Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 9~

~Star' POV~

I wake up still on the couch and wrapped in Skyler' arms. We must of fell asleep on the couch last night. I look at the clock and it's 10am we need to get ready to leave.

~Star~ My Sky wake up.

~Skyler~ Mmm my Star 5 more minutes.

~Star~ Sky it's 10am you need to get up and we both need to get ready to leave.

~Skyler~ Okay okay I'll get up.

~Star~ Now who is not a morning person haha.

As I'm laughing at him he gets up and then he gets on top of me and pins me down. And holy shit my thong just got wet. Holy shit I just want him to rip my clothes off and fuck me nice and hard. As he's on top of me he holds my hands above my head with one of his hands. He is just starring into my eyes.

~Star~ Sky come on stop fucking around haha.

~Skyler~ Okay fine beautiful. Just remember that the next time I'll tickle you until you pee your pants.

~Star~ No you wouldn't.

~Skyler~ Oh I would beautiful.

~Star~ Haha whatever you say handsome. Now go get into the shower so then I can take one.

~Skyler~ Okay fine.

He goes into the bathroom and I hear the water start. I start to get everything packed so then when I'm finished with my shower we can head out. I hear the water turn off then after a few minutes Sky walks out all ready to go.

~Skyler~ Okay beautiful the shower is all yours.

~Star~ Thanks handsome. Oh and I already packed everything so when I'm done we can head out.

~Skyler~ Okay sounds good.

I head to the bathroom to shower. It doesn't take me long to shower and get ready for the day. I walk out of the bathroom and I'm all ready to head out.

~Star~ Okay I'm ready to head out are you?

~Skyler~ Yes I'm ready. So are you sure you still want to see the Grand Canyon?

~Star~ Yes I do and I already know where we should head to after the Grand Canyon.

~Skyler~ Where would that be?

~Star~ Nope I'm not telling you until we get to the Grand Canyon.

~Skyler~ Okay fine you win I'll wait.

~Star~ Haha okay now let's go.

We head out and we checked out of the hotel. We take a cab to the airport. Once we get there we do the normal routine then we go sit down and wait for a flight to be called so we can aboard the plane. Finally we were able to aboard are plane once we get on we find our seats.

~Skyler~ So are you excited to see the Grand Canyon?

~Star~ Fuck yes I can't wait. This whole traveling has been extremely exciting and that's only because I get to experience this with you by my side.

~Skyler~ I'm happy to be here with you. I wouldn't want it any other way.

~Star~ So are you excited to see the Grand Canyon?

~Skyler~ Yes I am.

We buckle up as we are about to take off. After we are in the air we undo our seat belts and we watch a movie just to pass by the time. I start to get tired so I lay my head on Sky' shoulder and I ended up falling asleep. I don't know how long I was sleeping for but Sky woke me up to let me know that we are about to land. We landed and exited the plane we go and grab our bags and then we grab an Uber to the hotel. When we get to the hotel we checked in they handed us our keys then we head up to our room. Once inside the room I head right for the bed jet lag is a bitch.

~Skyler~ My Star you need to change before you fall asleep.

~Star~ I'm comfortable I don't want to get up.

~Skyler~ Here are your clothes you can change right here and I'll be in the bathroom changing.

~Star~ Okay my Sky.

We both get changed and then we go to bed.

~End of Star' POV~

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