Love of the mafia king

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Chapter 3- Sorrow and Forgiveness


“Earth to Aria,” Ash announced, which brought me back from my thoughts. “Our mom designed the house so I know if you want to stay here, but let’s meet our parents and siblings.” and as he dragged me in the house deeper.

‘Here goes nothing’ I thought to myself as we entered inside.



As soon as I entered the immense hall which these people call a living room had me hooked. I admired the cream color of the magnificent walls in view. It was nothing lavish, but more royal and simple. It had a huge 75- inch tv in the front with a frame surrounding it. There were majestic windows by left side,on right were glass doors leading to kitchen and one of the guest bedrooms. Then looking up, I remembered the spiral glass staircase that lead to the bedrooms and many other doors. But what intrigued me the most was the staircase was leading a passage downstairs too.

“Let’s go in, shall we, my lady?” Ash asked, bowing and asking for my hand.

“Ok Asht- I meant Ash.” I replied. Putting my hand in his, he leads me through one of the glass doors to the garden. There appeared 5 figures from a distance, and it felt that I did not belong here. They seemed to laugh over something and I was wondering what when Ash spoke something in my ear but I did not hear but then he stopped me so I asked: “What did u say Ash I missed it?”

“I did not tell them yet I have found out their princess because I wanted to surprise them so first let’s have a joke with them. Got it.” he smirked. “And they made my lil sis suffer for so many years they deserve it.” I saw his jaw clenching.

“Relax Ash, you are angrier than me.” I tried to joke. Note TRIED.

“I am angry don’t you think you should be angry that they kept you from them from your twin or is it you not caring a bit about anything except me. Which one is it, huh?” I didn’t think it would anger him more, which caused him to hold my arms and made me flinch. But he released me as soon as he saw my reaction.

“Oh no, I’m sorry I scared you too. I’m crazy. Fuck, I’m an asshole.” He cursed himself while holding his head in his hands. I tried to make him look at me and man, he was very strong and did I mention towering. I was not too short, but I was 5′8 and he was about 6′2.

“Hey, it’s alright Ash please don’t say this. I know as hard for you so I understand.” I tried to put on a smile, but it came out weakly.

“Now let’s go if you are ready to meet them.” he said as he again took my hand and gave it a little squeeze.

I followed a little behind him as I was nervous and it seemed like I was in a dream but I always hoped for a twin and this may make you think what kind of sick person I am but trust me I also hoped that my parents weren’t my parents but I did not think it would come true and that too my parents being billionaires. Maybe I had the black tongue that my mom said I have. Wait, is she my mom anymore?...... Stop Aria, you need to calm down. But saying that had me thinking of the Taylor Swift song You Need To Calm Down. Yeah, I had a soft spot for music. I always will cause it brings me out of my sorrow.

Now you are wondering how funny I am relating a song to a sad moment, but I was always the one to change my mood swiftly. But that is my weak spot. I forgive people way too easily and even though I realize it; I want to make the same mistake repeatedly.

As we were approaching them, ”Play along with me. Hmm?“, Ash whispered into my ear.

I answered him by nodding my head, wondering what he going to do. As we were approaching them, they had a worried look on their faces.

“Who is this pretty lady here Ash?” asked the man with a little gray hair showing.

“Oh hey, Dad, this is Aria, my girlfriend.” Ash said to which I gasped but then regained my posture. “Hello, Mr. Montgomery” I pushed the words out. It felt like someone had put an enormous stone in my throat.

“Oh hello, my dear, I’m Daniel Montgomery. Ash’s father.” He spoke as he put forward his hand to greet me with a genuine smile. I tried to return that smile but failed miserably as what I got out was a weak smile.

“Hello, Aria nice to meet you I am Elaine his mother.” and when I thought she was going to shake my hand too, she unexpectedly pulled me into a hug but touching my arm when I winced at the pain and she let me go. “What’s wrong did I hurt you dear?” she asked politely.

“No, ma’am I’m fine.” I answered.

“Don’t call me ma’am child, call me Elaine or aunty or Mom, all is fine.”

“Anyway ma I am hungry can you please make me a sandwich please, I’m starving!” Ash said, pulling me by his side and making me sit. I noticed the gaze of 6 pairs of eyes on me. I turned to look at 2 twins and an elder boy sitting across me and Ash. I also was taking in the surroundings as I heard Mom and Ash laughing.

“Hello, little guys I’m Aria. What’s your name?”

“Hi, I am Luciano and this is Damien, my little Twin brother.” Answered one twin with straight hair. The other one had curly hair, not too much curly, just curls at the ends.

Then they both started whispering in each other’s ears as they laughed. I didn’t realize the smile forming on my face until mom said, “You really love kids, don’t you Aria.” I nodded.

“Me and my husband too, but we just miss our daughter too much. She is our only daughter.” Her eyes became teary as she continued. “Even if I get to have just a moment with her before I die, it will satisfy me.” I looked at Dad to see him with tears and also the man who I did not talk with yet since I came.

“Oh, my god! Dad, Mom and you Ethan stop crying in front of my lil sis look at her even as she’s crying.” I touched my cheek just to realize I was crying.

“Wait. WHAT! What do you mean by lil sis, isn’t she your girlfriend Ash?“. I looked at mom and dad who were staring at me with eyes and mouth wide open.

“No Ethan, I was just kidding with you guys. Let me introduce you guys correctly this is Aria Walker...... Oh no, shouldn’t it be Aria Montgomery? Hmm. Anyway, this is Aria, my little twin sister.”

And as he said the words, Mom sobbed uncontrollably with her hand on her mouth. “Oh, my girl, you have grown to be such a beautiful girl. I’m so sorry that we had to leave with that cruel woman for all of your life until now.”

“Wait ma, you really believe that she is your daughter the second I say it. No suspicions or anything?!” Ash asked mom and dad.

Then the man called Ethan stepped in the conversation as he came closer to me and said, “I know telling anyone that Aria is my sister because she has just the silver eyes like ma. And it’s very rare cause only I and she have inherited them from ma. But even mine seem grey while hers are the same as ma and also did you notice her dark brown hair like dad. So Ash, if you even try to make this joke ever again or trust me, a handsome piece of that face won’t be in place.” Ethan said seriously. “Hello Aria, I’m Ethan, the eldest of them all welcome to the family.”

“Why then did you leave me with her if you guys loved me so much.” I started as tears were forming and threatened to spill. That was all I could get out as all of them hugged me including Ethan and the twins. Then they pulled away after a few moments.

“Oh, Principessa you will know this reason soon. Just forgive us, please. Okay?” I nodded and hugged her again.

“So let’s have a celebration, should we. For the return of my little angel again into our lives.” Dad spoke. “Let’s go to Valentino’s restaurant and meet them. It’s been a while.” Mom agreed with him and said we’ll go there at 7 in the evening. I smiled like we were behaving like a normal family instantly.

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