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The Crowned Prince series book 1. 45 year old, Zhîaté Renvoyé has only one thing in mind, which is business. No time for a man in her life. Especially, someone who is 13 years younger than her. But, when she arrives in the Kindom of Celithia, she will become the prey of the obsessed Crowned Prince, Lithium What will happen to them in this cat and mouse game that they play amongst each other? There's only one way to find out...

Romance / Erotica
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The Crowned Prince

Chapter One

Zhîaté Renvoyé sat staring out into the unfamiliar scenery. It was her first time visiting the Kingdom of Celithia. The only thing she knew about the place, came from her lead communications advisor, Stephen Anderson, who was raised in the Valcrum Sector of Celithia.

He along with her PA Monica Monteal and the company lawyer Mr. Henry Duffy were waiting for her to arrive at their meeting place.

"The Grand Hall of Celithia."

They had landed late last night. To conveniently make their 9 o' clock appointment, with the members of (PIZA) Positive Impact Zone Association, today. The group consisted of Celithia’s Crowned Prince, and the leaders from different sectors of his soon to be Kingdom.

The sole purpose of the meeting was to improve their Educational Systems and Youth Activities Programs for children ranging from ages 0 to 18.

The purchase of books and electronic technology was due for an upgrade. Sports arenas and gym centers were in need of gaining adequate lighting fixtures and proper seating. Several buildings were so damaged that the whole structure was deemed condemned. Rebuilding was a must in those cases.

There were other Proposals, like the addition of an adventure park and skating rink that still awaited her approval.

Though, she would get to that at her earliest convenience.

Zhîaté, didn’t mind the latest proposals that she received via email this morning from Stephen. He was paving the way for her, with his incredulous royal and noble connections.

"Oh, did I mention he was the "Duke of Valcrum?" Yes, he was an actual noble himself.

With him by her side, it would be a huge step toward meeting the powerhouse players with social status. Such as, elites, royals and other noble families from every kingdom on earth.

She had what most countries needed. Her free money.

A vast amount of it was used to create the Renvoyé Foundation. Which focused on funding Humanitarian and Climate Change projects, around the globe.

Her goals to help restore the world we live in, was becoming a huge success. Her business schedule was full, up to a years worth. The future places she’d venture was growing in numbers, by the day.

She rubbed the back of her palm to her forehead, as she, confirmed another meeting to help “The Need to Feed” organization, in Ryelle county.

But it was business. There were a lot of struggling countries, cities, and communities that wanted her help. She had no time to think about taking a day off.

The lack of proper sleep was showing on her face. It was starting to drain her thoughts. Making them stray into her personal one’s.

She dug into her clutch for her compact, to double check her face. Touching up if it was needed.

"Maybe she would take a stranger into her bed tonight, to fulfil a night of pleasure, or the lack thereof." she said it to no one, staring at her reflection.

She looked sexy as fuck dressed in her Spencer Miran custom suit. Her unusual fashion sense, had her swimming in sponsors that were dying to sell her style. But, Spencer was her personal designer.

Her mixed Asian genes made her look ten times younger than her true age of 45. Her gifted genes combined with a scheduled exercise routine and healthy eating habits, she was blessed in every department.

Flawless tanned complexion, thick black lashes that complimented her dark chocolate brown eyes. To add more to it, she had a straight narrow nose with plump full lips.

Her long black hair that normally lay at her hip of an hourglass figure, was twisted into a braided updo, for convenience purposes.

She had no time for men to admire her straight, curtained hair. It got her into many uncomfortable situations, one way or the other.

Men actually loved that type of shit. A woman with long hair? Her mind drifted down memory lane.


During a night of heated sex. A few pretended as if they were in some type of fucking chariot competition, pulling on the reins of the horses manes, just to win the race to their sated pleasure.

She wasn’t into that masochistic bullshit, of "Pain and Pleasure."

And her non filtered mouth. Always ran away from her vocal chords before her mind could process what she had just said.

“Hey buddy, how about I pull on your nut sack, when I’m ready to flow my juices on your cock. Just to see if it’ll make you feel good?” Maybe those words slipped out a few times.

