Internal Revolution

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Thank God, it’s lunch. I gather my things up and quickly shuffle out of class. I walk over to the lunch hall and stand at the back of the line. It sucks that no one I know has class with me before lunch.

I get my food for today, which happens to be meatloaf, and not the attractive kind either, and walk over to the water station. I’m about to reach there when I suddenly bump into something. I stumble backwards and release the hold I had on my tray. It falls to the ground with a loud clatter, spilling food everywhere.

I look forward and am met with a white chest. Well it’s not really white anymore, more like a murky brown. My eyes travel further up and meet with the gorgeous face of Logan King.

Holy cheese sticks!

I just spilled my food all over Logan King’s white shirt. An expensive looking one too.

My eyes widen as the realisation hits me; he is going to kill me!

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I swear.” I apologise profusely, wringing my hands. I do that a lot when I’m nervous. I stare at his broad chest trying not to look him in the eye.

That is a big stain. Is he going to make me wash it? I don’t think he would do that. Can he? I just hope he doesn’t-

“It’s fine.” I hear a deep voice say.

I look up and see Logan looking at me with a small smile. Is he smiling at me? Seriously? I just ruined his very nice shit and he’s smiling? I really shouldn’t complain. It is far better than what I expected.

Still not sure what I heard was correct, I say, “Really? Are you sure? I mean I can pay if you want. Really, it’s not a problem.”

“Really, it’s not a big deal. Don’t stress, I didn’t even like this shirt anyways.” he grins.

I sigh in relief. He’s not mad. Phew.

I realise that the whole hall has gone quiet. Holy cheese sticks are they all looking at us? Oh God they are. I feel my cheeks turning pink and look to the floor, making sure my hair hides my flaming cheeks.

“What are you all looking at?!” Logan booms and instantly everyone goes back to what they were doing. I looked back up at him to see him smiling at me. He sure does love smiling.

Logan is a gorgeous guy. Not as gorgeous as Mason though. Why am I even thinking about him?

He stand tall at about 6′3 and he’s built. He’s not as big as a body builder or anything but he’s the quarterback for the school’s football team so that makes him very muscular. He has sleek blond hair that’s cut short on the sides but left a bit long in the middle, and stunning light brown eyes. They kind of remind me of Venus’. On top of all that, he is one of the most popular guys in out school. I know that cause Micah sometimes hangs out with him, because of practice. Yes Micah plays football.

“Well then, I guess I better go clean up,” he tells me.

I fight the urge to cringe, and settle for an awkward smile. “Again, I am so sorry about that. I didn’t see you I swear,” I say sheepishly.

He rolls his eyes in a playful way and tells me, “Again, it’s not a big deal.”

He starts to walk away and the turns back as if he forgot something, “I didn’t catch your name,” he says.

I look at him, shocked. Why does he want my name?

“It’s Ash,” I reply.

“I’ll see you around Ash,” he says, walking away.

I realise that I don’t have any money for more lunch cause I was planning to head home right after school to work on the biology project with Mason.

I’m so hungry.

I decide to go and join the others for the remainder of lunch. I walk over to the table, sensing some eyes on me, and plop down on my seat with a frown.

“Hey Ash. Where’s your lunch?” Paula asks looking at the empty space in front of me.

“On Logan King’s shirt,” I reply.

“What!?” Julia and Paula splutter while the guys just look at me with shocked expressions.

“Yeah. I bumped into him and spilled my food all over him,” I explain to them.

Julia looks at me with wide eyes. “What did he do? Did he yell at you?” she asks in a rush.

I look at her waiting for her to calm down. Her eyes just widen more while she waits. “He didn’t do anything. Just said it was fine and walked off.” I tell them.

Looking at Mason’s plate I see that he still has almost half his food. Meatloaf is not the most attractive food, but that one is looking pretty tasty right now. I hear my stomach grumble. Why did I skip breakfast again?

Julia’s loud voice breaks me out of my daydream about the meatloaf. “He just let you go?” she asks loudly. This gets a few heads turning to see what all the noise is about.

I shush her and say, “Yeah. He was really nice about it actually.”

She just stares at me with wide eyes. Did she expect something different?

I hear the sound of something sliding along the wooden table. Looking down I see a blue tray with half a meatloaf on the plate. I turn to my right and see Mason staring at me.

“You can have it, I’m not hungry,” he tells me.

