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Chapter 4: He talks to me

2 months later:

Arpit became very comfortable with me..He did not live in the dark room anymore...I also felt happy when he was with me..

So as always I was talking to him and suddenly I realized that he took my name...

"Hey Arpit,have you taken my name just now??? Please again call me.."
"A-Arshiya...."he said.

My eyes filled with tears...Unknowingly I hugged him and started crying...

"Don't cry please" he again said...

"I was dying to hear some words from you..I am going to tell Madam Kuri" I was heading towards door but someone held my hand...I looked behind and it was Arpit..

"Don't leave me alone please...I need you.."said Arpit..

He was giving me shocked after shocked...

I went near him,"I won't leave you ever"

Then I held his hand and we were looking at each other...Suddenly I got a call from my driver,"Mam,its time for going home"

"Oh yes,I am coming..."

"Arpit I need to go now...I cannot meet you for one week..I have to go to America for some works..But I want you to be perfect when i will return...You have to take care of yourself...Promise me..."

"I cannot live without you..Take me with you.."

"Please don't make it hard for me Arpit...I will return as soon as possible..."

"Ok,I promise.."

Tears rolled down from our eyes...
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