She didn’t give a fuck... That shit hurt like a motherbleeper. Not to mention, waking up the next day with a crick in her neck. Which made her pissed that she had to pay a damn masseuse to get the tension flowing in her neck again.

“I thought the pain would give you pleasure?” one jerk confessed.

“Really? Who told you that, you dumbass?” she retorted, before pushing him off the bed and kicking him right out of her hotel room.

The striking woman played her cards safely, staying single at her age. It was for the best. She could care less about hurting a man.

“Better to hurt him, than he hurting me.” she repeated like a mantra, on a daily basis.

Thanks to a previous life that stole all the joy from her. Bastard had played her from the beginning of their relationship. It was then, she decided that it would never happen again.

Flashback Ends

The Range Rover pulled alongside the curb of the 12 story building. Snapping the woman back into reality. Her hired driver, Joseph, appeared and opened the door for her.

“Thank you. Joseph.” she said, kindly and gracefully exited the vehicle. The breeze was kind to her today. Only a slight gush had moved passed her, that blew a strand of hair loose from her head.

Stephen may have mentioned something in regards to the princes royal advisor meeting her, when she arrived.

The tiny man, 60 something year old man looked very stoic and she could sense his spirited personality beaming out of him.

She extended her hand to the outstretched one before her.

“Mr. Aranov. Pleasure to meet you.” she spoke with pure gratitude.

Their smiles resembled the others.

“Pleasure is mine, Miss Renvoyé.” He gave her an approving once over, before speaking once again.

He had the most shy voice. Making her wonder where that mild and meek voice came from.

"He's so adorable."

“The men are waiting for you inside.” a pause, to take on the steps ahead.

“Just to let you know, Prince Lithium has not arrived yet. ” he announced as he escorted her inside the 12 story building.

She took to the marbled floors that accentuated the cream colored walls, noticing how the trained eyes of the workers followed the two, like curious hawks.

The stares passed once they came to the huge double doors of their destination, making their presence known.

In respect, each individual stood as they entered the room. The 20 capacity room was stuffed with 9 of Celithia's powerful sector leaders with their advisors, save for the prince.

Introductions were made and she was able to give everyone a firm gripped greeting.

Her gaze pierced toward her on lookers. She was ready to give her brief speech.

“Gentlemen. Thank you for having me! I’ll be wasting no time as I know you must have other things to do.” She said, with an expressionless face.

Monica was already passing out files that belonged to each corresponding project team member. The files contained their particular project funding requests. It also included her company funding breakdown sheet with the terms and conditions of the contract funding proposal .

“Thank you Monica.” she praised the woman, and moved on.

"As you can see. Your corresponding files, have been double checked and your contracts updated with the terms of agreement of Renvoyé Foundation's. Everything from the breakdown funding sheets and distribution funding information were adjusted, accordingly. " She took in a breath before speaking again.

"Please take your time and evaluate the paperwork. Hopefully, by the time I return in 7 days, your contracts will be signed and ready for my financial team to start the funding process. Do you have any questions?” she asked.

The doors to the conference room, flew open.

The intruder caught everyone’s attention. It was none other than prince Lithium, who came stumbling in. Definitely, due to a major hangover. His hair was tousled all over his face. The suit that should be neatly pressed and fit to his status. Was now wrinkled with most of the buttons undone, only part of his shirt was shoved into the slacks he wore. He looked like a complete mess. No professionalism or signs of the prince he should have been.

“What did I miss?” he asked, taking a seat and settling in, turning to the nice old man.

Zhîaté had a look on her face. A look that Stephen, knew all to well. Before he could even say anything to distract the woman from speaking.

She opened her unfiltered mouth.

“Your highness do you not have respect for yourself?...For, your country?...or your fellow citizens?” she barked, irritated at the man Celithia considered as their prince.

It made some of the men sit up a little straighter. Some gulped down the lump they had stuck in their throat. Shocked at the womans direct distaste remark to their prince.

“Oh shit.” Stephen gasped, as soon as the words left Zhîaté. He knew that everything would turn ugly...

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