I’m walking to the water station, which I found out is actually free, when I hear my name being called out.

Turning I see that it’s Paula. She’s waving her hand above the crowd of heads and trying to get as far off her chair as she can without standing.

After grabbing my water I walk over to the table that Paula is sat at. Looking around I see that there are two more people sat there, Micah included.

On the chair opposite Micah there’s a girl, who has a shoulder length hair that hair is dyed purple and pink. Judging from how small she looks in the chair I assume she has a petite figure. She has thick-rimmed glasses resting on her nose and pink chubby cheeks with what looks like an eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow. She’s waving her hands animatedly while telling Micah and Paula a story. Her glasses occasionally falling off her nose.

It’s only the three of them at the table and when I reach the table all chatter stops.

“Um, hey guys”, I say, waving.

“Ash”, Paula says, beaming at me. “Sit with us”, she says pointing to the chair next to the girl.

I go round the table and put my tray next to the purple-haired girl’s.

“Ash this is Julia”, she says gesturing to the girl next to me. “Julia this is Ash. She’s the new girl I told you about”, she introduces me.

“Nice to meet you”, Julia says smiling at me. “How are you liking the school so far”, she asks. She looks like she genuinely curious.

“Its okay I guess. The good food is definitely a bonus.“, I say smiling.

“Unfortunately that’s one of the only good things about this school”, she replies with a sigh, making Micah and Paula chuckle.

“Did you find the library okay?“, Paula asks me.

Her question makes me remember Mason and that he helped me. Not wanting to tell her about that encounter I just say, “Yeah I found it fine. Thanks for the directions”.

For the next 10 minutes we talk and Micah tells us about how Mr James was picking on him during history.

“I swear it’s like he has something against me”, he says stabbing at his lasagne.

“I mean you did pour pink glitter all over his car”, Paula says with a grin.

“Well he shouldn’t have given me detention then.“, he says with a grin. “Plus he couldn’t even prove that it was me so really he has no reason to hate me so much.“, he says with a frown.

“Babe everyone knew it was you”, Paula tell him rolling her eyes playfully.

“It was over a year ago. He should let it go”, he says dismissively.

Paula was about to say something when the chair next to mine was suddenly pulled back with a scrape and a red tray placed next to mine.

Looking to my left all I see is black jeans and a black hoodie. Then the person sits down.

“Hey Mason.”

“Wassup dude.”

“Hi Mason.”

The greetings came from all around the table.

Looking up at the face of the person I see that it’s my biology partner. As he says hi to everyone at the table I’m still looking at him, not quite believing that he’s sitting here. For a second I forget that we’re in a cafeteria and just stare at him. His dark hair is even messier than before and it’s like he got more attractive in the few hours since I saw him last. His dark ocean eyes look even more vibrant and his angular features even more stunning.

I realise that I’m still staring when he turns to look at me and catches me looking.

I turn my gaze to my food, a pink flush gracing my cheeks.

“Ash? Hey”, he say with a confused expression, his eyebrows drawing together.

“Hi”, I say with a nervous smile.

“You two know each other?“, I look up and see all eyes on us with confused looks.

“Yeah we were paired together in biology”, I tell them intentionally leaving out our little meeting outside the library.

They all nod and go back to eating.

I turn my attention back to my food as the table resumes talking. Occasionally I could feel his eyes on me but I never take my eyes off my plate. He is just so attractive. Hands down one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen Timothée Chalamet! I mean him sitting next to me right now is not good for my brain and-

“Ash?“, I hear. “Ash!“, Paula calls out.

My head shoots up as my inner rambling is interrupted.

“Yeah?“, I say looking up at her.

“Did you hear me?“, she asks. “I asked if you wanted to go to Shake with us after school.“, she tells me.

With what I’m sure is a confused expression I asked, “What’s Shake?“.

Micah is the one who replies this time, “It’s like the only place in this town where you can actually get a decent burger.”

This makes Paula roll her eyes and say, “It’s a place where we normally hang out after school. You in?“, she asks.

Seeing no problem with it as Luke was going to a friends house after school I reply, “Sure”.

“Do you know where it is?“, she asks.

“I’ll find it”, I say, placing the metal fork on my tray after finishing my food. That lasagne was delicious. But then again I would say that about any good food. I love food!

Lunch finishes up pretty quickly and I have to get back to my locker to get the books I’ll need for my next lesson. Fortunately Julia also has the class with me so she offers to show me where it is.

We all get up and put our trays on a silver trolley filled with dirty trays, in the corner of the hall, throwing out leftovers in the bin next to it.

On our way out of the cafeteria Micah asks, “Mason are you coming to Shake after school?“.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to make it today. I gotta take care of Skailar today. Maybe next time.“, he says hoisting his bag up his shoulder.

“It’s okay. Say hi to her for me”, he says with a smile. “And tell her she owes me a game. I know she cheated last time.“, he says, frowning.

“Will do. I’ll see you guys.“, he says waving at us as he walks off to where the stairs are.

Julia falls into step beside me and we walk to my locker together, saying bye to Micah and Paula who both have a lesson together.

After stopping at my locker we chat a bit on our way to chemistry where we sit together on one of the tables near the back of the class.

We sit down and wait for the teacher to show up and start the lesson from hell.


Hey guys. I was actually meant to post this tomorrow but I decided, why not today? So here you go. This is Chapter 4 for you and I hope you enjoy it.

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