Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 25~

~Star' POV~

We have been traveling for about four months now we have been to Yellowstone, New Zealand, Maldives, Bora Bora, Bali and right now we are in Sydney.

~Skyler~ Babe so I have a surprise for you when we head back to Ontario in a couple of days.

~Star~ Oh do you now.

~Skyler~ Yes I do.

~Star~ Well then I can't wait. So what are the plans after Ontario?

~Skyler~ Well I think we should head home for awhile. Plus with our birthdays coming up we should probably spend them at home with our family and friends.

~Star~ Okay oh and don't forget we need to visit my parents graves once their death anniversary is only a couple of days after our birthday.

~Skyler~ I know love I didn't forget and we will stop and get flowers before we go to their graves.

~Star~ Okay babe. I love you I wouldn't be be able to get through this if it wasn't for you.

~Skyler~ I love you too babe and I'll always be right here I don't plan on going anywhere or letting you go.

~Star~ I know babe.

In about a week and a half it's Skyler' and my birthday we share the same birthday he was born at 9:30 am. and I was born at 10 am. so he is only 30 minutes older than me. My parents death date is a couple days after our birthday. So that week is happy but also sad for me and it's hard sometimes. But Sky helps me get through it which means the world to me.

~Skyler~ So my love what do you want for your 22 birthday?

~Star~ I don't know love. I already have everything I have ever wanted.

~Skyler~ Okay fine I'll just get you something and surprise you.

~Star~ Okay sounds good and I'll do the same for you.

~Skyler~ Okay.

~Star~ Just promise me that we will be alone before our birthdays are over. Cuz if I know your parents they will be throwing us a birthday party.

~Skyler~ I promise we will get our alone time and yeah my parents are probably already planning our party. Maybe we shouldn't go home let's just stay in Canada when we get there.

~Star~ Haha I wish we could but you and I both know that your parents will probably kill us if we don't show up.

~Skyler~ Yeah you're probably right and we are too young to die.

~Star~ Haha.

We had a great time in Sydney we are now back in Ontario Canada. Tomorrow is our 5 month anniversary as it's been the best 5 months so far. I really hope to spend the rest of my life with Sky. I can see us getting married and starting our family.

~Skyler~ So babe tomorrow is when I'll give you your surprise. We are going back to the falls first okay.

~Star~ Okay babe I can't wait.

We head to bed once we got in really late. It's the next morning and we are getting ready to go to the falls. Once we get there we standing and we are looking at the beautiful waterfall. I turn around and OMG I see Skyler down on one knee holding out a beautiful engagement ring.

~Skyler~ My Star you are the love of my life and my best friend. I know we have not been dating that long but I can truly say I love you with everything that I am and I always will. We have known each other since we were babies we grew up together even though it took us both so long to admit our feelings for each other I don't plan on ever letting you go. So Star Knight will you make me the happiest man alive and become my wife. Will you marry me?

I wipe the tears from my eyes.

~Star~ Skyler Stone yes I'll marry you.

He gets up and slides the ring onto my left ring finger and then picks me up kisses me while he spins us around. We finally break the kiss and he puts me down.

~Skyler~ I love you my Star.

~Star~ I love you too my Sky.

We go back to the hotel. Once we get inside Skyler pins me up against the wall and kisses me our tongues fight against each other's. We start to rip each others clothes off once we both are naked he picks me up and pushes my back against the wall. Skyler slides his hard cock into my wet pussy.

~Star~ Mmm fuck babe you feel so good when you fill me up.

~Skyler~ Mmm and your pussy feels so good wrapped around my dick.

~Star~ Fuck babe go deeper babe please.

And that is what he does he goes nice and slow but deep.

~Star~ Mmm fuck babe just like that don't fucking stop.

~Skyler~ Mmm fuck babe I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

His thrusts get deeper and harder. I can feel my own orgasm starting to build inside.

~Star~ Babe I'm close.

~Skyler~ Me too babe cum with me.

He thrusts a few more times and we both cum together.

~Star~ Ohh fuck babe I'm cumming.

~Skyler~ Ohh fuck babe I'm cumming too.

He still has me against the wall and he's still inside me. After a while he pulls out and sets me down. He holds onto me once my legs feel like jello.

~Skyler~ You okay babe?

~Star~ Yes I'm fine I just need to get the feeling back into my legs.

~Skyler~ That sure was amazing.

~Star~ Yes it was amazing.

~Skyler~ We should probably eat and then get some sleep we have a flight to catch in the afternoon.

~Star~ Sounds perfect.

We head to bed we don't even bother to put any clothes on. We sleep naked most of the time anyways. We are cuddled up and we kiss each other goodnight then we fall asleep.

~End of Star' POV~
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