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Chapter 2: New person in my life

Next day I went to the Women and Child NGO.The place was very beautiful..There was a garden full of different colours of flowers..I was so very much pleased..Then I met Miss.Madam Kuri.

"Good morning,Miss Madam Kuri.I am Arshiya.Arshiya Malhotra.My father has talked about me perhaps."

"Oh yes,my child.I was waiting for you.I hope you will like the people here and enjoy your work.If you face any problem then call me."said Miss Madam Kuri.

"Ok then I should meet the people and visit the place...May I go now??"

"Sure my child..Have a good day."

"To you too,Madam"

I started visiting the place.As I loved gardens,I directly went there first.I was smelling the beautiful flowers.Suddenly a sound came into my ears.Someone was shouting..I ran following the sound..

It was a big room with no light,no technology or nothing..I saw a man who was screaming loudly and some people was trying to give him injection..

"What's happening here?? Is this a way to treat a person like a beast??? "

The people looked at me as if I wanted their kidneys...One of them said," How can you come here?..No one can come here without permission..Go from here..This is our job."

Then they forcefully inject the medicine to the man..I felt so disgusted..I ran from there and went to Madam Kuri's room and told her everything...

"Oh! That was Arpit..He is exceptional from others here..So we've kept him in a single room..He can't tolerate people not even lights..Sometimes he tries to hurt himself...So we give him injections..It is about 5 or 6 months since he is with us.."

"He is exceptional..But why?? What happened to him??"I asked her quickly..

"I don't know, my child..A person handed him to us..From then we're doing treatment of him"

"I want to meet Arpit...I want to talk with him..Can I go???"

"No,Arshiya" she said very angrily looking into my eyes,"He can hurt you.You cannot handle him"

"Please Madam..I need to meet him..Please don't deny..Let me try once.." I begged her..

After thinking a while she permitted me to go there..I thanked her and left to meet Arpit....

I didn't know this meeting was not a coincidence...It was a conspiracy to frame me...

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