The Unexpected Love

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Part 3: Three days later...

(Rodney’s POV)

I found out three days ago that Rosemary was in love with me. I always thought she was super duper in love with Michael. She said, “I was…” as in past tense when she talked about Michael. I wonder what had happened between last Friday and this past Monday. Something changed majorly.

I have been kind of a loner. Michael was my best friend for the longest time and Rosemary was his girl. But now, they aren’t together.

I have spent the last few days thinking about what to do next when it came to Rosemary and I. I want to have her as mine, but she just got out of a relationship. I need to speak with her. So, I grabbed my cell phone and dialed her number on speed dial. It rang for a few moments of time before she answered. “Hello, Rodney. I was wondering when I would hear from you. What can I do for you?” She began speaking before I got a word out of my mouth.

“I would like you to meet me at Hollie’s Diner in ten minutes. We should talk and lunch would cost you nothing since I am buying.” I replied into the phone.

“Ok, since lunch is free to me. Plus, I think we should talk too. In fact, I was going to text you to meet somewhere.” She responded with glee. “But you beat me to it!”

“Sweet! Please don’t be late!” I say before hanging up. After I got off the phone with her, I grabbed my keys, locked up my house, got in my car, started my car, and left my driveway to go down to the road to the diner.

When I got to the diner, I had to wait for a seat to be opened up. While waiting for a seat, I begin to zone out. I only zone out for a few seconds before Rosemary came through the diner’s front door. She looked so beautiful. She was wearing a very sexy light navy blue dress. It was sleeveless and stopped at the halfway point of her calf. She was also wearing some fishnet leggings with some thigh highs. Talk about being one of my wet dreams! Damn, just looking at made me get hard. I need to control myself.

“Our table’s over there! I will be over there in a couple of minutes!” I say to her as I point to the corner of the Diner. She then walked away to our table. I was sad but then I thought, Good thing she doesn’t know what I am doing. I looked down and I had a tent in my pants. I had to calm myself before I could speak to her. I was able to calm myself enough to hide the boner in my pants. It wasn’t massive anymore. Plus, this time gave me a chance to get my thoughts together in a row. I think that I was ready to go and talk. So now, I walked over to our table and I sat down across from her.

“Hello, Rodney. I am here and you wanted to talk. So talk. What do you even want to talk about?” She asked as I slid further in the booth across from where she was sitting.

“Hi, Rosemary. I would like to start by saying thank you for meeting me. I am sorry for leaving you hanging these past few days. I asked you here because I wanted to tell you how I felt about you since it’s only fair since you spilled the beans about your feelings for me.” I responded to her question.

“Ok. You are right that is fair. Please go on while I shut up.” She said, giving me the ok to continue on.

“You know Michael was my best friend for the longest time. When you got together with him and it did not seem like that he was considerate of your feelings, your respects, and your wishes. He wasn’t considerate of you one little bit. So, I decided to get to know you. But I never intended to grow feelings for you or get attached to you. It just happened and I am glad. Then Michael began to take notice about our closeness in friendship and he got mad. He was jealous of me actually. So, he stopped our friendship between me and him; he also expected you to do the same thing with our friendship between you and I. I did not EXPECT you to do as he asked or expected. I thought you would have dumped him. But you didn’t, instead you went with what he asked. You broke my heart that day you said we (me and you) couldn’t be friends anymore. I tried to hate you for what you did. I wanted to hate you. But my feelings never changed. The heart wants what it wants. Plus, I wanted to change them so bad, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I have always thought about you so much that it hurt. It hurt everyday after you broke off our friendship. But I understand why you did it. You wanted to help please your boyfriend. It did not make me hate you. It made me begin to hate Michael and I still hate him now. I know why you broke up with Michael, you don’t need to tell me unless you want to, but one day I would like to know. I would like to have a romantic relationship with you someday in the future. But first, you need to take a little time for yourself and make sure that you are completely over Michael and all his BS. But just know this though, I will be waiting for you when you are ready. You are the other half of me and the love of my life. I love you.” I finished my little speech.

“Rodney, I am sorry that I broke off our friendship. I went with my brain and what I thought it wanted instead going with my heart. I should’ve dumped his ass then. I would do anything to take it all back and do it differently. Michael was an asshole and he did not deserve me! The night-” She pauses for a moment before beginning to cry. He must’ve done something bad enough to hurt her. “ I am sorry. The night of my birthday party, I was indeed trying to get drunk but I only had three drinks. In my third drink of the night, I had drugs put in it without me knowing and they were strong drugs. They caused me to blackout. I woke up the next morning, naked and in the bed next to Michael. He forced himself on me during that night.” She paused for a moment to collect more of her thoughts and then she was crying some more. “And then when I woke up, I began to freak out, gather up my shit, and got dressed. While I was getting dressed, he woke up and he even had the audacity to acknowledge how ‘good’ I was at sex. I was so pissed off at him and dumped his ass! He wasn’t happy and wanted me to come back to bed so that he could try to make it better for me. But I said no, so then I left his house and went to the Flint Police Department Building to press charges against him. I did not want another to have to deal with what I am and will be going through. Then the cops that helped me wanted to have a rape kit done and a blood test done to see what drugs I have in my bloodstream. Within three hours, the results from the kit and the blood test came back. The doctor that read the results told me that Michael had no clue what he was doing, he barely made it into my hole, but he destroyed my downtown for a while. Not like I was gonna let anyone get that far for a while. The drugs that were in my blood were some LSD and a tad bit of Ecstasy. He ruined not only me, but he ruined his life, just because he couldn’t be patient and wait. He couldn’t take no for an answer. When I was leaving the police station, he was being brought in. I made the mistake of stopping to talk to him. He blames me for what he did and tried to play his innocent card, which didn’t work in his favor at all. So, I left there and went home where my mother was waiting to talk to me. Then I did nothing else for that night.” She said before she took a sip of her drink, then she continued on. “The next morning at church, after the service, while I was on my way to my car, Saraya attacked me. She said that I deserved what I got and that I was a prude. She decided to take her asshole piece of shit step brother’s side instead of hearing me out. She wasn’t cut out to be my best friend. She’s too full of herself anyway. And as for getting over Michael, it’s done! I never loved him. I was naive and stupid to think that I was in love with him when I had already gave my heart to another. I was lost and needed to find my way to you. I had given you my heart when I didn’t even know it. Plus, Michael was too much of a control freak for me. You are more my speed and my type. Michael was what I was dreaming and thought I wanted. You are my future and I know for a fact that you are what I wanted.” She says with the most seductive smile that she could give me. I wanted so bad to give into her, but I decided that it was best to give her some time for her to figure out her feelings and to get a wrap around the shit that she has been through because what she just told me about Michael and ’his manwhore ways and I think with the head on my dick instead of the head on his shoulders’ attitude, that doesn’t just go away. That can do a number on a girl and make her emotionally unstable for a while. She is so fucking sexy. She is most definitely a sight for sore eyes. But I need to stop before I do something that we will regret in the future. I really gotta stop thinking about stuff like that. I really need to get a handle on my wayward thoughts and whatnot. “I really don’t want to wait, but if that’s what you want then I’ll do it!”

“Tell you what, why don’t we just spend some quality time together and re-get-to-know each other before we make a ‘DTR’ move, ok?” I say as smoothly as I can. I was so damn proud of myself for not trying to get sucked in by her temptation. And man, was she tempting! It hurt that I did that to myself but it for the best.

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