Love of the mafia king

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Chapter 1- The Unknown

FYI- Belle is first known as Aria Walker

Aria’s POV-

‘Another day at hell’ I thought to myself as I groaned and put off my f*cking alarm to get ready for high school.

“Hi!!” I squealed after looking at my bestie Hannah.

All the boys were staring at us but I guess mostly ‘her’. I still couldn’t believe I had this perfect girl as my best friend.

Hannah had hazel brown hair that reached her waist and these perfect heart-shaped lips which boys would stare at. She had the perfect figure I would die for but maybe that could only be a thought for a 176-pound girl.

That was it. I am Aria Walker the lone girl with probably 1 or 2 friends and no looks. Some say that I have a great face and would die for that face, but I know what they mean that it doesn’t fit with my body.

I shrugged as I heard Hannah “Hey I’m gonna go now to class. I’ll see you at the break.” She hugged me tightly while saying “Love you girl.” and I saw her blurring out of my sight. I entered the class and started to remove my books until Fred came and flipped my books. “How were your vacations fatso?“. Yeah, he is the popular guy. I don’t even know why everyone worshiped him.“Piss off Freddy” I said smirking. He hated it when I called him that.

And so the teacher walked in like usual and the classes continued.........

*A year after her boards*

So this is when I walked in on my first day in junior year. All the eyes were on me which made me nervous. I made my way through to Hannah.

“Hey!” I exclaimed and she turned around. I saw her jaw hitting the floor. Then she looked behind me anxiously. Then, at last, she spoke “Oh my god girl!! What have you done yo my bestie?!” as she hugged me. Then she whispered “turn behind” in my ear and when I did I was shocked and taken aback.

“Whoa!!” as I stepped back to see Fred behind me. He was moving his eyes up and down when I noticed he was checking me out!!. “Got an interest in me, Freddy?” I asked him smirking and saw him showing me a shocked look. “Wait you are fatso?” he asked in disbelief. ” Yeah” I stated while walking away.

Throughout my way to class, every boy eyed me and every girl glared at me. It wasn’t as if I was gonna steal their boys, would I? Then that was the time when I bumped into someone. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t watching- “. “Oh no. I’m sorry. I was in a hurry.” he said as he cut me off. I looked up to see a pair of greenish-grey gorgeous eyes. “Oh no, it’s alright. Let me help you with your books.” I said while picking up his books.

“It’s ok-” “There’s no need b*tch.“. I looked up to find a girl slightly similar to the guy, who I guess was her sister, glaring at me. “Hey, I was just trying to help him” I protested. “Oh I have seen thousands like you b*tch” she spoke. “Alright, that’s enough never ever call me a b*tch get that?” I said trying to walk away when someone grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me into the audiovisual room.

“I am so sorry. I am just new here and everyone tries to take advantage of my handsome brother ‘Alex’ here because of my dad’s money.” she spoke. “Oh you don’t know us do you, Hi I am Emily and this is Alex.” she spoke too fast. “Who are you?” she asked. “I’m Aria”. “That’s a pretty cool name. ” he said. “And right now if we don’t step into class Mrs.Wilson will kick our ass*s ” I said speeding my way to class. “By the way me and Alex are step-siblings and yeah one thing never ask him about how we are of the same age. Our dad cheated on his mom with my mom. She couldn’t take it and started to leave for the airport when she had an accident and she died. I am sharing this with you only cuz I have to feel we are going to be great friends.” Emily flashed a bright smile to me.

Just before entering class an unfamiliar guy grabbed my hand and took me to a quiet place where there was no one."What do you want-" I started before he cut me off "Hey Aria I need you to go with me to a hospital after school I'm Ashton but you can call me Ash. This is gonna be weird for you but you might get to know a lot about yourself and all the truth." He finished as he walked away hearing me saying okay. All of a sudden thoughts were flooding my mind. Who was he? What did he want? Did he want to kill me? How did he know my name? " Earth to Aria" Em said while taking me to class asking "Who was that guy?". "I don't know" I stated.

Then we entered the class and all the sudden noise went down to zero and I could feel all the eyes on me. Then it was Emily who saved me by breaking the silence saying “Hey guys I am the new girl Emily and you all can call me Em.” Then they started greeting her as I sat on my seat and noticed a familiar figure adjusting beside me. “Hey, can I sit here Aria.” And when I was going to answer then Em answered “No Allie I am gonna sit beside my bestie.” as she laughed and I joined her. Then Ms.Wilson entered the class making everyone go silent as we heard footsteps behind her.

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