Love and Friendship

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~Chapter 6~

~Skyler' POV~

I just got out of the shower and I was drying off and getting dressed. I hear Star yell at me to hurry up. I yelled back to her telling her I would but she wanted to be a little shit and use all the hot water so this was payback.

~Star~ Well then maybe next time you should just shower with me to save time and water.

~Skyler~ Maybe I will.

I can see that she is over thinking what I just said. But it was true maybe I will shower with her next time. I wish I would just get the courage up and tell her that I'm in love with her. She tells me to hurry up again and that she didn't mean to use all the hot water. I tell her that I believe her and that I don't plan on having that happen again. We are now heading out go sightseeing. This place is also beautiful.

~Star~ So where do we plan on going next?

~Skyler~ I say we should go to the Grand Canyon.

~Star~ Okay that sounds good to me.

We find this trail and we start to walk down it we come across a beautiful waterfall. Star tells me this is so beautiful and that she is happy that I'm with her traveling the world with her. I tell her it's beautiful and that I'm happy to be with her and I wouldn't want it any other way. She thanks me for everything I have done for her and that truly her best friend and that I was always there for her even when she is a pain in the ass. I let her know that she never has to thank me I have told her every since we were kids that I would do anything for her. That she is my best friend as well and that I'm happy that I have her in my life.

~Star~ I love you Sky.

~Skyler~ I love you too my Star.

I know she loves it when I call her my Star. She is my Star and I'm her Sky. I wish we could just finally tell each other how we feel. I know she is in love with me just like I'm in love with her. But she doesn't know that I'm in love with her she probably thinks I would never be in love with her cuz of how she looks. That's the one thing I love about her is that she is thick and not skin and bones. Yes I have dated some skinny girls but they were never as good as my Star. Star is the only one I want and need.

~Star~ Should we head back and get some lunch?

~Skyler~ Yeah let's go.

We walk back into town. We stop at this cute little place to eat before we head back to the hotel. We place our order and when it comes we continue to talk. We are having the time of our life. After we finished eating I go and pay the bill then we head back to the hotel. Once we get back we just sit on the couch and relax and watch some tv. It's 5:30pm and now we head out to find a place to have dinner.

~Skyler~ What about this place it looks like they would have some good food.

~Star~ Okay let's go inside.

We walk in and we are seated we at the menu and we both find something we like. We placed our order and we talked while we wait for our food.

~Skyler~ So are you excited about the safari ride tomorrow?

~Star~ Yes I am. I can't wait we are going to have so much fun.

Our food finally arrived so we eat and we are still talking about tomorrow. After we are finished I go and pay the bill then we head back to the hotel. Once we get there we watch some more tv then we get ready for bed.

~Skyler~ Good night my Star.

~Star~ Good night my Sky.

We both drift off to sleep.

~End of Skyler' POV~
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