Rose Petal Tears (NOT FINISHED)

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Chapter One: Alone Again

Hi. My name is Kazumi. Yeah, I know its a weird name but its just what I got at birth, not my choice right. I’m always in trouble or bullied for my looks, the way I act and it was much better last year when I ... I had friends. I’ve always loved roses and my family always says my whitish-pink eyes look like cherry blossom roses and my hear is a dark pink-red. I’m not sure what they see in me but I know I’m not beautiful or perfect. Last year I had many friends Yua, she has crystal blue eyes and dark violet hair and she’s usually trying to hook me up with people ha as if that will ever happen for a while I’m thinking I should just stick to my studies and. She went overseas so I lost contact. Then there is Danuja the frenemy I won’t go into detail. She went to a new location so again I lost contact. Also, there is my best friend Katana and she is a brilliant person who always had my back and yes again I lost contact. Another one is brilliant and annoying at times but a semi-good person and her name is Kayda. She goes to the same school as me but we have no classes together and hardly see each other anymore. And of course, lastly, there is the most popular friend of all Takeshi. He used to help with my studies and a lot more even though he never knew the purpose of me not hanging out with all of them all the time and studying instead. Even though they all had their flaws I loved every one of them for their time and patience and all I have left from them are pictures, my memories, and a small rose bush charm which I put on a golden chain for a necklace. So now here I am at Kanji High the most strange high school that I’ve ever seen. There isn’t anything normal about this place people that I once knew around me are complete and udder jerks, they kick you and break you down. I’m not entirely sure how school is going to go for the next few years but I do know it’s not going to fun and games and I know I’m going to be lonely but not forever I may find some friends. It’ll be a journey worth the trip I hope since I want to fulfill my dreams of becoming a Forensic Scientist.

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