Internal Revolution

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Guys I am really sorry for the late update. I just forgot, I have a lot to do and I’m sorry. I will try to give an early update to make up for the late one. Again really sorry. Love you guys <3

-Love Fae


“And this assignment is to be handed 2 weeks from today. Make sure it is complete and on time please.” finishes Mr Pike. And with that the bell rings.

I pack up all my stuff and head to the door, eager to leave this classroom.

“So when should we meet up?” I hear a voice to my right, startling me. I place my hand on my chest and turn to face the owner of the voice.

“You have to stop doing that” I tell Mason, rolling my eyes.

He grins adorably, revealing his cute dimple. “Sorry.” he says, but I can tell he doesn’t mean it. It’s like he enjoys scaring me. “When are you free?” he asks.

Mr Pike assigned us a group project and we had to work with our chosen partner for the semester who, lucky for me, is Mason.

“I’m free tomorrow and Friday after school so we can meet up then. Is that okay for you?” I ask.

“It’s perfect” he replies.

“Great. I’ll see you then. My house or yours?” I inquire.

“Can we do it at yours?” he asks sheepishly.

“No problem.” I tell him.

“See you then” he waves, heading of to his next lesson..

I’ve been at Charis High for two weeks now and so far it’s great. I’m still friends with Micah, Paula and Julia. Mason has also made that list somehow and biology lessons are less tense now seeing as we can actually talk to each other although I know close to nothing about him.

He is still as attractive as ever and that poses a problem sometimes during lessons. Every time he asks me a question all I can focus on are his striking ocean eyes and his intoxicating scent. It’s like a mixture between fresh spice and earth as well as cologne. I’ve learnt not to show how much it affects me because I don’t want to look like a complete idiot in front of him.

We started talking more but that was inevitable seeing as we have the same group of friends. He has a goofy personality but also walks around with an air of responsibility. Sometimes he comes to school looking exhausted and I can tell the others know what’s going on but they don’t want to mention anything when I’m around.

I’m fine with that, they have their secrets and I have mine.

I walk to my next lesson and find a table near the back. I take out my books and prepare for another boring lesson.


The bell rings for lunch, triggering a flurry of movement from the students.

I grab my bag and walk out heading straight for the lunch hall. Todays menu consists of fries and pizza. Grabbing my food and water I head over to the table seeing everyone already seated.

“Hey guys,” I say.

A chorus of hi’s greet me as I take my usual seat next Julia. I notice that Mason isn’t here.

“We were just talking about heading to Shake again today. You in?” Micah asks after a while.

I look up from the plate of fries I was practically inhaling. I was late today so I didn’t have any breakfast.

“Sure I can.” I reply.

“Are you okay? You seem hungry today. Well hungrier than usual.” Julia observes.

“I was late so I have been operating on a granola bar today. I’m absolutely starving.” I reply placing my fork on my plate.

Remembering what I noticed earlier I ask, “Where’s Mason?”

“Something came up at home so he had to leave early”, Paula tells me with eating her pizza.

“Is everything okay?” I ask concerned.

“Yeah everything should be okay. He’s going to meet us at Shake later on.” she replies.

I guess everything is fine then if he’s meeting us later. I nod and continue eating my food.

Conversation flows easily and Micah and Julia get into a serious debate about whether normal fries are better than curly fries. Well series for them. I think that normal fries are better and decide to voice this which earned me a glare from Julia who happens to think that curly fries are better.

“How could you find normal fries better than curly fires?” Julia asks incredulously. “They’re all plain and straight.” she says.

“The question is how could you like curly fries? I mean they’re weirdly shaped. Why would you want to eat potatoes that are weirdly shaped?” Micah counters.

This is a daily occurrence. Every lunch is just like this except it’s a new topic everyday and I seriously don’t know how they keep this up. But arguing with Micah is pretty easy cause he always says dumb stuff. Like all the time.

Just when Julia opens her mouth to shoot his remark down Paula interrupts them by saying, “Fries are fries people. They all taste the same!” she exclaims.

Julia and Micah both turn to look at her with offended looks on their faces. They genuinely look shocked.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“For the sake of our relationship I am going to pretend that you never said that.” Julia and Micah both say at the same time.

Paula just rolls her eyes and resumes eating her food. We finish just as the bell rings and we walk to put our trays away.

Me and Julia have Chemistry now so we split up from Paula and Micah who have different lessons.

“This isn’t over Reynolds.” Julia says with narrowed eyes.

“To be continued JJ.” Micah says with a goofy grin, walking away from us.

“Stop calling me that!” Julia exclaims.

“Never!” Micah shouts out, still walking away from us.

Julia shakes her head and we continue to walk to our lesson.


“Who in their right mind would think of creating such a thing. I mean why would they put innocent children through that?” Julia says with an annoyed expression.

The lesson just ended and she is ranting about how much she hates chemistry.

“Well whoever it is they are a cruel person.” I reply.

“That’s putting it lightly,” she scoffs.

I’m moderately good at chemistry but my strong science is biology. I was good at it in my old school and I would be good at it now, if I wasn’t sat next to a really hot guy who I can’t seem to get out of my mind.

I have a free but I know that Julia has one more lesson before school is done.

“I’ll see you at Shake.” I tell her when the bell rings.

She lets out a groan, “What I would give to be you.”

I give her a grin and bump her shoulder with mine, “You’ll be fine” I tell her while walking in the direction of the staircase.

I find the library easily this time. I’ve been coming here more often since I got here. Most of my free periods are spent here. I love all the books and how quiet it is in here, which is a contrast to how noisy it sometimes is out there. This place is like my safe haven.

I spend the rest of my free period in the library and then decide to head out to my car 5 minutes before the bell rings.

Putting my bag in the passenger seat I take out my phone and reply to some of the messages from my friends back home.

