Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 5~

~Star' POV~

We wake up and we get ready for the day. We are just going to do some sightseeing today and then tomorrow we will be doing our safari ride. Then our last night here we plan to just relax. Skyler just got out of the shower and is now getting dressed.

~Star~ Sky hurry up.

~Skyler~ Well I would but you wanted to be a little shit and only leave me with very little hot water. So now as payback I'm taking my sweet time.

~Star~ Well then maybe next time you should just shower with me and save time and water.

~Skyler~ Maybe I will.

Okay Star don't get ahead of yourself here he was only joking cuz he thinks you are joking. Right there is no way in hell he is into me.

~Star~ Please come on and hurry up. I really didn't mean to use all the hot water on you.

~Skyler~ Okay fine I believe you but I don't plan on having that happen again.

We head out and we go sightseeing it's beautiful here as well.

~Star~ So where do we plan to go next?

~Skyler~ I say we should go to the Grand Canyon.

~Star~ Okay that sounds good to me.

We find this trail and we walk down it and we come to a beautiful waterfall.

~Star~ Wow this is so beautiful. I'm happy that you are with me traveling the world.

~Skyler~ Yes it's very beautiful and I'm happy that I'm here with you. I wouldn't want in any other way.

~Star~ Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You have truly been my best friend even if there was times I was a pain in your ass.

~Skyler~ Star you never have to thank me. I have told you every since we have been kids that I would do anything for you. You are my best friend as well and I'm happy that I have you in my life.

~Star~ I love you sky.

~Skyler~ I love you too my Star.

I love it when he calls me his Star. I really want to just come out and tell him how I feel about him. I'm just too damn scared too cuz he most likely doesn't feel the same way. Plus I don't want to chance on destroying our friendship. Maybe one day soon I'll tell him how I truly feel.

~Star~ Should we head back and get some lunch?

~Skyler~ Yeah let's go.

We walked back into town and we stopped at a small place to get some lunch before we head back to the hotel. We ordered our food and we eat and talk we are having the time of our life. After we are finished eating we head back to the hotel and we just relax until we plan to go find a place to eat dinner. Once we are in our room we sit on the couch and watch some tv we must have lost track of time cuz it's now 5:30 pm. We head out to find a place to eat for dinner. When we do find a place we head inside and order our drinks and food. When our food arrives we eat and after we are finished Sky pays the bill and we head back to the hotel. When we get back we watch some more tv then we get ready for bed.

~End of Star' POV~

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