Internal Revolution

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Chapter 8

Hey you beautiful and handsome people! I'm curious about where you guys are from because my map thing isn't working so can you guys comment your countries or something like that...anywyas, ENJI

It’s just after lunch and I decided to take my free period in the library today.

I pick a random book from the shelf and sit at one of the tables in the back corner of the library.

Flipping the book I see that it’s the first book in the Noughts and Crosses series. I have read this book so many times and I’ve loved every time.

My mind goes back to my study session with Mason. Studying with him was fun. I mean we took a few breaks. Okay a lot of breaks with a lot of snacks, but in our defence it was a lot of work. He left at around 6 o’clock saying he had somewhere else to be and we made plans to meet up at Shake tomorrow cause my mum is having some neighbourhood friends over.

It a whole thing where the newest people in the neighbourhood host a small party to basically welcome themselves into the neighbourhood. Kind of like an initiation although I don’t really see the sense in that. I mean isn’t someone else meant to host it for you because you’re the new family? Anyways, it’s not my problem because I won’t even be there.

I know, bad first impression but hey, in my defence I had other plans.

Ten minutes in to my reading I hear a chair being scrapped back on the table that I’m sitting on. Looking up to see who just interrupted my peaceful reading, my eyes lock with light brown ones.

My eyebrows raise in confusion, “Hey Ash,” the person opposite me greets.

“Logan? Hey,” I reply uncertainly. What’s he doing here?

He smiles at me showing his straight white teeth. No dimples.

“How have you been?” he asks. He seems genuinely interested.

“Nothing much. Um, how about you?” I reply still uncertain as to what he wants.

“I’ve been great!” he replies enthusiastically.

“That’s good.” I tell him. I have nothing else to say.

“So I’ve been thinking...” he trails off.

I narrow my eyes, “Yes?”

“Would you like to go out with me?” he asks. A flicker of uncertainty flickers through his eyes, but it’s gone just as quick.

What? “Huh?” I ask dumbly. I’m sure I heard wrong.

He smile widens. “I asked if you wanted to go out with me.”

My eyes widen a bit. He wants to go out with me? I decide to ask again just to make sure.

“You want to go out? With me?” I ask him.

I mean wasn’t it just yesterday when I poured food all over him.

“Yes. I want to go out with you,” he repeats, his grin still wide.

My brain is really not working right now, but I say the first thing that comes to my mind.

“Sure,” I tell him.

“Really? Great! Is Saturday okay for you?” he asks. His smile just keeps widening.

Still stunned I just nod my head and say, “Uhuh.”

“Great.” he tells me, as he pushes his chair back and moves to leave the library. When he’s gone, my brain finally processes what happened.

Did Logan King just ask me out? The Logan King? This must be his way of luring me out and doing something bad to me because I ruined his shirt, right? I mean what the reason would he want to ask me out.

I knew my clumsiness would catch up to me one day. Well done Ash.

The next 20 minutes is just me trying to read my book. Key word being trying.

The idea of going on a date is starting to excite me. It’s been forever. Literally. I can’t wait to tell Paula and Julia. Julia will absolutely freak out.

The bell rings, breaking me out of my reverie. Time for class. Ugh school sucks.


I pull up into the driveway and make my way into the house. I can tell that Luke is home and so is mum. We made plans to go shopping for her little party tomorrow, so she must’ve left work early.

I make my way into my room, after greeting everyone, and change to go shopping. The weather is cooler now, so I pull on a hoodie over my long sleeved red top and change my vans to black slides that match my black skinny jeans.

I make my way downstairs and see my mum grabbing her keys from the counter. Luke is still sat infant of the TV watching some superman show. I don’t know why he loves that superhero so much.

My mum and I make our way to the front door and Luke shuts the TV off with a point and stalks over to us.


“Put them back Luke,” my mum tells the little devil.

He pulls his face into a pout holding the packet to his chest, “But Mama, I want them.”

My mum lets out a sigh but her face is set, she is not going to let him have another pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

“Luke I said put them back. We already have two unopened bags at home, we don’t need more.” she tells him.

I’m just standing to the side watching the show. This always happens when we go shopping with Luke. He wants something, my mum says no, he pouts and pulls the cute puppy dog eyes, my mum caves. It’s a whole process.

Luke takes a deep breath, and...cue the puppy dog eyes, “Pleaseeee Mama.”

I see my mums’ shoulders droop and she lets out another sigh, “Fine Luke,” she says. “But only one packet.” she says sternly.

A huge grin breaks out on Luke’s face as he throws the packet into the shopping cart and I roll my eyes. Of course the little devil won.

We continue to move through the isles. The grocery store was actually pretty big for a town this size, and it has a surprising amount of variety. So far we got some chicken wings, breasts and drumsticks, different types of cheeses, what for I don’t know, some cherry tomatoes, different fruits and a bunch of other stuff. Our cart is more than halfway full.

After a few more minutes of browsing through the isles, we finally go and pay for all our things.

After packing them all in the car we go home.

I’m texting Paula when I hear my mum speak, “Ash how are you finding it here? Do you like it?”

She keeps her eyes on the road but I can tell she’s nervous to hear my answer.

“It’s a great town. The people here are amazing,” I tell her. She lets out a small sigh of relief. I know she wouldn’t want to move since she just got a great job here, but for me I know she would do it.

“I was actually given my first projects.” I tell her excitedly. I love talking about biology.

“Really?” she asks, her eyes lighting up.

“Yeah,” I reply. Telling her all about the project and what we’re meant to do.

