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Chapter 8: Unmasking all the truths

I was already missing Arpit..Suddenly I saw my father..

"You are back...Where is Arpit??" I exclaimed with joy...

"No one has come with me dear" Papa started laughing..I was astonished...Then mom also joined him...

"What happened?? Why are you laughing ??"

They gave me a paper..

"What is it??"

"This is a will..Your parents made this will.." Papa angrily said to me...

"My parents! That means you..Right??"

"Who told you that we are your parents!!!"

"Pops this joke is not funny at all.."I looked at papa..

"Don't call me that..I am not your father and this is not your mother...We were just tolerating you for 18 years.."

I was standing like a statue...I was silent...

"Don't you understand anything??" mom said," I am telling you the whole story"

"I was your mother's best friend..She trusted me more than anything...Your parents had no one in this world except us...We thought if we kill you and your parents then all of your property would be ours..But we came to know about this damn will...If you die then all of your property will be given away into a charity...But if you lose your mental condition or do abnormal things or do any crime then all of your property will be given to your parents after you are "18...So we had to take care of you until you are 18..."

"Most importantly I am not Dixit Malhotra..I am Dixit Basu..She is my wife Sunaina Basu,not Malhotra..We sent you in that NGO because we knew about Arpit's condition...We thought like others you would also give him injection...In the main time we would change the injection and as soon as you would give him the injection he would die and pollice would throw you in the prison.."

"But you stupid girl,you have ruined our plan..Arpit has been recovered by your help and you brought our past in front of us.." shouted Sunaina Basu..

I looked at her..Arpit?? Their Past???

"Arpit was a great bussinessman...He had a lot of money..I worked in his company then...I wanted his position..So we made a plan..That night the person was me who killed Arpit's mother and handed him to the NGO..I wanted to kill him also but I spared him alive as I need him to gain your property..." said Dixit Basu..

"You brought him to our house..But we have sent him America..Now no one is here to help you.."

I grabbed Dixit Basu's collar," How dare you!!! You killed my parents,Arpit's mother for only money...You are beasts.."

I lost my calm and took a glass and threw it on Sunaina Dixit..Blood came out from her head..

Suddenly some people entered in my house..

" Please save us..I have called you...This girl will kill us..Look she has hurt my wife..She is a mental patient...Take her into a mental asylum.." Dixit started begging...

I was trying to save me from them but they didn't listen to me and threw me in the dark mental asylum..

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