Expect the Unexpected

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In this story, you will meet several characters. The main character is female and her name is Junea Micheals. She will be narrating the majority of the story. But this is the story about her and her werewolf mate, Jasen Bose. ****Expect lots of drama and many similar but different situations!**** *****Who knows what will happen when you expect the unexpected???*****

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Roles in a Werewolf Pack

*Alphas= The dominant leader of the pack. They lead the hunts and rely on their Betas for aid. The largest wolf in the pack. They are usually male but can be female. They are extra possessive and protective of their mates, their Lunas.

**Betas= Are highly thought of as wolves that help lead the hunts with their Alphas. Watches fights with their Alphas for rank promoting of lesser wolves. Large, but not as large as their Alphas. Second in command.

***Deltas= Are lesser wolves. But, are the most dominant under the ranking wolves. They are a major part of the hunting party. They are hunters.

****Epsilons= Non-ranking wolves of the pack and are hunters.

*****Gammas= Are the Betas of the Betas. These are the third in command usually.

******Lotas= The bulk or the largest group in the pack. Contains the pups that are now adults, disrespectful wolves, not the Omegas, and the newcomers, the hunters.

*******Lunas= The female equal to the Male Alphas. Usually, a male that has been born to become Alpha has Alpha blood in them, but cannot actually be Alpha until they find their and complete the mating bond (the meeting, marking, and having sex parts of a relationship) and then have a ceremony (very similar to having a human Wedding).

********Omegas= Disrespectful wolves or the troublemakers of the pack. There is usually at least one of two in every pack, but there can be more. They are shown no mercy but are able to move rank unless they are horribly bad.

*********Rogues= Werewolves that have either left a pack or ran away from a pack. They don’t belong to a new pack unless they meet their mate as part of a pack they were on the territory of. Even then, the Alphas would have to either accept them into the pack or deny both the Rogue and their mate.

**********Selsas= Lower or lesser Betas of the Deltas. Are the protectors of the pack. Usually, it involves some of the best warriors of the pack.

************Zetas= First assumed ranked wolves will ever be appointed. Also, they are in the hunting party.

!!!!!I hope that clears up some things!!!!!

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