Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 14~

~Skyler' POV~

We are on our way to the Grand Canyon. We are both just sitting and looking out our windows. I put my hand on Star' thigh and I start to draw circles on it. Every since we got here I have been touching her every chance I got. I would put my arm around her or hold her hand, touch her thigh I would even have us cuddle when we watch movies. I know she had caught on that I have been acting different but she won't say anything about it. We finally arrived at the Grand Canyon we get out of the car and we walk around.

~Skyler~ Wow this place is really beautiful. And to make it even more beautiful is that I'm here with the most beautiful woman I have ever met.

~Star~ Oh Sky you are to kind with your words.

~Skyler~ It's only the truth my Star.

~Star~ Aww my Sky can be so romantic and sweet sometimes.

~Skyler~ Only for my Star.

We continue to walk around and enjoy the view. As we walk around I hold her hand the whole time. Today was a great day we both had a good time. We head back to the hotel and once we got back to our room we ordered dinner. She ask me if I want to know where we are going next I say fuck yeah I do. She tells me we are going to Ontario, Canada I'm fucking excited we both have wanted to go there since we were kids. I asked if we are going to see Niagara Falls and she says that we are.

~Skyler~ I love you my Star you are the best.

~Star~ I love you too.

Our food as finally arrived. We ate our food while we talked. I wonder what she all has planned for our trip to Canada. If she doesn't tell me how she feels soon then I'm going to tell her soon. This is killing me I know she has feelings for me I just can't figure out why she won't just tell me. After we were done eating we took a walk it's very beautiful here at night.

~Star~ It's really beautiful here at night.

~Skyler~ Yes it is. So do you miss home yet?

~Star~ Yes and no. I miss it cuz it's our home but no cuz it just makes me miss my parents even more then what I do now.

~Skyler~ I totally understand Star if it was my parents I would probably feel the same way. But just remember I'll always be here for you and I don't plan on leaving you.

~Star~ I know and thank you for always being by my side.

~Skyler~ You're welcome.

We head back to the hotel once we get back to our room we both took turns taking a shower. Star takes a shower first and when she is done I head into the bathroom and I undress and turn the water on. I get in the shower and I let the hot water run down on my body. After some time I wash my head and body then I get out. I dry off and I get into my boxers and sweat pants. I walk out of the bathroom and go to the bed Star is already laying down. I get into bed and I lay next to her I wrap my arm around her she cuddles into me and we both fall asleep. Our flight is at 6am so we need to get up really early.

~End of Skyler' POV~
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