Waiting for the right timeđź•°

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Chapter 1: Flashback

"Open your eyes my little baby doll..It's your 18th birthday.."

I opened my eyes.

"Oh mom,why have you waken me up so early??"

Holding a gift she said,"Oh I think you don't want this gift on your birthday right,Arshiya??"

"No,no i was just joking.Thank you mom.But what is it??"

"I think I am not late..Oh my baby doll hasn't opened her gift yet..So I am in right time," saying these papa entered into my room.

"Yes pops you are always right.Now I will open this box."I opened the box and was shocked more than happy,"What is this?? A piece of paper!"

Papa and mamma started laughing,"Look at the stupid girl,this is not just a piece of paper.This is an appointment letter of your dream job.This letter is from Women and Child NGO."

I could not believe in my own eyes..I always wanted to work for an NGO..I wanted to help the women and child.Though I was very rich,I wanted to come in touch of helpless people.I hugged my mom and dad.

"When will I join my job?" I asked.

"From tomorrow.But you have to go with our driver and return with him.You cannot go anywhere alone.Ok??"said papa.

"But pops......."

"If you want the letter then you have to follow my instructions."

"Ok fine.I will do."

I kept the letter with me and eagerly waiting for the next day..My dream job,my new life.I was so happy.But I didn't know the next day will change my life...

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