V: You won’t believe what I heard today.

A: What??

V: Remember Melissa? Apparently her and Gracie’s boyfriend hooked up over summer break and they both lied to Gracie about it. Gracie got so mad that she got people to stick up posters with Melissa’s photo all over the school with Skanky Lisa written on them. It was hilarious. Mean, but hilarious.

Venus has always hates Melissa ever since she hooked up with Venus’ long term boyfriend. Venus was heartbroken for weeks. Ever since then all her relationships haven’t lasted over 3 months.

She always has boys following her and vying for her attention. I honestly can’t blame them. With her flawless caramel skin, amazing body and gorgeous honey coloured eyes, she is the full package. Not to mention that her family is loaded.

A: Why does all the good stuff happen when I’m not there anymore!

V: I wish you could’ve seen her face. PRICELESS!

A: I wish I was there

V: Same babe

I miss my friends so much. I talk to them almost everyday but sometimes I wish I could see them.

V: How’s the new school working for you?

A: It’s great. Met some amazing people so far. About to go meet them for a bite.

V: That’s great. You deserve to be happy. I’ll talk you later.

A: Okay. Talk later.

After that I reply to messages from Finn and then start the drive home.

When I reach I decide to change my outfit. It was colder in the morning so I had on a sweater and blue skinny jeans, but now since it’s warmer I need to change.

I go to my closet and pick out a pair of faded blue ripped jeans and a black cropped hoodie, pairing it with my black and white vans. I grab my purse and check to see that I have my money and phone in it before I head to Shake.


I pull into an empty spot and make my way through the cute double doors and quickly find our usual table. I take my seat next to Julia in the booth and see that none of them have ordered.

“You took your sweet time,” Micah comments with a scowl.

“You could’ve ordered you know,” I tell him with my eyebrows raised.

Paula is the one who replies this time, “We wanted to wait for everyone to get here.”

I realise that not everyone is here yet. “Where’s Mason?” I ask.

Before anyone has the chance to reply, I hear the bell chiming above the door. A few seconds later I feel a body shuffling into the spot next to me.

“Hey guys. Sorry I’m late.” he apologises.

“About time. I’m starving!” Micah exclaims, earning an eye roll from all of us.

In that moment Lucy comes to our table to take our orders, and her eyes immediately fall on Mason, a happy expression falling on her face

We all rattle off our orders and she writes then down on her small pad. Mason is the last one to order.

“The usual?” she asks, her voice turning overly sweet.

Mason gives her a small smile, “Yup. Oh and ext-”

“Extra caramel. I know,” she cuts him off, her smile turning a bit flirtatious. I look around the table and see Paula and Micah rolling their eyes and Julia just looks up from her kindle for a second before she looks back down uninterested.

This seems to be a normal thing around here I guess.

“Thanks Lucy,” he says.

After she leaves we all look at him and Micah is the first to speak, “You know she has a huge crush on you, right?” he tell him.

Mason lets out a small laugh, “No she doesn’t. She’s just nice.”

Julia scoffs at this.

“It seriously couldn’t be more obvious. Why don’t you just go out with her, she’s already asked.”

This grabs my attention. She asked him out? She must be one brave woman. I can barely form coherent sentences around him, let alone gather up the nerve to ask him out.

“Guys we’ve been over this I don’t see her like that.” he replies looking away.

Micah open his mouth to say something when Lucy reachers our table with some of the orders.

“Here you go guys.” she says setting down Micah’s strawberry milkshake and his double-burger cheeseburger, which is basically two burgers put in one. How he eats that I do not know. She places Paula’s and Julia’s food in front of them. She goes back to get the last orders.

I am starving by the time she comes back and places my slice of blueberry pie in front of me. The sweet scent wafts through my nose and I could feel my mouth watering. I start to dig in right away. Oh sweet blueberries.

I see that Mason’s usual is a vanilla-caramel shake with a slice of apple pie.

I take a break from eating my pie to sip my vanilla shake. I contemplate asking him why he left school today but I refrain. It’s non of my business.

The conversation flows easily although we kept on getting interrupted by Lucy coming back every twenty minutes to ask if we need anything else but we all know she’s coming for Mason. After we told her we were fine for the fifth time she decided to give it up.

After a while I decided to go home early so that I could help my mum cook dinner. I said goodbye to everyone and headed out. Just as I was about to get into my car I hear my name being called.

I turn and see Mason approaching me.

When he reaches me I see his eyes roaming my body, lingering on my exposed stomach.

“Did you need something?” I ask in confusion.

He runs a hand through his hair, messing it up. “I forgot to ask where you live.”

Still confused I say, “Huh?”

“The project tomorrow. We said we would meet at your house,” he clarifies.

Oh yeah, that. “I’ll text you the address.” I tell him.

“Okay. See you tomorrow,” he says about to make his way back to the diner.

I realise something. I don’t have his number. Seriously Ash, you’re getting dumber by the second. “Wait!” I stop him.

He turn around, one eyebrow raised in a question.

“I don’t have your number.” I tell him with a sheepish smile.

“Right.” he grins. He walks over to me and puts his hand out.

I hand him my phone and he keys in his number, dialling himself so he has mine.

“There you go.” he says handing it back to me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” I tell him, waving.

He waves back with a smile and heads back to the diner.

I get into my car and pull out, making my way back home.

Time for dinner. Do I ever get full?


Hey guys! This is the longest chapter I have written so far and my fingers are screaming. 2523 words is no easy feat for an amateur writer. I am super proud of myself for not procrastinating as I am a professional procrastinator, and I’m happy that it is done. Finally!

I'm sorry if it's too long. I am transferring these chapters from Wattpad and this is why some are so long

Anyways don’t forget to vote and comment!!

-Love Fae

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