The Unexpected Love

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Part 4: A Week Passes

(Rodney POV)

A week has passed since Rosemary and I friend zoned each other. But we have been inseparable, spending every moment we can together in and out of school. In school, Rosemary was a big target dubbed by the head cheerleader, Britney and Rosemary’s ex- best friend, Saraya. Michael is still in juvenile awaiting his sentencing and trial. Saraya and Britney try their damnedest to piss off Rosemary. But, Rosemary doesn’t take the verbal punches, instead whenever she is called a rude nasty whore, she just takes it as a compliment, thanks them and then walks away. Whenever they say that, she asked them for what she got, Rosemary says “Yes, I did, but what does it matter to you?” She never let’s them see her break down.

She’s being super strong and not wasting her energy on those bitches, instead she saving it all for the trial and Michael’s sentencing. I have been by her side through it all.

Every night before bed, I call her to say our goodnight through phone call, she’d tell me that she wants me and that she loves me. When she says wants me, I tell her to stop and that she needs to take some time to herself before jumping into another relationship. She then says she knows and that she hopes to change my mind. Then she says her goodnight and tells me that she loves me. I respond with “Goodnight. I love you too. See you tomorrow.” Then I hang up the phone and rub one out. Her voice seem to always give me a boner.

I try to be strong whenever I am around her, but while I am in the confines of my own home, I just let it happen. I let it happen. I let the temptation within come out. I don’t care much anymore. But as much as me not caring anymore, I just kept telling myself that I need to be patient because I have a gorgeous girl who will one day be mine, as my girlfriend and maybe one day in the future, she could become my wife. I could see myself marrying her and being the father of her kids, when she has the kids. I sure hope she wants to have kids one day. I know I want to have kids and hopefully she will be their mother. I hope to have at least three kids with her or however many she wants me to give her. I am interrupted of my thinking by my phone’s ringer going off. I pick it up and see the caller I.D. The caller I.D. said ’The Love of my Life❤’. I just smiled because I only have one love of my life and her name is Rosemary. I wonder if she knows that I’ve been thinking about her and I also wonder if she has worked some stuff. I am about to say ‘Fuck it’ to the whole doing the right thing for her. Not having her as mine has been torture for me. And if that’s how it is me, I don’t want to guess how she feels.

“Hello?” I answer the phone, preparing myself for the coming conversation.

“Hello, Handsome! I was wondering if we could meet at the park, so that we can talk in person. Is that ok? Or is it a bad time?” she asks innocently, even though I know that there’s nothing innocent about her.

“Yeah, sure. How about down at the park in say, thirty minutes? Anyways, what is it that you would like to talk about when we are up there?” I asked back, curiosity thick in my voice.

“I would like to talk about the future of you and I.” She answers.

“Ok! Sounds good! See you in a little bit. I love you, beautiful!” I say, before I wait for her next words to come out of her mouth.

“Ok! See you in a few. I love you too, handsome!” She says before she hung up the phone. I click out of the call as well. Then I power down my phone. After my phone shut off, I got my shit together and around for shower. I wanted to look good and smell good for Rosemary. Within ten minutes from that, I was dressed and ready to go so I locked up my house since my parents were out for the nights, and left toward the park.

I get to the park not even five minutes later and start walking toward the bench that we always sit at. ‘Our’ bench per sé. I get to the bench and see Rosemary sitting there all gussied up.

“Hello, beautiful! You called me here, so it’s you to start begin the conversation.” I say before she could speak.

“Hey, Rodney. Well, I called you here because I am ready to move on from Michael. I am ready for you to be by my side as the love of my life. I want to take a risk with us. I want to see where our relationship will go as a couple. I know you wanted me to take some time for myself, but I have had enough time. Now, if we begin a relationship, we won’t be having sex for a long while or at least until I feel that I am ready. But, I don’t want you to say no to the thought of a relationship with me!” She pleaded to me. I was in complete shock because I felt the same way.

“I would love to start a relationship with you. You have always been my girl in my heart. You are the keeper of my heart. I love you and I have loved since I saw you the first time. I experienced love at first because of you! Now, one more thing to do, would you mind joining me for dinner tomorrow?” I spoke my piece and finished my spiel.

