Locke Down

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Sequel to The Warrior King. Laurel has not only has alpha blood running through her veins, but is the offspring of the alpha king himself. It’s common knowledge that a strong female would be paired with a male equally as powerful, so it was assumed that her mate would always be another alpha. But the moon goddess has other plans for her when her mate not only turns out to be someone who isn’t even a wolf, but is the Fae King himself.

Romance / Humor
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Locke's POV

My office door swings open and slams hard against the back wall causing the room to shake slightly. I turn around annoyed at the rude interruption and am faced with my commander, Lucious.

"Don't you know how to knock?" I growl out in frustration.

He completely ignores my words as he throws another rabid looking wolf onto the ground. I glance down at the half shifted wolf and watch as it convulses on the hard floor.

His jaws snap as saliva flings across the room and I can't help but turn up my lip in disgust. The room already smells like spoiled meat due to the intruder who has now begun to foam at the mouth.

I can't stand these wolves, or rogues, as they call them. They're disgusting creatures to me who should honestly be wiped off the face of the earth. According to some, they're just a normal werewolfs who have gone mentally insane, but from what, I'm not sure. If that's really the case, it just proves that deep down they're all just crazy and waiting to snap.

"Why would you bring this here?" I glance up at Lucious.

"Because you need to see what we're dealing with. These attacks on our people are becoming more and more frequent Locke. You need to do something about it to keep everyone safe."

"Dex!" I call out and within seconds another figure is standing out the door.

"Sir." Dex towers in the door frame, staring at me as he tries to hide the smirk that's pulled his face.

"Please Dex, get this out of here." I wave to the mound of fur at my feet.

Lucious glares, clearly irritated, as he removes the rogue from my office and exits out the door.

"I don't like him." He says once both are out of sight.

"And I don't give a fuck." I say, walking past him and proceeding down the hall.

"Locke." He calls out as I continue to make my way to the northern side of the castle.

"Locke!" He yells and I stop.

"What, Lucious. What." I say, refusing to give him the satisfaction of even turning around.

"You know who is doing this."

"And who would that be?" I spin to look him in the eye.

Within a heartbeat, he's standing inches from my face, fury evident in his eyes.

"I know you think they're good people because they didn't kill you as a babe, but they're not Locke. They won't think twice to slaughter you now, just like they did your father and grandfather."

My fists clench together as I try to hold back the rage building up inside me. Lucious has looked after me ever since the day my father got killed, but lately he's been stepping out of line.

The air begins to shift and I can feel the hairs on my arms stand up as I think about it. I'm a king for fucks sake! Commander or not, he has no right to be in the position he's at right now, and definitely not raising his voice towards me.

"You need learn to control that temper of yours." He grumbles. "You're way more powerful than any of others, Locke. You always have been. You'd be unstoppable if you'd just listen to me every once and a while!"

A small sculpture goes flying through the air and crashes into the wall by his head, causing him to cover his face.

I growl out in frustration before spinning on my heels again and marching away. He is right in the sense that I need to control my anger, but dammit he just makes me so mad! The older I get the stronger I become, but also the harder it becomes to control myself.

Lucious has tried for years to train me and mold my powers, but his techniques always feel off. He tries to build on anger and destruction and it always leaves me feeling pissed off by the end of training, yet no where closer to controlling anything.

The bloodline that originated long before by father was powerful beyond measure. As part of the chosen Fae, we were gifted with special abilities to manipulate the energy around us. With great power cane great responsibility, which lead us to rule over the Fae population.

Emotion triggers the ancient gift and it takes a lot of training and self control to learn to master it. My father and grandfather never had control over it, but relied on the emotion of anger to trigger the abilities and keep people fearful. It's considered the most unstable emotion for a reason since it causes the energy around us to split. We have no control over split energy, but it causes one of the biggest distributions to the environment around us.

Lucious seems to think I'm strong enough to control this split energy, which is why he tries to train me on anger, but it's just not possible. I know there's got to be another way, but it's an area I've had no experience in, nor does anyone else currently living.

One thing is certain though, and that's that I have to figure out something quick before it gets out of hand and I turn into my father. How I'm going to accomplish that though, I don't know, so I try to focus on something else I know how to fix for right now.

These damn rogues.

I pull the keys out of my pocket as I open the drivers door of the my car and slide in. It's been 25 years since I've last seen Zander, but I think now is the perfect time to pay him a visit.

This is the sequel to The Warrior King! Haven't come up As I said before, updates will be a little slow, but hope you guys like it as much as the first book!

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