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The Last Chapter

We enter in the Vardhan Villa...The villa is really big and beautiful...

"Do you like it??"

"Any doubt??"

"Now its time to answer your questions..When you met me with Dixit,I remembered he was an employee of my company..But I remained quite..Then he told me to go America..I knew that it was his plan to frame you..Before leaving I installed a camera secretly...It recorded their statments that they told you that day...But unfortunately they got the camera and destroyed the proof..I was helpless..I thought they would caught me soon..But I started finding that person who helped them in those crimes...It took 4 days to find him..He told everything to the pollice...Then pollice arrested those beasts...I will make sure that they will never come out of the dark prison.."

I hug Arpit,"Thank you for everything.."

"Hey princess..You are my life..I can do anything for your happiness...Now can we start our new life??"

I blushed and nodded my head...

A few days ago my life was dark.. Arpit is the light who has vanished all of the darkness...He has made my life dark to light....


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