“Yes! I would love to join you tomorrow! Just send for me when are ready to get me and text me the deets.” She says as she looks me in my eye.

I see the moment and took it. I moved in slowly I have been dying to kiss her. When my lips touched hers, it felt great. She tasted like honey and smelled like heaven. I first pecked her lips, hopefully waiting for her response. She responded almost immediately. After a few moments, she started to make some very sweet and sexy noises. She moaned and darted my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues tango for a while before she moaned again which set off a groan from me. We kissed for a few moments before I pulled away. We were both breathless.

“I have been waiting for you to do that and now that you have kissed me, I am speechless. You literally took my breath away.” Rosemary said all breathy.

“I want to do more with you, but I am going to pump the brakes on the fast pace and then start on the slow pace with our relationship. Tonight, I only kissed you because you temp me and I gave into temptation. So, you are lucky you got that kiss, my love!” I say. Man, she’s making me turn from a tough guy to a softy. But, boy do I love her!

(Rosemary’s POV)

Rodney is so sweet with his words, now let’s see what’s his actions because actions speak much louder than words. Tomorrow night is my first date with Rodney. I wonder what we will be doing. I guess I will have to find out tomorrow.

After the talk where we made things official and the phenomenal kiss that followed, I say goodbye and give him a quick kiss. I was halfway home when my phone receives a text. “Hey, I was wondering if you could call me. It’s important!- Love, Mom.” Instead of replying, I just dialed her number, I had to know what was going on. The phone rings three times before she answers.

“Hello. I am glad you called. Um... when are you coming back home?” she asks.

“I am actually walking back now. Why? What’s going on?” I wondered.

“Well... there’s no easy way to say this-”


“Saraya and Michael’s parents are here and they want to talk.”

“Oh. Well, I am going to be there in ten.” I say before hanging up the phone. I get off the phone and put my phone in my bra. Then I went from walking to a full-on sprint because I know shit’s gonna go down. By the time, I am at my driveway, I am completely out of breath and toppling over. So, I just do the slow walk up to and through the front door.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?” I yell very infuriated. My happy was gone now.

“We just want you to consider dropping the charges against Michael. We know that he is sorry. He even wrote a letter and gave it to us to give to you.” Michael’s mother, Sheila said to me.

“Sorry? He’s sorry? The ONLY reason that he’s sorry is because he is sorry that he got caught. He’s just manipulated you guys. He even lied to Saraya who fucking attacked me a week ago after church in the church parking lot mind you. Saraya went from my sister-like-friend to a major pain-in-the-ass bitch!” I explained. “He would not take no for an answer so he put drugs in my drinks; enough drugs to make me blackout and then he forced himself on me. I will NOT be dropping the charges. He deserves what’s coming to him. He’s not innocent anymore. He knew what he was doing. He just needed to wait for the right moment, he saw the right moment, and he went for it. Not my fault that he’s not smart or patient enough to have waited!” I continued on.

“We would like you to reconsider for your sake!” Saraya’s father, Paul threatened me.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?” I yelled/asked angrily. They just threatened me in my own home. I looked right at them and they both nodded at me. “You just walked into my house and asked me to reconsider, which I won’t and now, you have the audacity to threaten me. Oh no! Not ever happening. Now, you have exactly ten seconds to leave this property and never come back or I am calling the cops and they will remove you off the property. You were invited onto this property so we could have a civil talk. But, then you had to ruin it by threaten me. You are lucky I am letting you leave freely because I could still call the cops and have you arrested and slap a harassment charge on both of you and then you could be in a cell next to your good-for-nothing son! Oh, and expect to hear from my lawyers. So, now you choose your decision before I make it for you!” I say sternly. They said not a word more. They just left the house. Once they were just outside the front door, I slammed the door . I was so irritated and pissed off. I turned to face my mother.

“Don’t you ever let them over here or talk to us without our lawyer present, please. Now, I’ve got to go call our lawyer and then I am going to bed.” I explained before grabbing Michael’s letter, kissing my mother’s cheek and then walking away from my mother.

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