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Chapter 5: We are in love

1 month later:

I was so eager to meet Arpit..I went to the NGO and entered in Arpit's room..But I was shocked..There was no trace of him...I ran to Madam Kuri..

"Madam,where is Arpit?? He is not in his room.."

"Oh my child,take a breathe..He has not gone anywhere..He is waiting for you where you heard him for the first time..."

I ran and went to the garden...I was shocked..After reaching there,I stood there like a statue..

The garden was full of blue balloons and there was a heart made by roses in the middle...Most shockingly Arpit was standing inside the heart shape...He was looking the most handsome man wearing a black shirt and jeans and his hair was looking more beautiful..

"Come inside,love..I have make all of these arrangments for you but you are not coming inside"

"Am I dreaming?? If I am then I want to live in this dream.."

Suddenly he held my hand and gave me a rose,"You give me this beautiful life.You are reason for my living.I want you always with me.If you are not with me,I cannot do anything.Will you be mine forever??"

No, I was not dreaming..This was actually happening..I was trying to say yes but tears filled my eyes and i was silent.

"No,love.Don't cry.Your smile gives me power..I don't want you to cry ever...I will make you the happiest person...You are my princess..If anyone try to hurt my princess,he will call his death.Now please answer me with a happy face"

"Y-Yeah,of course..I will be always with you.." I hugged him...

"Even I will never leave you,sweetheart."

In this way, we started our life but i didn't know that this relation would unmask the biggest secret of my life...

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