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Reference Information- Part 1

**As titled, this information below is for reference to the book and can be helpful if you are needing it like if you have a court case for you being raped!**

-->Rape Charges and how much time someone would get:

---->Elements of Sexual Assault/Criminal Sexual Assault (CSC)=>> Sexual Assault (generally)==>> Sexual Assault is any form of unwanted sexual contact obtained without consent and/or obtained through the use of force, threat of force, intimidation, or coercion.

------>Definition of “Penetration”: Includes vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse or putting a finger or other objects, into another person’s anal or genital opening.

-------->Definition of “Sexual Contact”: Intention of touching of the victim’s or actor’s intimate parts or the clothing covering those intimate parts for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification, done for a sexual purpose or in a sexual manner for revenge or to inflict humiliation or out of anger.

====>>1st Degree (Felony): A sexual act involving penetration (broadly defined) and any of the following:

*Victim is under 13 years old;

**Victim is 13-15 years old + is a blood affiliation to the defendant, lives in the defendant’s household, or is in an authority position to the victim;

***Multiple actors are involved and force/coercion was used to accomplish the sexual penetration or the victim is incapacitated, (physically helpless, mentally incapacitated, or mentally defective), weapon is involved.

****Personal injury + force/coercion;

*****Personal injury + victim incapacitated (unable to consent to due to age, mentally challenged, or due to intoxication, date rape drug, etc.); or

******Defendant is on the process of committing another felony.

====>>2nd Degree (Felony): Sexual contact (NO penetration) with the genital area, groin, inner thigh, buttock, or breast, AND any of the circumstances listed for 1st Degree CSC.

====>>3rd Degree (Felony): Sexual penetration and any of the following:

*Victim is 13-15 years old;

**Force or coercion; or

***Victim is incapacitated (unable to consent due to age, mental challenges, intoxication, date rape, etc.)

====>>4th Degree (Misdemeanor): Sexual contact and any of the following:

*Force or coercion;

**Victim incapacity (unable to consent to due to age, mental challenges, intoxication, date rape drug, etc.)

***Defendant works for the Department of Corrections and the Victim is an inmate.

---------->Definition of ”Felony“: a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death.

------------>Definition of ”Misdemeanor“: a minor wrongdoing.


~~1st Degree (Felony): Life imprisonment and Lifetime mandatory sex offender registration’

~~~~2nd Degree (Felony): Up to fifteen years prison time combined with mandatory sex offender registration.

~~~~~~3rd Degree (Felony): Up to fifteen years in prison, mandatory sex offender registration.

~~~~~~~~4th Degree (Misdemeanor): Up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $500.

~*~*~*Source for the above information:

=*=*=*=*Date Rape Drugs and Their Side Effects:

(1.) Date Rape Drugs are drugs used to assist in a sexual assault.

(2.)These drugs can affect you very quickly and cause victims to become weak, confused, and even pass out. You may not remember what happened while you were drugged. Date Rape drugs can also cause seizures and even deaths.

(3.) The most common date rape drugs-- also called “Club Drugs”-- are flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), also called roofies: gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), also called liquid ecstasy; and Ketamine, also called Special K. These drugs may come as pills, liquids, or powders.

(4.) Alcohol may also be considered a date rape drug because it affects judgement or behavior and can be used to help commit sexual assault.

(5.) The club drug “Ecstasy” (MDMA) has been used to commit sexual assault.

~*~*~*~*~*Source: articles.htm

=*=*=*=*=*=*=Types of Date Rape Drugs and Their Side Effects:

=====>+Date Rape drugs make a sexual assault , including rape easier in one or more ways, such as:

++making a victim more compliant and less able to say no.

+++weakening a weakening a victim so they are unable to resist or fight back.

++++making a victim fully or partially unconscious.

+++++weakening a victim’s inhibitions, so they consent to sexual activity they may otherwise decline.

=====>++Any drug that changes a potential victim’s state of mind, including some prescription drugs, street drugs such as heroin, and popular drugs such as marijuana, can be a date rape drug.

=====+++The most common date rape drugs are:

[A.] Alcohol: Alcohol is the popular and most readily available date rape drug.

{1.} About half of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol consumption by the perpetrator, victim, or both. On College campuses, which are a rape, alcohol- related rape is especially common.

{2.} Alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions makes victim less aware of their surroundings and is often readily consumed by victims. It can also spur aggressive behavior by rapists and increase their willingness to harm others.

[B.] Benzodiazepines: are a class of anti- anxiety drugs that can also cause people to feel sleepy. A number of these drugs, including Xanax (alprazolam) and Klonopin (clonazepam) can be used as date rape drugs.

{1.} The most popular benzodiazepine date rape drug is Rohypnol (flunitrazepam). Rohypnol causes a victim to feel very relaxed, weakens their muscles, and may cause loss of muscle control.

{2.} Some victims lose consciousness or feel dizzy and confused. After Rohypnol wears off, some victims do not remember what happened. Rohypnol comes in pill form but can be dissolved in liquid, such as an alcoholic drink.

[C.] Ketamine: an anesthetic that acts quickly to cause feelings of relaxation,

{1.} Victims may lose consciousness or be confused and compliant. They might not remember what happened while under the influence of the drug.

{2.} Unlike most other date rape drugs, Ketamine acts almost immediately. A victim may not have time to realize they have been drugged.

{3.} At high doses, Ketamine can cause breathing problems that may be fatal.

{4.} Ketamine comes as a white powder that may change the taste of someone’s drink.

{5.} Consequently, perpetrators sometimes use it in strong-tasting alcoholic beverages that may disguise the drug’s presence.

[D.] GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid): a drug form of a neurotransmitter that naturally occurs in the body.

{1.} Neurotransmitters are chemicals that help nerves send and receive signals.

{2.} GHB slows activity in the central nervous system, making users feel groggy, sleepy, and potentially confused.

{3.} At low doses, GHB can cause nausea and vomiting. At high doses, it can cause loss of consciousness, seizures, difficulty seeing, and the inability to recall what happened when drugged.

{4.} GHB is easy to overdose on and is often manufactured in home “labs.”

{5.} Consequently, victims may become extremely sick after being drugged with GHB and it can be fatal.

{6.} GHB is a colorless, odorless liquid so a victim may not have no idea they have been drugged.

[E.] Other date rape drugs: any drug that changes a victim’s consciousness can be used to facilitate date rape.

{1.} In some cases, the victim might ingest the drug willingly. A person who uses heroin, for example, may be so intoxicated that they don’t realize a perpetrator is attempting to rape them.

{2.} People who use drugs should therefore, avoid taking them around certain acquaintance or in settings that might facilitate date rape.


====>>>Author’s note/comment: I hope this information can be helpful and can make you be able to understand some of this book and the parts coming up!

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