When I mention that I’m working with a partner she stops me.

“A partner? Does this partner happen to be a boy?” she asks, taking her eyes off the road for a second to look at me.

I feel my skin getting hot and will my cheeks not to turn pink right now.

I look out the window, “Yes he is,”

I see a grin stretching across her face and I can tell she is about to say something so I interrupt her.

“And before you ask, we are just friends,” I tell her with a stern look.

She looks at me again for a second and then turns back to the road.

“Whatever you say honey,” she says a smile in her voice although her face is straight.

I know she doesn’t believe me so to change the subject I end up telling her about my date on Saturday.

I could practically see her face light up like the sun, “You have a date?!” she squeals excitedly. She was loud enough that Luke even removed his headphones to see what the noise was.

“What was that?” he asks.

“Nothing Luke, go back to watching your stuff,” I tell him dismissively.

He scowls at me and puts his headphones back on.

I turn back to my mum. She looks like she is about to jump through he car roof with how excited she is.

She turns to look at me expectantly, “Well...?”

Oh she wants details. “It’s with this boy in my class. His name is Logan King, and he is a pretty nice guy.” I tell her.

“Is he good-looking?” she asks casually.

Me and my mum are pretty close so I can talk to her about these things comfortably.

“Yeah he is good-looking,” I reply.

“I’m so excited for you!!” she squeals again.

I can already see her planning my outfit for the date. I just turn back and continue to stare out the window.

When we reach home I help with the unpacking while Luke goes to watch his superman cartoon. Lazy brat.

After we finish I go upstairs and decide to FaceTime my besties. I miss them too much.

I sit on my bed and call them. They pick up after a few rings. Luckily they are both together and we don’t have to have a three way call. I see that they are both in Venus’ bedroom.

We exchange excited hi’s and start talking about everything that has happened since we last talked.

After a while of talking I start to realise that they are actually being civil to each other. And they are sitting way closer than they usually do. I decide to let it go cause I know it would spark an argument between them.

We continue talking till late and when we decide to call it a night it’s around 7 o’clock. I really miss talking to them.

I can smell the sweet scent of freshly cooked food and this takes me downstairs.

Mhhh chicken. I love my mums cooking. She is always really busy but she tries to make time for me and Luke. Ever since dad-

“Ash, can you help me set the table?” I hear my mum ask.

“Sure,” I reply.

I go get the plates and cutlery out and place them on the dining table. We always try to have dinner together, unless my mum comes home late. Then it’s just me and Luke.

When the food is placed on the table my mouth automatically waters. I’m so hungry.

After my mum is done, we all start to eat. Everything tastes so good. Did I mention my mum is a phenomenal cook? Well she is.

We dig in and wash up after. It’s quite late when we finish cause we we’re talking in between.

My mum takes Luke up to bed and I head up to my room after telling her goodnight.

I take my pills today and hope that they work. I can’t afford to be tired during my study session with Mason tomorrow since we only have one more week to finish it.

I go and wash up, getting ready for bed.

After a few minutes of lying in bed, I feel my eyelids getting heavy and my eyes eventually close.

I’ve been here for 1 month. Even though I’m being kept in some stone hellhole, there is a small hole in one of the walls that lets sunshine through during the day, so I can tell how long I’ve been here.

It’s cold. The thin blanket they have given me is doing little to shield me from the surprisingly harsh elements down here. I should be grateful they bothered to give me a blanket in the firist place. They gave it to me 2 weeks in, cause I was starting to become hypothermic. 2 weeks without proper food or water, coupled with only having the clothes on my back can do that to a girl.

I heard the footsteps. I knew he was coming. He always comes thrice a week, at the same time every time.

I hear the lock on the large metal door being turned. He’s here. I pretend to be asleep. That’s what I always do. He fell for it twice, and then never fell for it again

I don’t know why I bother.

His footsteps are nearing my bed. I can feel his hot breath at the back of my neck, his fingers trailing across my cheek and making their way to my temple.

I’m suddenly yanked up by a strong grip on my hair, making me scream out in pain. I squeeze my eyes shut to try stop the flow of tears I know is coming. I refuse to let him see me cry.

“I told you to stop that shit!” he yells in my face, the stench of beer making its way into my nose.

“I’m sorry,” I whimper.

His eyes just blaze, but there’s something underneath that fury. Satisfaction?

“No. This is the last time this is going to happen. I’m going to teach you a lesson,” he growls.

“No, please. Please I’m sor-”

The first hit was to my stomach. Then my jaw. Then my back. Then my side. And multiple other places. He couldn’t hold me up at the same time so he let my body crumple to the ground, then continued to beat me. He was laughing the whole time.

I started crying and he laughed harder.

He was sick.

He eventually left me alone, after spitting on the ground next to me, the glob saliva mixing with the small pool of blood that started forming from the cut on my forehead and my bleeding mouth and nose

When he reached the door he turned to face me and grinned showing his yellow teeth, then he left with a satisfied smirk.

Ever since that day I never pretended to be asleep again.

I woke with a start. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and the sweat dripping down my face. I run my hand down my face and pulled back when I felt the moisture. The tears weren’t only in my dream I guess.

Glancing at the clock I see that it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. I push the sweaty sheets of me and go and take a shower. I try to clear my head but all I can see in his satisfied face, the image ingrained in my head.

I get out of the shower and dress up. I change my sheets and get back into bed. After about 2 more hours, I finally manage to get to sleep. The last thing on my mind before I doze off is that tomorrow is going to be a long a*s day.


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