Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 16~

~Skyler' POV~

I'm in a nice deep sleep and I'm having the most wonderful dream ever. I didn't even hear our alarm go off. I was woken by my beautiful Star.

~Star~ My Sky it's time to wake up.

~Skyler~ I'm up my Star I'm up.

~Star~ God why did this flight have to be so fucking early?

~Skyler~ I don't know beautiful your the one that booked this trip.

~Star~ I really did fuck myself didn't I?

~Skyler~ It's okay it was a really nice surprise.

~Star~ Haha. Okay well Instill think we should just lay here and go back to sleep haha.

~Skyler~ Oh no you don't. Get that fine ass up and get ready we have a flight to catch.

~Star~ Fine you win your lucky I love you otherwise I would have killed you by now.

~Skyler~ Haha I know you wouldn't and this is why cuz you would miss me way too much.

~Star~ Okay you're right I would miss you and that handsome face of yours.

~Skyler~ Now get up and get dressed.

We both get up and get dressed and we start to pack our suitcases once we were done we went to go check out. We walk down the street to this cafe and we walk in and we are looking at the menu.

~Star~ I know I don't drink coffee that much but I need a frappuccino.

~Skyler~ Damn you must be having a rough morning.

~Star~ You bet your ass I am.

~Skyler~ Well just think you will be able to sleep on the plane.

~Star~ Yeah I could.

After we placed our order we went to go sit down at a table. Once our order was called I went to grab it. We ate and talked while we enjoyed our food.

~Star~ I think someone has a crush on you Sky.

~Skyler~ Oh really and who would that be?

~Star~ The girl at the counter that took our order. She hasn't took her eyes off of you.

~Skyler~ Yeah well she can keep looking I'm not interested. Plus she is not my type.

~Star~ Oh so now you have a type?

~Skyler~ I always had a type.

~Star~ Oh really and what is your type?

~Skyler~ Smart, beautiful, sweet, loving, has beautiful long hair is about 5'7 and doesn't care what people think of her.

~Star~ So then you want someone that is a lot like me then.

~Skyler~ You could say that but there is only one of you.

~Star~ Aww you are the sweetest person I have ever met.

~Skyler~ Only for you.

We order an Uber to take us to the airport. We finished our breakfast and as soon as we did our Uber was already waiting for us outside the cafe. As we walked out I grabbed Star hand and held it. We got into the car and we were off to the airport. It didn't take long to get to the airport we checked in and we waited. Once our flight was called we board the plane and we find our seats and we get buckled up. After about 25 minutes we are finally up in the air. Star is normally trying to sleep but once she drank a coffee drink she is wide a wake. She really hates heights and she has watched the Final Destination movies way to much. I take her hand in mine and I hold it. She calms down once I have her hand in mine. After a long flight we finally land and we get off the plane. We grab our bags and we head out to grab a cab. We get into the cab and we head to the hotel which is a five-star hotel we check in and we go to our room. Once inside our room we unpacked and then we both took a shower and we get ready for the day.

~End of Skyler' POV~

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