Waiting for the right time🕰

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i m waiting for someone who will protect me from the beasts and rescue me from the prison..i m waiting for the right time and the right person..

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21 August,2018

I am feeling suffocated..I want to go out of the damn prison..

"Please someone help me..I am dying here..Please help me..I want to go out.." inner me cried.

But i was silent..I have to be calm..I can't shout..If I start shouting,they will again give me shock..Though these shocks have become friends of mine,I don't want to meet them anymore..

"Where are u?? Aren't you seeing me in pain?? Have you forgot your promises?? How can you leave me alone with such kind of beasts?? Don't you love your Arshiya anymore?? Come fast to rescue me please..i am waiting for you..Please..They are hurting your princess...Come and beat them..How can they touch your girl!" I cried.

Life is so unpredictable..I still feel I am dreaming a bad dream..Someone please wake up me..A few days ago,i was leading a happy and lovable life.I,Arshiya Malhotra was waiting to be Arshiya Khan..I was the happiest person in the earth..

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