Submitting To The Bully

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"Not until you say the word, Brianna." He waited. "Come on, say it and I will let you go for the day." My fists curled up with anger and my claws dug deep inside my flesh. I took in a deep breath before uttering the word he had been wanting to hear, "Please, daddy, let me go." When Brianna started senior year in Eastcrow High, she found herself attracting the games of the notorious bad boy, Scott Nicholas, a known bully of the school who enjoyed playing around with girls and teasing them to the point where they give their hearts to him. And what does he does? He crushes them and feels no remorse. After a small incident, Brianna fell on her knees for the bad boy for only he could fulfill all her dirty fantasies. She soon found herself falling for him and his wicked tricks. However, love wasn't a term in Scott's dictionary.

Romance / Erotica
Mia Kerr
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Chapter 1

The bell rang loudly as everyone scattered across the hallway. When the chitter-chatter and the gossips began, everyone knew it was breaktime in Eastcrow High School. I passed through the group of girls talking about one of our professors—he newly joined and every single one of them were on him, attacking him through words. Most of the girls in my school loved old men for some absurd reason and the school continued to hire them—handsome and old.

Everyone had some kind of taste and so did I, however, it was less ridiculous compared to the other girls—just a little desire burning inside me since I started reading certain, naughty books.

“I would spread my legs for him,” one of the girls said as I walked past her. Another one of them moaned out loudly at the thought of our new professor.

“Mhm, Mr. Malcum, daddy.” Thankfully, Mr. Malcolm wasn’t anywhere around the hallways as it was break or he’d probably get a stroke out of what the girls were saying.

As they continued, I threw my books inside the locker and slammed it close. It had been just a few hours studying and I already felt exhausted. Once I closed my locker, I decided to head towards the cafeteria and buy my self lunch as my Mom forgot to pack some. Just as I turned around, I came to face to face with Scott—our high school bad boy.

“Going somewhere?” he questioned as he leaned closer. His pack of boys stood in front of me with a grin plastered on their faces. They all were tall, handsome and violent in one way or another. The leader of the pack was Scott—he trained them all to be bullies—specifically, my bullies.

Ever since I joined Eastcrow High School, all hell went loose. No one ever accepted me for some reason. The girls scurried away from me like I was a serial killer and the boys didn’t even dare to glance at me. Whenever I walked past any of them, they’d whisper and look at me with disgust lingering in their eyes. I had no idea what I had done. I wasn’t that ugly. The sudden change in lifestyle bought down my self-esteem and I always wondered what’s wrong with me.

It was recently that I learned through an ear of mine that Scott had been pushing away all the girls and guys in the school, telling them I didn’t shower for days, I stank, I did this and all that messed up stuff.

For what?


“Go away, I don’t have time to deal with you,” I snapped back at Scott. His brows scrunched up and he pouted.

“No time for me?” His voice suddenly changed but it was all an act. “I don’t think so, baby, I make the rules here.” He tugged away my bag from me and handed it over to the boys who checked it.

“Nothing in here,” One of the boys responded.

I continued to look straight into his burning eyes.

“My Mom didn’t pack any snacks so could I have my bag back?” I questioned as I pulled out my hand. My Mom usually gave me a few chocolates and chips before she dropped me off to school. Even though I was eighteen, she didn’t stop. It was an act of love but on certain days, she’d forget.

Scott backed away from me and asked one of his friends to spill all my books on the floor. Everything scattered in a snap of a moment. All the contents of my bag were soon on the floor.

“Fuck you,” I spat on his face and grabbed my bag before gathering my things that fell out.

“Oh, Brianna, since when did you start using those words?” Scott asked as he laughed along with his friends. I rolled my eyes and continued to grab my things from the floor. Once I was done, I got up and zipped up the bag. I hung it on my shoulders and walked away from Scott and his stupid group of friends.

It had been a couple of months now since I was going to this school but not once Scott showed any mercy. On the first day itself, he spilled chocolate milk over me as a welcoming party. I didn’t know what kind of grudge he had against me. I had done nothing to harm him. I doubted he’d be harmed by anyone like me in the first place.

I sat alone in the cafeteria and ate my lunch while reading one of my books that I had bought with my self. It was an erotica novel filled with forbidden scenes and stories. I loved reading these kinds of books as they made me feel different — only if I had someone to try out these things with.

A few minutes passed by in silence and tranquility but then he appeared in front of me.

“Always reading,” Scott grabbed the book from my hands and I choked on my food. He couldn’t read it as he’d bully me more if he knew what I was reading.

“Give it back to me!” I exclaimed as I yelled out for it but the other boys threw me back on the bench. Horror went through my body as I watched Scott read the book.

The smile from his face disappeared as his eyes quickly read the lines I had been reading a few minutes earlier. I swallowed hard and tried to reach for it again but the boys didn’t let me take it.

“Oh, damn!” He said with surprise. “Smutty books? Is that what you read, Brianna? And here I thought you’d be reading something knowledgeable.”

I ripped away the book from his hand at once and packed my stuff all over again. The boys grinned and laughed at what Scott had told them.

“I never thought you were that kind of girl. Does mommy knows what her daughter has been reading?” He taunted while blocking me to leave the cafeteria. Thankfully, he wasn’t loud so the other girls around me couldn’t hear what he was saying. This was first-hand embarrassment and all I wanted to do was leave right away.

“Let me go,” I pleaded as I got up again.

Their bulky bodies hovered over me and I slumped back down.

“Say please, daddy,” Scott teased. It was the part I had been reading. The woman was calling her boyfriend daddy while he was fucking her. It was just a kink a few women liked.


“Then you aren’t going anywhere,”

I slammed my lips shut and folded my hands across my chest. How was I going to get out of here now? The boys removed their cellphones and began to record. I wasn’t going to call Scott daddy at any circumstances.

“Say it. You know you want too,”

“Fuck off,”

“Not until you say the word, Brianna.” He waited. “Come on, say it and I will let you go for the day.”

My fists curled up with anger and my claws dug deep inside my flesh. I took in a deep breath before uttering the word he had been wanting to hear, “Please, daddy, let me go.”

The boys behind him hooted and the phones finally got off my face. Scott backed away and allowed me to leave. Blood rushed up to my cheeks as I scrambled away from the cafeteria immediately. I had just called my bully daddy.


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