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Chapter 9: Waiting

I ended the flashback..Now I am in the asylum...I am waiting here..I am waiting for Arpit..I know he will come to rescue me..I am waiting for the right time...

Suddenly a person enters in the room...

"This is for you..Be careful..No one should know about this."he leaves the room..

It is a letter..

"My princess,I know you are in pain..Please wait few more days...I am coming to rescuse you from the beasts..I know the whole truth...Don't worry they will get the worst punishment...I am collecting evidence against them...I am with you princess...Please wait...I will come in the right time..."

This letter is from Arpit...He knows everything!!! I shouldn't worry now..I will wait for him...

6 Days Later:

Someone is openning the door of the dark room...A light is coming in the room but I cannot see the person...

"Oh my princess! Look I am here.."

It is Arpit..Am I dreaming?? I am looking at his eyes...

"Are you alright?? "

I held him so tightly and start to cry so loudly...

"Hey,love...No more tears..Now we will live a happily married life..No one will hurt us.."

"But how have you come here?? Where is those beasts??How did you know the truth???"

"Let's go from here princess...I will answer all of your questions in our home,in the Vardhan Villa..."

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