Internal Revolution

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WARNING: Contains cuss words!

After chemistry practically drained all the energy from my body I decided to go back to my locker and empty my bag.

Julia had another lesson so she couldn’t stay with me.

Walking back to my locker gave me time to think about how my first day went. I met really great people who seem to genuinely want to be my friends and I only got lost two times today. I never had the greatest sense of direction.

After emptying my bag I start thinking about how the hell I’m going to get to Shake after school.

I end up finding myself back at the library and I spend my time there until school is almost done.

Five minutes to the end of school I head to my locker and I put in the combination to open it. I exchange the book that I don’t need for the ones I do. Opening the doors that will take me outside, I make my way down the stairs and across the parking lot to my car. Pulling my keys out of my bag I open the door and place my bag in the passenger seat.

The bell rings and I see students pouring out of the doors and heading to their cars, some saying goodbye and making promises to see each other tomorrow.

I enter my car and just when I put my keys into the ignition I hear the ringtone that Venus put for herself.

Go bitch, go bitch, go bestie. Can’t fuck with these hoes ’cause they messy.

Go bitch, go b-

I pick up and the first thing I hear is a door being slammed and a female voice screaming, “FINN WHEN I CATCH YOU, YOU’RE DEAD! I SWEAR EVERY-“.

I pull the phone away from my ear and wait till I can’t hear her voice through the speaker.

“Hey Venus,” I say grinning.

“Oh my gosh Ash you wouldn’t believe what Finn just did to me,“she tells me and I can just imagine her angry face.

“What happened?” I ask barely containing my laughter. I already know it’s something dumb. Those two are always fighting.

“He is so annoying. Ugh! He rigged my door to blow slime all over me when I open it and now I’m cover-” her rant was cut off by Finn interrupting her.

“It wasn’t even that bad. You would totally agree with me if you were here A.” I could sense his cheeky smile through the phone.

Venus loves her appearance. She never leaves the house with a hair out of place. So when Finn said that I already knew what was going to happen.

I hear her scream in anger and a squeal which I know belongs to Finn.


I hear things breaking in the background and I know she’s either chasing him or throwing things at him. Knowing her probably both. This brings a smile to my face. I miss my friends so much and I really wish I was there with them. Their prank war has been going on for as long as I can remember. They both used to recruit me on some occasions to help and I always used to get caught in the middle. It’s not as fun as you might think.

I also used to stop Venus from killing Finn so I know without me there he’s not going to last very long.

“Ash? Ash are you still there?” I hear her asking, breathlessly.

“Yeah V. Is he still alive?” I ask, chuckling.

“Barely.” she says with a huff. “I really miss you. Right now we would be thinking of a way to get him back and it would’ve been so fun.” she rants, out of breath.

“I really miss you guys too. I can still scheme with you though,” I say with a grin.

After that I connect the call to my car and make my way home instead of going straight to Shake. We talk for a little while before has to go and meet up with some people from school. After making promises to call them both soon, I hang up and pull up into the driveway.

I quickly walk into the house and see that no one is home yet. I drop off my bag in my room and grab my purse before writing my mum a note. She worries sometimes.

Mum, I’ve gone out with some friends. I’ll be back in time for dinner.


I open my phone and type Shake into Maps so I know where to find it. I know I’m probably going to get lost but I already told Micah and Paula I would be there.

It showed me that it was only five minutes from where I lived.

I start my car and take the drive there. With the amount of wrong turns I took, it took me way longer than 5 minutes to reach it.

Pulling up I find a parking spot in between two other cars.

I get out of my car and make my way to the small building. The outside was simple with a double glass door that had pink and white swirls on it. There was a sign on the front that read Open, in large, red font.

Outside were baby blue and pink, clay pots that held different coloured flowers, the orange marigolds and purple roses, sticking out the most.

Walking in, I hear a bell ringing above my head. The sweet smell of fresh pastry and cheeseburgers hits me, and makes my stomach grumble in hunger.

The interior of the diner is so simple yet cosy.

Looking around I see multiple tables, most of them filled with people, all laughing and smiling. Some of them I recognised from school. There were pink coloured booths on the walls that were big enough for a large group of people, maybe six.

The walls were decorated with retro posters, giving off an ‘old-fashion’ kind of vibe. I immediately fell in love with the place. Everything just seemed to complete each other, from the red tables to the black and white checkered floor, and the luminescent lights on the ceiling. There was some 90s song coming out of the speakers mounted on the walls.

Looking around I see Micah and Paula sitting in one of the booths, Julia sat opposite them. I walk over to them, my shoes occasionally sticking to the checkered floor.

“Hey guys. Sorry I’m late,” I apologise, waving at them.

I get a chorus of hi’s back and Julia moves over to make space for me.

“This place is great.” I say gesturing around.

“I know right. It’s been here forever.” Paula says, taking a sip from her chocolate milkshake. Micah, next to her, is busy devouring a burger.

“Petunia actually inherited it from her mother, who inherited it from her mother who was here when the town was officially founded.” Julia tells me excitedly.

Before I have the chance to reply a young lady walks towards us. She’s dressed in a short-sleeved, red and white, stripped dress that has a small, white apron sewn into it and a black collar. She’s holding a small pad and a pen. She looks like she’s only a few years older than us.

“Hey can I get you guys anything else?” she asks, not noticing me yet

“No, thank you Lucy” Paula says, smiling up at her

“Lucy this is Ash. She just moved to town” Micah introduces.

Her eyes slide to me, “Hey there. I’m Lucy,” she tells me waving. “Can I get you a menu?” she asks. She seems really sweet.

“Yes please,” I reply.

I start to talk to Julia as she walks over to the large counter and reaches behind it pulling out a laminated, two-page menu.

“Where’s Mason today?” she asks when she comes back, handing me the menu.

“He couldn’t make it today.” Micah says, exchanging a look with Paula.

“Oh” she says. Her smile falls a bit and I see a flicker of disappointment in her eyes but it’s gone as quick as it came.

“You should try the strawberry milkshake,” Julia tells me. “It’s amazing.”

I smile at that, “I actually can’t take strawberries. I’m deathly allergic to them” I tell them.

They all look at me with sympathy in their eyes.

“You poor thing. How do you live like this?” Micah frowns, genuine sympathy shining in his eyes, his own strawberry milkshake in front of him.

I laugh at that, “It’s okay. It’s been forever since I had one,” I say dismissively. It’s true. It doesn’t bother me and knowing that it could kill me makes me not want to eat them.

“What would you like then?” Lucy asks with a smile.

My eyes scan the menu and I finally say, “I’ll take the vanilla milkshake with a blueberry cheesecake” I close the menu and hand it back to her, thanking her.

She writes down the order on the small pad and walks away.

We talk for a bit before Lucy comes back with my order. She places it down on the table in front of me.

“Anything else?” she asks, smiling.

“No this is fine. Thank you.” I tell her.

“If you need anything just holler,” she tells us. I nod.

The sweet scent of blueberries wafts into my nose making my mouth water. I love blueberries. Every time I go to a cafe or diner I have to order something with blueberries.

I pick up my fork and start to eat my cheesecake while the conversation flows around the table. Micah and Paula making jokes and flirting and Julia rolling her eyes at their cuteness.

We stay in the diner for 3 more hours before deciding to call it a night. We say our goodbyes and all head to our cars.

I start my car and pull out of the parking lot. On the drive back I replay the day and realise that this is the happiest I’ve been since I moved here.


That’s it for Chapter 5. It took me forever to find something that she could be allergic to that isn’t peanuts which is super common. Her allergy does come up again in a really important scene so keep reading. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to vote and comment.

-Love Fae

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