Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 29~

~5 years later~

Skylar and I are still very happy and in love. We found out a month after our honeymoon that I was a month pregnant. So that means I got pregnant right on our wedding night. We had a beautiful baby boy we named him Kyler. On our second year anniversary I got pregnant and this time we had a beautiful baby girl we named her Krystal. So Kyler is now 5 and Krystal is 3 and I'm currently pregnant again with twins a boy and a girl. Their names will be Sebastian and Scarlett. We are one big happy family we did have to sell the house that mom and dad got us once it was getting too small for us. We now live right down the road from mom and dad.

~Skyler~ Love the kids are ready to go.

~Star~ Okay love I'm coming.

~Skyler~ I have already called mom and dad to let them know that we will be right over.

~Star~ Okay we are walking right?

~Skyler~ Yes that's if you still want to.

~Star~ Yes I want to and I need to it will help for when I go into labor.

~Skyler~ Speaking of Labor it's almost time for us to meet our beautiful twins.

~Star~ Yes it is. I'm due in 2 weeks but they could come at anytime now. I'm surprised that I haven't went into labor yet. With twins most of the time people end up having them way before their due date.

~Skyler~ Well I guess our children just want to come on time then. Just like their big brother and sister.

~Star~ Yeah probably. Which is okay with me.

~Skyler~ I love you so much.

~Star~ I love you too.

We walk to our parents house with the kids. Kyler and Krystal love spending time with their grandma and grandpa. Once we get there the kids run right to them and hug them. Then they hug Skyler and I. We talked for awhile out back while the kids are playing. Mom and I start dinner after it's all done we set the table and then we tell everyone to go wash up for dinner. We have a nice family dinner and then after we eat I helped clean up then we head back home.

~2 weeks later~

It's been two weeks since our family dinner and it's my due date. Which of course my water breaks while we were at the store thank god mom and dad were watching Kyler and Krystal for us. We did call them as soon as we got to the hospital to let them know that I was in labor. I was in labor for only 6 hours then we welcomed our two newest members to our family.

~Skyler~ I can't believe they are here babe they are just so damn cute.

~Star~ I know they are. We do make some beautiful children.

~Skyler~ That we do. Mom and dad are on their way with the kids. I guess they are super excited to meet their baby brother and sister.

~Star~ I can't wait for them to meet them as well. They are going to be the best big brother and sister ever.

Mom, dad and the kids show up and Kyler and Krystal are super excited. We help them hold their baby brother and sister. After a few hours mom and dad take the kids home. A couple days later we are finally at home.

~Star~ It's good to be home.

~Skyler~ I bet it does here I'll watch the kids while you go take a nice hot shower.

~Star~ Thanks love I could really use a nice hot shower right now.

~Skyler~ You're welcome love. I love you.

~Star~ I love you too.

I go up and take my shower. I still can't believe that five years ago I married my best friend. Our love is stronger than ever we finally got our happy ending. When you find both love and friendship in one person, that is an amazing gift. Keep them.

~ The End~

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