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Blue Delish is a young girl with problems, she rather face on her own than ask for help. ............ Connor Delta is a guy with no problems in life. Getting girls into his bed is pretty easy for him until he meets Blue. ............... All that changes at a bistro when he is asked to bed the new girl. Will he be able to or will his feelings get in the way?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


It has been some time since I last saw them, my parents, I mean. They sent me away rather, I chose to leave.... if i knew that something or rather someone would sweep me off my feet, I would never have left.


It's like the same old thing. I'm getting bored, nothing new is coming my way, yet I await it. I'm aware of the way, I can get girls into my bed, and that all changes when SHE enters my life or rather I enter hers.




I don't feel like going out today...leave me alone, Sin. "It's been so long since you have gone on a date..ughhh I'm getting worried for you," said Sin. Sin was right, I hadn't gone on a date for some time, and that wasn't going to change anytime sooner.

"Baby, if you don't get your lazy ass out of bed, I'm going to drag you," said Sin. NOO, im so tired tho. "Alright, I warned you," said Sin as she dragged me by my legs out of bed. I hit the floor with a THUD. Ouch that hurt Sin, I said while getting up and rubbing my butt with my hand. "I warned you, it's not my fault you decided to take the other option," said Sin. Alright now, get out, I want to change, I said while taking a blue dress that ended right above my knees.

"Jeez sis, what's the matter? It's not like I haven't seen your goddess body before," said Sin looking at me as though she wanted to dress me up. Oh no, oh no, oh no, I know that look, get out now sis!! I said while I pointed at the door of my room. Sin just shrugged her shoulders and gracefully left.

After a shower of 10 mins, and brushing my teeth, I look at me through the mirror and decide whether to go running after this or just stay at home and binge Netflix. Ughhh, I feel like I'm in hell already. I can't believe that Sin got me to get out of bed. The thought of that, makes me giggle. Nevermind that cause she is my long lost sister from another mother.

After changing, I apply little makeup and get ready to go out. Sin,You there? I ask. "Out here Blue," said Sin. Oh, I thought you left, I said to Sin. "I would never do that to you, now leggo," said Sin. We got in the car, a camo jeep with black tinted windows. Am I ever gonna drive this? "Nope honey, except you can get them from me when you go out tonight," said Sin while she smirked at me when I looked at her with my eyebrows raised. Nu uh uh, imma stay home and binge Netflix. "What are you watching nowadays?"asked Sin while she drove the jeep down the familiar road that I had gotten so used to. Well I'm still watching Jane the Virgin. I think I can relate with her. She is so cute and just like me, I said, while thinking about Rafael and her.

"You know, you're wrong, right?"said Sin. You are not a virgin and you're single as ever, unlike Jane. Well I hope you realize that sooner. I guess you're right Sin. I'm not like Jane, I said while looking out the window.

I got lost in my thoughts as I looked out the window. Sin was right. I was not like Jane. I was Blue Delish, 19 years old, with dark blue eyes and Auburn hair with ivory highlights at the tips. And in had my own adventure to look out for.

Author's note: I hope you liked this chapter. It did take me some time, but I completed it. This is not the end and this chapter will be completed😁
Loves and kisses from the author xoxo
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