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Chapter 6: Arpit's past

"I want to ask you something"

"Yeah love..Ask me.."

"Why have you come here and who handed you in their hands???"

Arpit was silent..I could see the pain of his eyes...

"Don't take stress...Don't tell me..No problem"

"I am Arpit Vardhan..The Vardhan Industries was my company...I lost my father when I was 3 years old..My mother was everything for me..I have worked hard so many years to gain the popularity and respect...I was leading a happy life with my mother..But one day I was late to return...When I return home there was dark everywhere..I called my mother..Then I heard her crying..I entered into her room and someone hit on my head and I fainted..When I woke up I found myself and my mother tied up with a rope..A man wearing a mask gave a paper and asked to sign me..If I would sign those paper then my whole company would be him...But I signed those paper because I loved my mom more than anything...But they didn't spare us...They started torture us and beat us...We were their captive for 11 days...But my mom......"he started crying loudly...

I was afraid but I hugged him,"Shhhhhh dear,calm down.What happened next??"

"My mom couldn't bore their torture and died in front of my eyes and I could not do anything for her...Her death gave me a big shock..When I became normal you were in front of me.." he started crying...

I was speechless..What to tell!!!! A big tragedy...

"But who did this??"

"I don't know.."

The Vardhan Industries...I have heard the name..but where??? From my papa??? Yeah!!! Have we any connection with Arpit's company?? Why they handed Arpit in this NGO???

Many questions were fighting in my mind...

I wanted to help Arpit but I didn't know that fate was playing with me...I was trying to unmask Arpit's mother's killer and fate was trying to unmask a disgusting truth of mine and Arpit's family....

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