Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 19~

~Star' POV~

After about 10 minutes of just standing here looking at the waterfall in silence. I feel Skyler move I look at him and he is just starring at me.

~Skyler~ Okay I'm ready now.

~Star~ Okay I'm listening.

~Skyler~ Okay well I've had a crush on you since we were younger. Then you lost your parents and you moved in with us and over the time that Crush turned into me falling madly in love with you. I hope you feel the same way but if not then I will totally understand.

~Star~ Sky I have been in love with you as well. I've had the biggest crush on you and when I lost my parents and moved in with you and your parents the crush got stronger. The moment I knew that I was in love with you was when I would wake up from a nightmare you would come into my room and hold me and you never left even after I fell back to sleep. I always hoped you felt the same way as I do but I always thought that I was never your type. I always thought that a fit sexy guy like you would never want a fluffy girl like me. But then I got some hope that you did feel the same way when you would flirt with me. Even when you would find any way to touch me these last couple of days. I was going to tell you all of this tomorrow when we were at the Falls but you beat me to it every time I told you that I loved you I really meant it.

~Skyler~ I still can't believe you feel the same way. This makes me so damn happy right now. I want to ask you something else.

~Star~ Okay.

~Skyler~ My beautiful Star would you please be my girlfriend?

~Star~ Yes my handsome Sky I'll be more then happy to be your girlfriend.

He pulls me close to him. He cups my cheek with his hand and then look straight into my eyes.

~Skyler~ Star can I kiss you?

~Star~ Yes you may Skyler.

He leans in and our lips crash into each other's. My tongue slides across his bottom lip he opens up and just enough for our tongues to start dominating each other. The kiss is passionate, rough and sweet all in one. I have been dreaming of this for a very long time. We both pull away once we both needed to come up for some air. That was amazing that was the best first kiss.

~Star~ That was the best first kiss.

~Skyler~ Mine too.

~Star~ Wait what?

~Skyler~ Yes that was also my first kiss.

~Star~ Wow I had no idea.

~Skyler~ I love you Star.

~Star~ I love you too.

~Skyler~ We should probably head back before it gets dark out. Plus I just want to get back to the hotel and relax with my sexy girlfriend.

~Star~ Does your girlfriend know that we share a room and we also share the bed?

~Skyler~ Yes she does and she is totally fine with it.

~Star- Well then you got yourself a really great woman then.

~Skyler~ That I do.

We laugh at how we can just joke around with each other. We are heading back to the parking lot we have ordered an Uber to pick us up. Once we get back to the parking lot we only wait a few minutes before the Uber shows up. We get in and tell the person the hotel name we are staying at then the person starts to drive. We get back to the hotel and we pick a movie to watch while we order and wait for room service. Our food arrives and we eat and finish our movie. After we eat we get ready for bed. We set the alarm and then we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

~End of Star' POV~

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