The Unexpected Love

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Part 1: Prologue

(Rosemary’s POV)
Last night was my eighteenth birthday. I had a little party, or gathering more rather, with my friends, excluding one in particular. Rodney; his name was Rodney. He used to be friends with my boyfriend, Michael, and got close to me as well. Actually, to be truthful with you, he grew feelings for me and I had grown feelings for him. Michael didn’t like how close Rodney and I had gotten; he asked me to stop being Rodney’s friend and Michael stopped their friendship as well. It was almost like Michael could sense our growing feelings. And I, the dutiful and loyal girlfriend, did as Michael had asked, no questions that spoke in my mind, asked. It had nearly killed me; it was very painful to do, but I did it because I loved Michael, and I didn’t want to cause problems for anyone. Rodney was no longer a part of my life and I suppressed my feelings for him. I know, I know that was a bitch move on my part in doing so, but Michael can be possessive of me and controlling about our relationship and me. He was also threatening me and verbally abusive to me. I admit that that was a bitch move now. I regret making the decision that led up to that action. If I could, I would go back in time to change it, but since I can’t, all I can do is learn and live by my mistake. Since I was sad about losing Rodney as a friend, being pressured to have sex, and that it was my birthday, I had decided that it was time for me to get drunk for the first time! Not my best idea, I know and not at all, my smartest decision either. My best girlfriend, who is Michael’s stepsister was able to get her mom and his dad to buy the booze for the little party/gathering. Not smart on their part! At exactly ten and three drinks into the night, I was a stumbling drunk, getting ready to pass out. Stumbling drunk or so I had thought.
By the next morning, in present-day time, I don’t remember anything but trying to get drunk, when I woke up. I wake up and I suspect that I am naked, even though, I had hoped that I wasn’t naked. I thought things were good considering that normally when i spent the night over, I slept in Michael’s bed. But I had a bad feeling about all that went down last night. Last night, something had changed between Michael and I. Something that was gonna break us apart. After being awake for a while, I decided to see if I had some clothes on or not. I lifted the blankets that were covering me and Michael’s bed, sure enough I was as naked as the day I was born. I went from freaking out to full-blown pissed off in a millisecond. If you haven’t remembered that Michael’s father and Saraya’s mother are married therefore making Michael and Saraya stepsiblings. I looked to my left and I saw a peaceful sleeping and naked Michael. I had thought that we were in love, but what love that was developing, has now vanished; he had raped me and that is not love. Him raping me doesn’t qualify as loving me. I was hoping what everyone kept saying about him was different than how he treated me, but I was wrong for hoping that. People kept telling me that he was a player before we got together and that he would never settle down. He would usually ‘hit it and quit it’ as the guys at our school would say. I never listened and I really should’ve listened to them instead of being fooled by Michael. I was willing to give myself to him in a few weeks. How foolish of me to think that we were in love. I wasn’t ready for sex and I even spoke to him about it. Obviously, he didn’t care about what I wanted or care about respecting my wishes. As I lie in the bed for a few minutes, I buck up the courage to get up and out of the bed and flashbacks of last night flickered into my head. I remembered that I wanted to get drunk. Michael got me all my drinks every time that I was in need of a drink. I had exactly THREE drinks total the whole night and really wasn’t even that drunk, I was barely tipsy. With Michael getting my drinks, that means he seriously could’ve put drugs in my drinks. I still can’t believe that he would’ve done this. He had to be the one to have drugged me, it’s the only logical choice that makes sense to me. He wouldn’t have done that to me, would he? But he did rape me so really it is possible. I wasn’t even looking for sex or even wanting to have sex anytime soon. He had broken my trust and there is no relationship unless it is built on trust.

I finally found the motivation to get my clothes from last night put back on me. I didn’t care if I was loud or quiet. I wasn’t happy with Michael and he will know about sooner or later. Hopefully sooner rather than later, just saying. Usually whenever I wasn’t happy, I was loud. Technically, I was as loud as I can possibly get. I quickly got dressed and I was almost fully dressed when Michael woke up and turned to face me.

“Hey, Baby! You were really great last night with the party and with the sex.” Michael explained while being groggy. Oh no, he didn’t just go there! He is such an asshole! I thought. This wasn’t going to go well.

“Hey, Michael. Oh, I am really great at the party and the sex? That is weird and funny because I don’t remember getting hammered enough for you to sleep with me. I was tipsy and I had three drinks total for the whole night. I wasn’t really that drunk! You were a greedy jackass who didn’t care about his wishes and you drugged me, so don’t blame this shit on me! You fucked up and you fucked up big time!” I yelled.

“Well, you don’t remember clearly then! Because you were all over me, in fact, you couldn’t take your hands off of me!” The Asshole replied back to me.

“Then it will be your word against mine! I am going to make a court case about you raping me where you will be able to tell your side of the story. Also, I am going to make it where you wished you never dated me or even knew me. So, good luck on having a normal life after all this shit comes out during the trial and the weeks up to and after the trial. You tell your side of the story then I will tell mine. I wonder who will believe which side first. The judge and the jury will decide whether you are guilty or not. Be prepared and be warned for whats to come! You made a big mess for yourself and you aren’t getting to go out the easy way. See you in Court and say hi to the devil himself when you arrive in Hell! Oh, and by the way, consider this as the end of our relationship that you earned since you were too impatient!! Bye bye, Jackass!!!” I answered and then I gave him the gift of a smack across his face! That smack was so worth it. I grabbed the rest of my things and then ran out the door before he could say anything else.


