The Unexpected Love

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This story stars seventeen-year-old Rosemary. On her birthday, she wanted to get drunk. She had lost feelings for her boyfriend and grew feelings for his ex-best friend, Rodney. She had three drinks. Her boyfriend, Michael was greedy, he wanted to have sex with Rosemary. Rosemary wasn't ready. She was waiting out. Michael sped up the process by putting drugs in her first drink of the night. She has two drinks afterward. She was getting ready to pass out and that's all she remembers. Rosemary wakes up the next morning in her boyfriend, Michael's bed. She thought everything was ok until she saw that she was naked. She didn't think nothing of it. So, when fifteen weeks pass by and she realizes that she missed her period, she goes to take a pregnancy test. Results of the test are positive. Things go bad and then her ex-boyfriend's best friend comes to rescue her and shows what true love is. Will their love last or is it a disaster in the making? Find out in "The Unexpected Love"!

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Part 1: Prologue

(Rosemary's POV)

Last night was the night of my seventeenth birthday. I had a little party, or gathering more rather, with my friends excluding one in particular. Rodney; his name was Rodney. He was best friends with my boyfriend, Michael, and got close to me as well. Actually, to be truthful with you, he grew feelings and I grew feelings for him. Michael didn't like how close Rodney and I had gotten; he asked me to stop being his friend and Michael had stopped their friendship as well. It was almost like Michael was able to sense our growing feelings. And I, the dutiful and loyal girlfriend, did as Michael had asked. It had nearly killed me; it was very painful to do, but I did it because I loved Michael, and I didn't want to cause problems for anyone. Rodney was no longer part of my life and I suppressed my feelings for him. I know, I know that was a bitch move on my part in my doing so. I admit that now. But since I was sad about losing Rodney as a friend and it was my birthday, that it was time I got drunk. Not my best idea, I know. My best girlfriend, Saraya was able to get her parents to buy us drinks for my party. Not so smart on their part! At exactly ten and three drinks in, I was a stumbling drunk getting ready to pass out.

By the next morning, in present-day, I don't remember anything but trying to get drunk, when I woke up. I wake up and suspect that I am naked. I look down to see no bra and no shirt on my chest, just a blanket. I am covered by Michael's blankets, on his bed. Yes, the party was Michael and Saraya's house. Michael and Saraya are step-siblings. I begin to freak out, I lift the covers to make sure that I was indeed naked. I looked to my left and I saw a peaceful sleeping and naked Michael. I thought that we were in love, but what love that was developing, has now vanished; he had raped me, that does qualify him as loving me. I was willing to give myself to him in a few weeks. I wasn't ready and I even spoke to him about it. Obviously, he didn't care about what I wanted or care about respecting my wishes. As I lie in the bed for a few minutes, I buck up the courage to get up out of the bed and flashbacks of last night come to me. I remember that I had THREE drinks and I really wasn't that drunk. But then, I also remember that Michael went to get one of those drinks for me. That means he could've put some drugs in my drink. He very much so drugged me. But I thought he wouldn't have done that too me. He wouldn't have done that too me, would he? But he did rape me because I wasn't looking for sex or even wanting to have sex. He had broken my trust and there is no relationship unless it is built on trust.

I finally found the motivation to get up, so I hurried up and got up off the bed. I didn't care whether I was loud or quiet. I wasn't happy with Michael. Usually, whenever I wasn't happy, I was loud. I quickly got dressed and I was almost fully dressed when Michael woke up.

"Hey, Baby! You were really great last night with the party and the sex." Michael explained. Oh, no, he didn't just go there! He is such an asshole! I thought. This wasn't going to go well.

"Hey, Michael. Oh, I am really great at the party and the sex? That is weird because I don't remember getting hammered enough for you to sleep with me. I had three drinks. I wasn't really drunk! You were a greedy jackass who didn't care about my wishes and you drugged me, so don't blame this shit on me! You fucked up and you fucked up big time." I yelled.

"You don't remember clearly then! Because you were all over me, in fact, you could not keep your paws off me!" the Asshole replied.

"Well, I guess it's your word against mine! I am going to make a court case about you raping me where you will be able to tell your side of the story and I will tell my side of the story. Then we will see what the jury has to decide! See you in court! Oh, and by the way, consider this as the end of our relationship that you earned!" I answered and then gave the gift of a smack across his face! That smack was so worth it. I grabbed the rest of my things and then ran out the door before he could say anything else.

Three hours later...

I am on my way home and things just don't end very well for me. I am so hurt by what Michael did. I left his house and went immediately to the police station where they did a rape kit and a blood test to check for drugs. I thought he loved me. I was at the police station when the results of the rape kit came and so did the blood test.

Apparently, it was obvious to the medical personnel when they did the rape kit. My vaginal walls were basically destroyed. It was signed that he was very rough with me. They had found LSD in my bloodstream along with some ecstasy. He was going to have some major problems in the future. I was pressing charges. I wanted it known to the public that he was a monster. A monster that I once loved and trusted. No one deserves what happened to me to happen to them. Let's just all things go well with me in the future!

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