Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 21~

~Star' POV~

Our alarm goes off at 9 am. I roll over and turn it off after I turn it off I roll back over so now I'm looking at Skylar. He is still sleeping he looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I still can't believe we are finally boyfriend and girlfriend. I can't wait to see what the future brings us.

~Skyler~ Do you see something you like?

I scream when Skyler speaks. He still has his damn eyes closed.

~Star~ Holy fuck you scared the fuck out of me.

~Skyler~ Haha that's what you get for being a creep.

~Star~ Haha you asshole.

~Skyler~ So are you going to answer me?

~Star~ No I don't see anything I like. All I see is an asshole laying in bed.

~Skyler~ Haha well I'm your asshole. Now good morning my beautiful girlfriend.

~Star~ Yeah you are my asshole. Good morning to you as well my handsome boyfriend.

~Skyler~ Are you ready to go to the Falls today?

~Star~ Hell yeah I am.

Skyler leans over and gives me a passionate good morning kiss. I end up deepening the kiss I'm now straddling him while we make out. I can feel his hard cock press against my pussy. I let out a soft moan and I can feel that it made Skyler even harder. I can't wait to feel him inside of me for the first time. I still need to tell him that I'm still a virgin hopefully that doesn't scare him away. I break the kiss and I sit up and I look at him. Our eyes are locked onto each other. Okay here goes nothing it's time for me to tell him.

~Star~ Sky I need to tell you something before we go any further.

~Skyler~ Okay.

~Star~ I'm still a virgin I have saved myself for you. I have always wanted you to be my first at everything.

~Skyler~ Babe I'm also a virgin just like you I also saved myself for you. I also wanted you to be my first at everything. We don't have to rush we can take this as slow as you want.

~Star~ Babe I'm ready I want to feel you inside of me just go slow.

He kisses me again this time he deepens the kiss. He starts to undress me while I'm undressing him. Now we are both naked and he flips me over now I'm under him I can feel his cock at my entrance.

~Skyler~ Are you sure you are ready? Cuz we can wait.

~Star~ Yes babe I'm more than ready. I want all of you.

~Skyler~ Babe we have a problem.

~Star~ Babe we are both clean and I'm on the pill. So we don't need a condom unless you want to use one.

~Skyler~ No I'm okay I'm not using one I want to feel all of you.

~Star~ Okay just remember to go slow.

He slowly glides into me. He pushes in little by little and he waits for me to adjust to him. There is a little bit of pain but it turns into pleasure Skyler is now fully inside of me and he feels so good.

~Star~ Mmm babe you can start to move now.

~Skyler~ Fuck babe you feel so good wrapped around my dick.

His thrusts are slow and deep and it feels fucking good. He kisses my lips then moves to my neck he sucks on my neck and that turns me on even more I dig my nails into his back. This must turn him on even more cuz he starts to go faster and harder.

~Star~ Fuck babe that feels so good. Don't fucking stop.

~Skyler~ Mmm fuck babe.

He continues to thrust deep, fast and hard I can feel my orgasm building.

~Star~ Mmm babe I'm about to cum.

~Skyler~ I'm right there with you. Cum with me babe.

~Star~ Mmmm fuck Skyler. Fuck yes I'm cumming.

~Skyler~ Mmm fuck Star. I'm cumming too oh fuck.

We came together and it was amazing. We both came down from our highs and then Sky pulled out of me.

~Star~ That was amazing. I love you.

~Skyler~ That was amazing and I can't wait to do it again. I love you too.

We shower together and we ended up making love again in the shower. After our shower we head out to go to the falls.

~End of Star' POV~

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