The Unexpected Love

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Part 2: A few days after the party

(Rosemary’s POV)

It has been a crazy week. The party for my birthday was on Friday, September 1st, 2036 (last Friday). I woke up and left Michael’s house the following morning (September 2nd). When I left his driveway, I made my way towards the Flint Police Department. I went down there to press charges against Michael. The cop, whom I was talking to, wanted a rape kit done and wanted my blood to be drawn so that they can test it to find out what the drugs that were in my bloodstream. Within three hours, the results from both the rape kit and the blood test came back.

According to the doctor who did the rape kit on me, said that I had severe signs of rape. She said that Michael did know what he was doing. She then proceeded to tell me that my vaginal walls are basically destroyed and aren’t usable for a few weeks. I said that I will not be letting anyone with a penis down there anytime soon. She laughed for a moment and she said that she understands. When I got done with knowing these results, the doctor moved onto the blood test results. She said that I had some LSD with a tad bit of Ecstasy in my bloodstream. Not a lot of each other, but enough that when I got them into my blood they knocked my ass out. She said that it was no wondering why I didn’t know or remember anything from the previous night. She was glad that I came as soon as I could. She hopes things will be looking up into the future and advised me to see a therapist so that I can talk about this.

While the doctor had gotten me to talk, the cops were out to get Michael. He was going to juvenile until his trial. He may be charged as an adult since he’s a few months from his eighteenth birthday. I hope they charge him as an adult and that he gets the highest punishment available. He should rot in the cell that will be his home for a while. Plus if he gets charged as an adult, I will be happy because he’s going away for a long while. He is looking at a class C felony drug possession charge and a class C rape charge. So at least thirty-five years or more, give or take. I think that serves the bastard right considering he took my innocence away while in a forceful way. I walking out of the big room of the police station when he was being brought in.

“You did this, didn’t you you little bitch?” You are so gonna pay for this when I get out of here! I will make sure of it!” He yelled at me.

“Yes, I did this because you drugged me and then raped me! And before you try to lie, don’t! They already did a rape kit on and got your DNA. DNA doesn’t ever lie!” I say with an appreciative and proud smile. “Oh, and let’s not forget that you put drugs in my drink last night. What drugs, you may ask? Glad you asked! Hmm… You gave me LSD and a tad bit of Ecstasy which caused me to blackout. So now, you have fun while being in your cell where you will become someone’s bitch!” I continued on.

“You have got to be kidding me! You are so wrong; I never gave you those drugs! I loved you and I wanted to wait to have sex with you to make sure that you were ready!” He lies to me. He still thinks that he will get away with this, which he will not.

“Whatever! When you get out, if you get out, I will give Saraya the stuff that you gave me during the relationship and you could rip it up, throw it away, or hell, even burn the shit for that matter! I don’t care anymore! You are too never contact me again. Lose my number and forget that I ever existed in your pathetic life. When we go to school, don’t try to stop to talk to me, do go near to me, don’t watch me, just don’t do anything that involves me. Or has the idea of me in that specific thing. I am done with you!” I replied.

Then later after I left the police department building, I went home, only to be lectured by my mother. I barely get to walk into the front of our home before my mother tried to rip me a new ass.

“Where have you been, young lady?” my mother asked.

“I spent the night ar Michael and Saraya’s. They had a birthday party for me last night. Remember or did you forget?” I answered and she let it rest. She must’ve remembered.

“Did you drink last night?” My mother continued on.

“Yes, I did. I wanted to get drunk, but I didn’t get there because something happened with Michael.” I replied.

“What happened with Michael?” My mother asked, now concerned about me. I huffed a big, deep breath. Had to get it over with sometime somehow.

