Before the Tribrid

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**This is the book before "The Tribrid's Mate"** This story is about Hopelynn's mother and father. It's about how they defied her grandfather for their love. This story is to show that love is worth fighting for. No matter what!** Jane was the Princess of the werewolves. Little did she know that she was also the Princess of the Vampires as well. That will be later in the story. Jane's father, Hiram set up a deal with an Alpha. An arranged marriage that involved Jane as the bride. Jane did not want that. She fought and fought until one day she ran from her home and met her mate, Kent. Kent had heard a woman's scream. He didn't know where the scream was coming from, so he had his best warriors of his pack come and search the perimeters. Their pack territory was the closest to the Castle where the King and Princess lived. While looking among the perimeters, Kent went to the West perimeter, the one nearest the castle. That's when he saw her. Jane. She was the source of the screaming. Kent wanted to help her out of the kindness of his heart, not knowing she was his mate as well. She looks familiar. She looked like the identical twin of the vampire Queen. He kept wondering why. Will things get settled the RIGHT way or will Jane begin her life as a rogue??

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Roles of the Werewolves in a Pack

Alpha=The dominant leader of the pack. They lead the hunts and rely on their betas for aid. They are the largest wolf in the pack. They are usually male. They are extra possessive and protective of their mates, their Lunas.

Beta= Are highly thought of as wolves that help lead the hunts with their Alphas. Watches fights with their Alphas for rank promoting of lesser wolves. Large, but not as large as the Alpha.

Delta= Are lesser wolves. But, are the most dominant under the ranking wolves. They are a major part of the hunting party. They are hunters.

Epsilons= Non-Ranking wolves of the pack and hunters.

Gammas= Are the betas to the deltas.

Lota= The bulk or largest group of the pack. It contains the pups that just became adults, disrespectful wolves that are not Omegas, and the newcomers, also hunters.

Luna= The female equal of the Alpha. The Luna and Alpha cannot become Luna and Alpha without mating (Having sex) and having a ceremony (Like a human wedding).

Omegas= Disrespectful wolves or troublemakers. There are at least one or two in every pack. They are shown no mercy but are able to leave this rank unless they were horribly bad.

Rogues= Werewolves that have left or ran away from a pack. They do not belong to a pack unless they find their mate from within a pack and even then the Alpha of that pack will have to either accept or deny them.

Selsa= Lower or lesser betas. Are the protectors and are part of the hunting party.

Zeta= First assumed rank wolves will ever be appointed. Also, they are in the hunting party.

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