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One-shots to quench thirst for happy endings. These are stories of women who ended up with broken hearts at a resort for relaxation. They had a topic to talk about and eventually decided to make friends and open a bakery together. This helped the assemble their thoughts and energies. This book includes the stories in postscriptum. Otherwise these are conversations of couples clearing misunderstandings and getting back together. The stories are cheesy and vanilla. No mature content including. Please feel free to let your thoughts wonder about the future and past of the characters. P.S. I wrote this because I couldn't find happy couple stories. This is only for fun. Please share any juicy stuff that you come up with while reading the story. Some stories might be completely cliche. Excuse my lack of creativity. Love Love :3

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Cupcake and Monster are BFFs and more

Well, here goes nothing. I’m sitting in front of my ex-husband, celebrating his sister, Sara’s wedding. Is it too late to say no now? He keeps looking at me with a hurt look. Okay, that is weird. Once the dinner is over, I head to the dance floor and congratulate the couple. On my way to the exit, I’m greeted by everyone. Most people here know me because they attended my wedding too. Some people give me pitiful looks. Seriously!? Then to my horror my ex-husband pops up and calls out to me. Nope. Pretend you didn't listen and walk away. From the corner of my eye, I notice Uncle Jared stopping him. I take my chance and speed up to the exit. I rush to the parking lot hoping to leave the city tomorrow morning without encountering more trouble. Right before I enter the car, somebody grabs my elbow.

D: Please don’t run away Blair.

B: Oh. How are you David?

D: You look beautiful, cupcake.

B: Thanks David.

D: Can we talk?

B: No, I’m in a bit of a hurry. Maybe some other time.

D: Please?

B: David….

D: Please cupcake?

B: Fine. Get in the car.

D: How have you been?

B: Fine. What about you?

D: I have been missing my childhood best friend for one. Nobody calls me clock monster anymore either.


D: So, how is your bakery chain going? I knew you were a great baker. You did study from the best patisserie. But now you are the best. You looked really cool in the magazine cover.

B: Now I know where you got the contact details from. That’s totally your style.

D: You just disappeared cupcake. I couldn’t find you anywhere. You didn’t even bother to tell me that you were going to another country for god sake!

B: Don’t be angry. I’m fine. So, how is your life going clock monster?

D: Why should I not be angry? Please don’t change the topic. Why did you leave without a word? I had the right to know your whereabouts. You left just after the divorce. I asked you to wait outside the civil affairs bureau but you left. I was so worried until Sara called me to say that you are safe and gone for work. I kept looking for two years until you popped on the magazine.

B: David, I had to go for a fresh start.

D: Bull crap!

B: Excuse me?

D: You just didn’t want to face me. I know you have loved me since a long time ago. Sara told me everything.

B: It’s the past David.

D: Oh shut up!

B: Excuse m?

D: You still love me as much as you loved back then.

Car on halt~

B: I don’t David.

D: Look at me.

B: Please.

D: You love me Blair and I love you.


~Wait what!? I look up at him in the eyes. His eyes were so clear. Had I not known better, I would have taken his word to be the truth. ~

B: Where should I drop you David.

D: Our house Blair.

B: Please don’t complicate things. I know you don’t feel that way for me. Jenny told me that you confessed to her. I know you had a crush on her in school.

D: What are you saying? When did I ever confess to Jenny. When did she tell you that!?

B: Two days before the divorce when I was going to confess my feelings to you.

D: She lied to you. She came to me at the night of the divorce and was sent away. She kept pestering so I reported her to the police and I haven’t seen her since then.

D: I have loved you for so long but I never realized it because I thought that you are mine. But before I could help it, we ended our marriage because of the contract. Our parents were right, we were just made for each other. Dad’s condition to have me inherit the company was only to make me realize that I have loved you for my whole life.

B: Dave….

D: Cupcake please be mine again. Marry me?


D: Will you?

David pulls out the wedding ring. The contract wedding ring.

D: Please say something before I die of anxiety.

B: Yes!

D: Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Blair. I’ll cherish you forever. We were made for each other. You’re my soulmate. I love you Blair.

B: I love you too. I love you forever.

P.S. The parents of Blair and David were best friends since college times. At the birth of Blair and David, their parents decided to bring them together and eventually marry them off to each other. Noticing that David was not realizing his love for his best friend of 25 years, his father put forward an inheritance clause. David and Blair decided to go for a contract marriage but with time realized their love for each other.

They were completely opposite. While David did all things on time, Blair was not so punctual. David liked gray black and white but Blair liked bright colours. David knew how to cook and Blair knew how to bake. David was designed to think tactfully while Blair thought with emotion. They were both opposites but made a great well coordinated team with all things in perfect amounts. At the end of two years as the contract’s deadline appeared, they tried to confess their feelings but Jenny always had a way to create misunderstandings. This ultimately led to a divorce.

On the day of the divorce, Blair had decided to take a break and went on a vacation to a holiday resort. She told Sara everything because she didn’t have the courage to face David. Once in the resort she met other lovelorn women and they hit it off. Deciding that there was nothing to return back to, Blair agreed to opening a partnership firm (a bakery) with her new lovelorn friends.

Unable to find any solace, both Blair and David engrossed themselves in their work but at the end fate pulled the soulmate together. They never tried dating anyone else because they knew that no one could understand them better than the other half. When he saw Blair’s photo in an entrepreneur magazine, David was all set to take his cupcake back. Had she not agreed to attend Sara’s wedding, David would have gone abroad to get his other half back.. To his pleasure Blair showed up and his world brightened as soon as he laid eyes on his sweetness. Blair had come to the wedding seeking some sort of closure but ended up chickening out when she saw her very handsome clock monster. In the end they met and completed each other.

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