My eyes widen slightly, “Are you sure?” I ask. The smell of the meatloaf wafts through my nose, making my stomach grumble again.

His lips twitch, he looks like he’s trying not to laugh. “Yes I’m sure. I had a heavy breakfast.” he shrugs.

Not quite sure, I look into his eyes trying to see if he’s lying. Seeing nothing that convinces me he is, I pick up the fork and dig in. Oh my gosh, this is good! I was really hungry. I feel kinda guilty for taking his food, but hey, he gave it to me.

The talking continues around the table and I realise I came in the middle of an argument.

What’s better cats or dogs? Julia is a cat lover and Micah is a devoted dog lover. Me and Mason are on Micah’s side, cause I mean, what better than dogs? Paula doesn’t mind any but she sided with Julia anyways. I swear it’s like she does it on purpose. Micah and Paula love to argue.

This argument goes on for the whole of lunch and once again Micah and Julia make plans to continue it later. Most likely at Shake.

As we head out of the hall, Mason catches up to me and falls into step beside me.

“Does four work for you?” he asks.

Assuming he’s talking about our meet up, I look up at him and nod.

“Four is fine.” I reply.

“Great.” he grins and runs off.

The bell rings and we all split up and head to our respective classes. I internally groan.

Why is school so long again?


School ended finally, and I make my way to my car, ready to get out of there. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. I start the drive home and when I reach I realise that no one is home yet.

I walk into the house and take off my shoes. Checking the time I see that its only 3:30. Half an hour before Mason gets here. Might as well get started on some homework.

Ten minutes later I hear my phone ringing. Seeing Mason’s name flashing across the screen I pick it up


“Hi Ash. It Mason.” he tells me.

“Yeah. Hi. Are you on your way?” I ask.

“Actually that’s the reason I called. I still don’t know where you live.” he reminds me. Shoot. I forgot to text him my address.

I quickly rattle my address and he hangs up after telling me that he’s on his way.

I continue doing my homework and 15 minuets later I hear the doorbell go off. Guess he’s here.

I quickly head downstairs and open the door. Mason is stood in front of me looking as good as ever. He’s dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt that stretches over his muscular chest. On top of that he has a leather jacket, his bag slung across one shoulder.

He clears his throat, distracting me from my staring session. What is wrong with me?

I look up at him and see him already smiling at me, “Come on in.” I move aside to let him in.

He walks past me and goes to stand near the counter in the kitchen. He looks around our house and whistles in appreciation.

Our house is pretty nice but it’s not over the top. It has an open floor plan, which means that there’s no wall separating the kitchen and the living room. The kitchen is pretty big, with a dark, granite counter with a bowl of fruits sitting on it. It has rows of grey cabinets lining the wall and a glass stove top. There’s a black double-door fridge in one corner of the kitchen.

The living room is a decent size with a grey corner sofa and a grey loveseat. In front of that sits a square, beige, oak wood coffee table with faint grey lines decorating it and with a grey carpet under it. My dad always loved the colour grey cause my mum has grey eyes so when we moved here my mum decided to give the house a grey theme.

In front of the table is a mounted flat screen T.V. and a fire place right under it.

His eyes make it back to where I’m standing and he raises his eyebrows.

“Your house is pretty nice,” he tells me.

I thank him with a shy smile, I’ve never really had any guy in my house except Finn. I’ve never actually been comfortable with any guy enough to invite them to my house.

“You can put your things in the living room, I’ll be right down. Make yourself at home.” I tell him. I just realised that me and Mason have never been alone together since the time he helped me find the library. We always have our friends around.

I head upstairs and get everything I need for the project. Coming back down, I see Mason standing at the mantle where we keep all our family pictures. His eyes are trained on the one of me and my dad at the beach. He had just told a funny joke and I was laughing really hard, and not even paying attention to the camera. I miss our days on the beach.

He turns around when he hears my footsteps.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to snoop,” he apologises.

I shrug and put my things down on the coffee table, “It’s fine.”

He looks at me with an unasked question in his eyes. He opens his mouth and I already know what he’s going to ask. It’s what everyone asks.

“Let’s get started.” I interrupt him before he can ask.

He looks at me as if he understands that I don’t want to talk about it and heads to the couch. Sitting down, he put his hands behind his head and props his sock clad feet on the table.

“So what first?” he asks grinning.

Pushing his feet off the table I sit down next to him and open up the first text book.

This is going to be a long study session.


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