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Chapter 7:Arpit has gone to America

I wanted to meet Arpit to my mom and dad..But would they agree???

"What are you thinking,love?? Is there any problem??You can tell me.."

"I want to meet you with my parents...Let's go to my home today...Anyway you are fine now..You need not to stay here anymore..."

"But how can I....."

"Shhhhh don't think anything..." I dragged him..Both of us met Madam Kuri and said good bye...

"Hey don't think anything..I am with you..My parents will love you...Don't worry.."

We entered into my house..Mom and papa was surprized after seeing Arpit...

"Who is he??? Your friend??" said mom...

"He is Arpit.Arpit Vardhan..Actually..."

"What happened??" asked my papa...

"Actually papa we are dating each other..."

I told everything to my parents...

"I will agree for your marriage in one condition...Arpit has to do a good job...I will take him America tomorrow..There I will help him to settle down..I think it will take 2 months to get him prepare..."papa said..

"Yes,Sir,I am ready to go with you..I can do anything for my princess.."

"Well then we will leave tomorrow" papa told us..

I hugged my papa and I was very happy..

The next day:

"Hey princess,promise me you will take care of yourself until I return to you..Don't worry for me...I will be back soon" He kissed on my forehead...

"You too take care of yourself"

I happily said good bye to him..But I didn't know that I wouldn't see him again...

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