Love of the mafia king

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Chapter 2- The DNA Test

*Sorry for not mentioning earlier but-

1) Flashbacks will be bold

2) The things that the character dreams will be in italics.

Aria’s POV-

As the sounds of footsteps got closer I opened my flask to gulp water. It’s a misdemeanor of mine whenever I get nervous. As I was still gobbling on the water there stood a friendly physique and I almost rasped out all the water I had as soon I heard the name, his name!!

“Are you alright la mia Piccola Volpe?” as I fumed at that nickname of his for me which meant ‘My little vixen’. “I’m fine why do you care?!” I snapped back at him. “What’s with the attitude Ms.Walker?” it sounded more like a statement before she continued “I hope you apologize to Mr.Valdez and all the girls stop salivating for your new classmate” to all the swine of girls in my class.“It’s alright ma’am I don’t need Aria’s apology. She’s always been that.” he spoke in his flawless Italian timbre. “Oh, It’s me who ’s always bumping into that irritating ass of yours, right?“.

“Ms.Walker I need you to go to the headmistresses office for this offending behavior of yours right now!” she screamed as her voice echoed multiple times in class when I saw Ash entering class giving me a faint smile which I returned.

“So this is the last time I’m gonna ask you to tell me your parent’s number instead of clenching your fists every time I ask you a question Aria,” said Mrs.Wardwell. But how could I hear a word after what happened yesterday?

“Hey, it’s gonna be alright Aria,” said Ash as he placed his palm on mine which was as sweaty as mine was. “Thanks” came out as a whisper from my mouth. He was trying to soothe me but was as nervous himself. “What for?” he asked as he tried to form a smile when I noticed his thin lips which resembled mine. “Cause you are trying to soothe me even though you are anxious.”

Mrs.Wardwell was screaming and I got up “Why are you fucking shouting? I can hear you b*tch.” I snapped back at her while taking the chair and flipping it over smashing it into the floor.

I came back from my thoughts by her screaming and calmly spoke as my voice started to break “Ma’am you may be disappointed by hearing the fact I am not a walker. I am the daughter of Daniel Montgomery.”

The next reaction was the laughter of the headmistress and the nauseating class teacher that surrounded the room. I clenched my fists and was about to reply when Ash rushed in. I still couldn’t believe I was Ashton Montgomery’s twin. Yeah, we were twins!! “Ms.Wilson and Mrs.Wardwell I hope you stop laughing at my sister or else you know our dad won’t like it.” He took my hand and took me out the door when I saw the look of dread in their eyes at hearing the name of ‘our’ dad. The word ‘our’ bought yesterday’s memories back.

“Aria it’s gonna be alright. ” Ash said by keeping his hand on my arm when I winced at the pain in my arm because of yesterday’s bruise which my supposed mom gave me. Yeah, she hated me and blamed me for whatever happened in our family. ” What’s this?” Ash had a shocked look on his face. I looked down just to see he pulled the sleeve of my shirt which exposed my wound. “Oh, it’s just a bruise when I hit the wall by my hand ” I lied.

" She hit you again didn’t she, your mom? ” which sounded more like an answer to me. ” Oh no ” I still lied confused. “Don’t lie to me sis. I am an expert in that field and also I know what has been going on in your life for the past few months and wished to storm in and kill your abusive mom ” he spoke enraged.

Apart from being bullied by many, this was another problem in my life. My mom hated me and my dad too. I was too scared to speak up before but now I try to stand up whenever I could, but indeed I was beaten to hell. Each month I had different bandages and plasters on my hand. I used full sleeves shirts or jackets to hide them. I always ended up crying in the washroom. Imagine a 12-year-old depressed girl always watching at the knife whenever she entered the kitchen placing the knife on her wrist but weak to pull it. Rather she would cut her fingers. She had no one to talk to even though 3 of her close friends knew. She didn’t want to burden them. Yep, that’s me.

“I will be okay in no time and don’t talk about killing. I hate violence as much as the next guy does Ashton. ” I mentioned. ” Oh shit! I forgot to tell you that. There might be many bodyguards and weapons I’ll explain it to you later. I need to warn you though our family has been expecting to meet you for months so just smile and understand.” He declared “Oh and one thing Aria just call me Ash. You are the only second woman getting the right to call me Ash.” he said with a smirk.

" Ash.” I pronounced his name and he looked at me “Oh my god! my cute little sis is calling my name” he said with fake tears. I couldn’t help but laugh at him which resulted in him joining me. We laughed until suddenly the car stopped and a pang of nervousness hit me again.

I looked out the window to see an immense mansion in front of me and as we proceeded I looked to my right just to meet with different types of cars; Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Chiron and so many more but my eyes were definitely on one Hennessey Venom F5 Vader black.

“Oh you’re looking at the Vader aren’t you, I know that’s one hot baby and it’s......” he stopped. “Oh come on tell me, Ash,” I said sounding impatient. He laughed at my reaction. I hit his arm playfully. “It’s for someone special in my dad’s heart. I asked for 1 drive and he said ‘No that’s for my princess.’ and when he said that everyone laughed at him.” he blurted.

“You mean that’s for.... me?” he nodded to answer my question, as I squealed with happiness. “Now let’s go in. Shall we?” he questioned and I nodded. He held out his hand which I gladly took. As we entered I looked at the guard who quite intimidating. And as we entered Ash told them they’ll know who I am in some time. As we entered I was awestruck by the view in front of me. It was magical, mesmerizing, and anything but a waste of money. There was a thin yet eyecatching chandelier at the top of the room. The sweet aroma of chocolates hanging in the air with a small hint of a perfume very familiar.

“Earth to Aria,” Ash announced which brought me back from my thoughts. “The house was designed by our mom so I know if you want to stay here but let’s meet our parents and siblings.” and as he dragged me in the house deeper.

‘Here goes nothing’ I thought to myself as we entered inside.

Hey, guys sorry for the late update I hadn’t been feeling well. Another thing soon I am starting with another book called ‘My First Everything’. It’s not what it seems like but much more interesting hope you like it. Please vote, comment, review, and share.


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