The Unexpected Love

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Reference Information- Part 2

Astrologic Zodiac Sign Dates + Information:

[1.] Aries==>>

(i.) Dates: March 21st- April 19th

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Fire

(iv.) Color: Red

(v.) Symbol:The Ram

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Mars

[2.] Taurus==>>

(i.) Dates: April 20th- May 20th

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Earth

(iv.) Color: Green

(v.) Symbol: The Bull

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Venus

[3.] Gemini==>>

(i.) Dates: May 21st- June 20th

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Air

(iv.) Color:Yellow

(v.) Symbol: The Twins

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Mercury

[4.] Cancer==>>

(i.) Dates: June 21st- July 22nd

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element:Water

(iv.) Color: White

(v.) Symbol: The Crab

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Moon

[5.] Leo==>>

(i.) Dates: July 23rd- August 22nd

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Fire

(iv.) Color: Orange

(v.) Symbol: The Lion

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Sun

[6.] Virgo==>>

(i.) Dates: August 23rd- September 22nd

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Earth

(iv.) Color: Grey

(v.) Symbol: The Virgin

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Mercury

[7.] Libra==>>

(i.) Dates:September 23rd- October 22nd

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Air

(iv.) Color: Light Red

(v.) Symbol:The Scales

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Venus

[8.] Scorpio==>>

(i.) Dates: October 23rd- November 21st

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Water

(iv.) Color: Deep Red

(v.) Symbol: The Scorpion

(vi.) Ruling Planet:Mars

[9.] Sagittarius==>>

(i.) Dates:November 22nd- December 21st

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Fire

(iv.) Color:Mauve

(v.) Symbol: Centaur the Archer

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Jupiter

[10.] Capricorn==>>

(i.) Dates:December 22nd- January 19th

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Earth

(iv.) Color: Black

(v.) Symbol: Goat-horned, the Sea Goat

(vi.) Ruling Planet:Saturn

[11.] Aquarius==>>

(i.) Dates: January 20th- February 18th

(ii.) Element: Air

(iii.) Sign:

(iv.) Color: Black

(v.) Symbol: The Water Bearer

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Saturn

[12.] Pisces==>>

(i.) Dates: February 19th- March 20th

(ii.) Sign:

(iii.) Element: Water

(iv.) Color: Blue

(v.) Symbol: The Fishes

(vi.) Ruling Planet: Jupiter

******======Source for the Emojis=====******:

<<<====>>>NASA New 13 Zodiac Signs and their Dates<<<====>>>

[1.] Aries: April 19th- May 13th

[2.] Taurus: May 14th- June 19th

[3.] Gemini:June 20th- July 20th

[4.] Cancer: July 21st- August 9th

[5.] Leo: August 10th- September 15th

[6.] Virgo: September 16th- October 30th

[7.] Libra: October 31st- November 22nd

[8.] Scorpio: November 23rd- November 29th

[9.] Ophiuchu: November 30th- December 17th (This ONE ZODIAC SIGN is new!)

[10.] Sagittarius: December 18th- January 18th

[11.] Capricorn: January 19th- February 15th

[12.] Aquarius: February 16th- March 11th

[13.] Pisces: March 12th- April 18th

<<<<<<======Chinese Zodiac Dates+ Information======>>>>>>

[1] Zodiac: Rat

(For the birthday parts and the element parts match each Roman numerial with the letter that would cordinate with it. {i.=A})

[1A.] Birthday:

(i.) 01/24/1936- 02/10/1937

(ii.) 02/10/1948- 01/28/1949

(iii.) 01/28/1960- 02/14/ 1961

(iv.) 02/15/1972- 02/02/1973

(v.) 02/02/1984- 02/19/1985

(vi.) 02/19/1996- 02/06/1997

(vii.) 02/06/2008-01/25/2009

(viii.) 01/25/2020-02/11/2021

[1B.] Element:

(a.) Fire

(b.) Earth

(c.) Metal

(d.) Water

(e.) Wood

(f.) Fire

(g.) Earth

(h.) Metal

[1C.] Energy: Yang

[1D.] Shichen: Zi

[2.] Zodiac: Ox

[2A.] Birthday:

(i.) 02/11/1937- 01/30/1938

(ii.) 01/29/1949- 02/16/1950

(iii.) 02/15/1961- 02/04/1962

(iv.) 02/03/1973- 01/22/1974

(v.) 02/20/1985- 02/08/1986

(vi.) 02/07/1997- 01/27/1998

(vii.) 01/29/2009- 02/13/2010

(viii.) 02/11/2021- 01/31/2022

[2B.] Element:

(i.) Fire

(ii.) Earth

(iii.) Metal

(iv.) Water

(v.) Wood

(vi.) Fire

(vii.) Earth

(viii.) Metal

[2C.] Energy: Yin

[2D.] Shichen: Chou

[3.] Zodiac: Tiger

[3A.] Birthday:

(i.) 01/31/ 1938- 02/18/1939

(ii.) 02/17/1950- 02/05/1951

(iii.) 02/05/1962- 01/24/1963

(iv.) 01/23/1974- 02/10/1975

(v.) 02/09/1986- 01/28/1987

(vi.) 01/28/1998- 02/15/1999

(vii.) 02/14/2010- 02/02/2011

(viii.) 02/01/2022- 01/21/2023

[3B.] Element:

(A.) Earth

(B.) Metal

(C.) Water

(D.) Wood

(E.) Fire

(F.) Earth

(G.) Metal

(H.) Water

[3C.] Energy: Yang

[3D.] Shichen: Yin

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