How May I Serve You: Angel Rose Academy

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In a blink of an eye Erin lost everything that was dear to her, but gain everything she has ever wanted or could ask for... The price was high, though she finds out all that she's ever known was a lie, Her life has turned from simple to complex in one breath, With the help of new allies Erin is on the path to find out the truth of her family's past, who she is, and who is trying to kill her.

Romance / Humor
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That night before my life changed forever, I had a dream that I was sitting in a room filled with everything I have ever wanted in my life. From the little pink doll house I wanted when I was five, to the new car I want now. All of it was in the room sitting there, but I couldn’t touch it. I could only look at it in longing, but every time I moved to touch something it would disappear.

Then my parents appeared smiling at me in the threshold of this gigantic room. I got up and ran to them. They hugged me tight, then they let me go.

My dad reached out towards the table and picked up a beautiful sterling silver locket with carvings on it. He grabbed my hand and put the locket in it. It didn’t disappear, so I reached out and touched the doll house. It also didn’t disappear. I could touch everything in the room.

I ran back over to my parents and tried to hug them but I couldn’t, I went right through them. They looked sad, and my mother started crying, then they disappeared.

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