“Well, when Michael and I began our relationship everything was great. But, during the third week of dating, he began to pressure me. He wanted to have sex with me. I wanted to wait until I was ready. I specifically told him that too. I was almost ready last night, but Michael decided to speed up the process. He put drugs in my third drink of the night. He gave me enough drugs to blackout. This morning, I woke up naked and in bed with Michael. He fucking forced sex upon me. I never said ‘yes’ to having sex with him last night. I would remember because I barely drank. After waking up, I freaked out a bit, then I confronted him. After leaving his house, I went down to the Flint Police Department Building. I went to press charges against him. The cop, whom I talked with, was nice and asked for a rape kit to be done on me and a blood test. The blood test was to see what drugs were flowing through my bloodstream. Within three hours, both sets of test results came back. He sure raped me alright. The doctor who did the kit and the test told me that he had no clue on what he was doing from the damage done to me. He drugged me with some LSD and a tad of Ecstasy. Not a lot of either, but enough of both to knock me out together. He’s… Michael is going away for a while. I guarantee it! Oh, and our relationship is done. I dumped his ass twice. Once while I was still at his house, still trying to process what happened and once when he was being brought into the police station. I am done with him!” I answered her.

“Wow! I am sorry that things aren’t happening for the best, but maybe this will be a blessing in disguise. It may be too early to tell right now though!” My mother responded.

Nothing else really happened that night besides me getting ready for church for the next morning. I stayed up all night. I couldn’t sleep because my brain was going crazy with thoughts of how the next few months will play out.

When I woke up on the next morning, I was surprised that I fell asleep. But I got up and got ready for church, then went on my way to church. While at church, everything went well until I got ready to leave. Then all hell broke loose. Saraya came after me so that she could speak her piece. Or rather she wanted to bombard me.

“Why are you pressing charges against Michael? I mean things were good with both, right?” She asks, even though she knows the truth.

“Because he forced himself on me even after I told him that I wanted to wait. He decided to speed up the progress and drugged me. He deleted my consent from the whole equation. He gave me LSD and Ecstasy, enough to make me blackout. Then he proceeded to do his thing. And on the morning after, he rubbed it in my face that we had had sex. I was so pissed off at him!” I replied.

“Well, maybe you should’ve stopped being a prude and start dishing out what he wanted. Michael doesn’t deserve all the shit that you are putting him through! So, do us a favor, and stop the charges?” She yelled at me. She just floored me. She shocked me with what she just said. She was loud enough that all the people in the parking lot passing by, they had stopped and begun looking at us.

“I thought you were my best friend! But obviously, I was very wrong. I thought that you would take and believe me instead of that piece of shit that you call your stepbrother. It’s not my fault that he couldn’t wait it out a little while longer. I trusted you with my life and my secrets. But unfortunately, I put that trust in the wrong place!” I said, getting louder by the second. I had gotten so aggravated that I decided to walk away. I walked to my car, got in, and then proceeded to bawl my eyes out. I was so upset. I just lost one of my only friends. One of my true friends. She was more like a sister to me until that argument. Why couldn’t she just hear me out and get the facts? Ugh, I need to stop worrying about that.

I start up my car and then put it into gear so that I could leave my parking space. Once I am out of that parking space, I head out to the parking lot exit. When traffic was clear enough, I went onto the street and started my way home.

The following day after that, I had school. I had gotten to the school, walking into the building and began walking toward my locker. I was about ten feet from my locker when I realized someone was walking up next to me. I stopped walking immediately, then I turned and looked into a familiar pair of yellow-green eyes. The eyes of the love of my life. It was Rodney.

“I heard that you had a party, Friday night for your birthday. I also heard that you got drunk that night. But I know that you never get drunk unless something major happens in your life. So what happened that caused you to want to get drunk?” Rodney started out a conversation. He must’ve been as done with the silence as I was. It (the statements that he just said) made me feel sad.

“Yes, there was a party. I wasn’t the host. I was just the Birthday girl. Yes, I was trying to get drunk because some feelings are showing themselves when I don’t know what to expect of those feelings.” I exclaimed.

“What do you mean about ‘some feelings are showing themselves when I don’t know what to expect of these feelings’? Are those feelings about me?” He replied, a little hopeful I think.

“The feelings I am talking about are very confusing. It’s like I was in love with Michael and I am now discovering the feelings of love for you that I have. But, I’ve been scared on what you would say if I told you and what would happen afterward.” I say with my voice unsteady and unable to stop my mouth and train of thoughts from doing word vomit.

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