I am on my way home and things just don’t end very well for me. I am hurt by what Michael had done to me. Instead of just heading home, I left Michael’s house and went immediately to the Police Station. While at the Police Station, I filed for a police report. The one cop who helped me through the forms asked what was the crime committed. I simply replied with my ex-boyfriend, well boyfriend at the time, had raped me and drugged me. The cop then asked for some evidence, like if I had a blood test done and rape kit done. I said no, not yet. The cop then went to their chief and told the chief about my situation. Then the Chief came over with the cop and two others.

“These two cops will escort you to the hospital and help you get the correct tests done. Until then, we can not finish your police report. Once you are done at the hospital let the two cops know and they will drive back here with the results and help finish your police report. Also, we will have to file a restraining order against the person who had done the crime. So, until then, off you and the two cops go!” The Police Chief spoke to me.

Once the Chief was done speaking, I scrambled to collect my things and walked out of the station with the two cops following closely behind me. They then located their car, unlocked it and let me get in it. They got in as well, the one cop placed the keys in the ignition and started the car up. Not even five minutes later, we were traveling down the road to the hospital.

Once I was at the hospital, I got out of the police car, waited for the two cops and went into the information desk.

“Hello, Welcome to BusyBee memorial hospital. My name is Gloriana and how should I assist you today?” The lady called out to me.

“Yes, I was wondering where should I go to get an emergency blood test and a rape kit done?” I replied.

“You can go to the emergency room and sign in. After signing in, you will have to wait until you are called back up to their front desk for more instructions.” Gloriana answered.

“Which way is the easiest way to your emergency room?” I asked another question.

“Through those doors” she said pointing to the doors near the southwest side of the room. “You walk through those doors and turn left. Once you turned left about twenty five feet straight should be the front desk. You sign in there. Anything else that I could help you with?” Gloriana asked back to me.

“No, not that I know of. Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it after the last two chaotic days!” I replied.

“You’re welcome, dear! That is my job. To help those with where to go and how to locate a patient for their family to visit! Just doing my job to the best of my ability!” Gloriana says as a goodbye.

So, at that moment, I walked over to those double doors and pushed them open so I was in the next room. I turned left and walked straight to the emergency room front desk.

“Hello, my name is Dorothy. I am going to be assisting you, if that is ok with you?” The lady at the desk asked once she saw me. I nodded. “Ok, what is your name, address and the reason you need to be here today. Also, we will need your phone number.” Dorothy asked so she could type the information into the computer system.

“My name is Rosemary Ann Hearst. My address is 5435 East Weeping Willow Street. Flint, Michigan. 48509. The reason I am here to be seen is that I need a blood test to be done to find out what drugs might be in my system. I was drugged. I also need to have a rape kit done. I was drugged and raped by an ex, who wasn’t an ex until this morning. Yesterday was my birthday. I just turned eighteen years of age and shit just had to hit the fan for me. Also, my phone number is (810) 333- 6644.” I replied.

“Okay, Rosemary, you are signed in right now. There are a few people ahead of you, so you can go pick a seat until you are called.” Dorothy replied.

“Okay. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.” I complimented her.

“You’re welcome, Sweetheart. I’m just doing my job. I heard you were raped. So, when you go sit down, don’t go blaming yourself for getting raped. It wasn’t your fault for the douche canoe who went against your morals and didn’t your wishes. They took your right away and did asked if you were sure. They only cared about themselves. Now, they have done this to you without worrying about the consequences of the crime they committed. They will get their justice for not thinking with the correct head. The head they thought with wasn’t the one on their shoulders. Just because they did this to you, doesn’t mean you are weak or easy. If anything, they are the lousy weak boy. They aren’t a man if they do this to a woman.” Dorothy said to me.

“Thank you for those words! Can I ask you somethings somewhat personal?” I asked. Dorothy nodded. “You sounded like you were speaking from experience, as if you were raped. Were you?”

“Yes, sweet girl, I was. That is why I spoke to you about it. I said those words because they were spoken to me in this group I go to every Thursday. It is a group for Rape Victims and people who have been where you are. I will give you their card. When Thursday comes around and you go, I will see you there. If not, just give yourself some time to get used to the new you until you come to the group.” Dorothy says. She hands me the card and then reaches her arms around my shoulders. She hugs me and whispers in my ear. “I really hope to see you at the group on Thursday.” She said as a goodbye. I walk away to a set of three chairs. I sit in the middle chair while each cop sits on either side of me.

Approximately, thirty minutes later, I was called back and had my blood drawn for the blood test. The cops told the doctor drawing my blood that we would need the results as soon as possible. After that, The male cop exited the room, while the female stayed with me. I was getting the raped kit done. The doctor started doing the kit when the female cop says that I would need those results as soon as possible as well. After about three hours of being at the hospital, I was walking out, knowing the results of the blood test and the rape kit.

So, according to the blood test, I have ecstasy, THC and Ketamine in my blood. I have very little of each but enough to make me black out and not remember after the third drink of that night.

According the rape kit and the doctor that did it, I was raped pretty badly. The doctor said and I quote, “Michael had no clue how to do gentle. He had a hard time finding the hole for his penis.” my vaginal walls were destroyed and had a while before they would be good as new. The doctor had advised me to not have sex until I was fully healed. She wants me to go see my gynecologists every week once a week until I am cleared and deemed fully healed. She had given me some antidepressants in case I would need them, plus some pain medicine cream for my vagina, plus some pain medicine tablets.

After leaving the hospital, the cops drove from there to the police station. I was waiting for about ten minutes at the police station before the Chief himself came to help personally.

~~Word Count: 2,656 words total.

**Author’s note/comment: I changed up some wording and added some missing details. Let me know, what you think. I want to hear from y’all. Whether your comment is good, bad, complimentive, or even helpful along with useful. Just let here from you guys and your opinions! Is this part now better of worse than what it was before? Let me know, I am willing to take your suggestions and maybe even use them! So, please reach out to me!

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