Sold my Soul

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Chapter Nine - Stephen’s POV

Trinity and I had just agreed a date on the wedding. I know after the last few days it probably felt rushed to her but I didn't want to wait. I also couldn't tell her that anything did go wrong with the plan, being married was a better option because of spousal privilege. I also didn't want to tell her because I didn't want her to think that was the only reason I wanted to marry her. It was far from the truth.

After agreeing we had been dancing and drinking some more but I was feeling more and more worked up for her knowing now exactly when she would be my wife. I was lusting for her badly tonight and the animal in me was begging to be released.

We had tried several things, I loved exploring with her in the bedroom, but I hadn't fully given into my lustful side, the one that wanted to dominate her completely in the bedroom.

Tonight though, she was going to find out all about it.

Stephen - Come on babe, I think it is time I get you back.

Trinity - mmm one more drink baby?

Stephen - No, I want you back at our hotel now and I want my way with you.

She looked at me taken back a bit however I also saw the lust in her eyes rising.

Trinity - daddy since when did you get so demanding?

Stephen - Since my doll isn't listening to me

I lean closer and whisper to her

Stephen - Now, finish your drink I am taking you back to our bed now and I am going to dominate all of you for the rest of the night.

She stares deep into my eyes and quickly polishes off her drink. That's my girl.

We go get Clint and Mia off the dance floor and tell them we are heading back. They decide they are ready also.

We all get into a car and the ride back is painfully slow. I am thinking of all the things I want to do to her and I want to do them now. The moment we got in I smacked her ass.

Stephen - Bedroom now

She starts walking up the stairs with me stalking behind her.

Once she gets to our room she stops and looks at me. Our eyes fixed on each other as I walked to her, she saw the glint. I spun her around and I slipped my hand up her short dress and found myself accidentally exclaiming

Stephen - You bad little kitten wearing such a tiny thong out all night.

Her cheeks blushed and a cheeky smile followed, one that I was about to wipe off . I slid my finger between her ass and followed the material to her lips, her very wetness surprisingly cover my finger. I lifted it to my mouth and teasingly licked it clean next to her ear, whispering

Stephen - Whatever you've been imagining you've not gone far enough

I notice her swallow deeply but I also see the lust in her eyes. I love how even a year down the track we still can't get enough of each other, and I know it will be like this for the rest of our lives.

I reached for a tie I had left out of my bag earlier. As my body pinned her against the door I cover her eyes with it, then gripped her wrists behind her back with one hand. I marched her to the bed, placed her by the side of the bed and ripped her dress apart tearing the material open, exposing her stunning body. I quickly unclasped her bra letting it fall.

She gasped and wiggled but I held her tightly until she stopped. I picked up the other ties I had brought with us and fixed one to each of her wrists. I could hear her purring already in wanting. My doll definitely wanted to let daddy play.

I gripped her shoulders and pushed her to her knees then on to all fours. I grabbed each of her hands and used the other end of the ties to loop around the posts of the bed. With her secured, I went and sat on the bed behind her butt as I sucked on my fingers slowly then began to work one in her gorgeous ass.

Slowly I stretched her hole until finally I was able to push two fingers inside her butt causing her to moan with pleasure and relief.

Stephen - Did daddy say you could talk?

She doesn't answer me so I quickly give her gorgeous ass cheeks a hard slap

Trinity - awwwww mmmmmmm

She cried out at first but those cries are quickly replaced with moans so I do it again to the other side.

Stephen - Daddy asked you a question

Trinity - No daddy, I'm sorry daddy

Stephen - Good girl baby

I gently stroke down her back before smacking her ass again. I sat back for a minute pulling her ass up higher. WOW! What a sight, her beautiful thong covered ass with my hand prints covering it and her dripping wet little thong clearly visible.

I spent a few minutes teasing her some more, short soft spanks, mixed with harder sharper ones, occasionally running my hand over her redness and grabbing her gorgeous ass cheeks.

I was now hard and constrained so I got out of my pants and shirt. I knelt in between her knees and rubbed my cock between her kitty lips until it was nice and wet. I started to slowly push my hardness into her backside.

Oooo she liked it so much more this time then the first as I felt her push back and grind using her hips.

Watching my cock sliding in and out her butt was heaven and listen to her purr for my cock was driving me wild.

Before I could stop myself I lowered my head to her and planted my teeth on it and clenched my jaw on her soft flesh. I bit hard making sure she would remember this when she sat down tomorrow.

Trinity - Aghhhhhhh god daddy! Oh I'm sorry daddy I'm sorry I couldn't help it, that feel so gooddddddddddd

I smile against her butt cheeks as I stay buried in it. My good little girl apologising before daddy had to tell her off.

I lean over and give the other cheek three or four bites across it. I could feel the beast in me craving more.

Her thong was still in the way, I could've pulled it to one side, but I needed hands free access, so I grabbed either side and in one more move tore it apart.

Trinity - Awww god daddy, I love it when you man handle me you drive me wild.

Stephen - Naughty lil momma talking out of turn again

I felt her thong in my fingers and they were soaking with her pussy juice. I couldn't help myself especially after that last outburst and before I realised what I was doing I grabbed one of the shreds of her thong and shoved it into her mouth.

My god what a sight before me, her hands strapped to the bed, her beautiful ass being pounded into by my cock as she bit down on her panties moaning at me for more. I was so turned on by how responsive she was to me dominating her.

I slowly pulled myself out of her butt and slid into her tight wet pussy inch by inch. I could fee her gripping, swallowing every inch, pulling me in. That feeling, that sensation, that connection was magic.

After a couple of long, slow strokes I built up speed and varied the penetration, I could already feel her getting tighter and the short, high pitched noises coming out of her gagged mouth told me she was getting off on it.

I grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her into me, I looked up and saw her hands gripping to the material of my ties tightly her knuckles turning white.

I was thrusting my groin hard, very hard against her, withdrawing my cock to the tip and slamming it all the way, deep into her dripping pussy, pounding her hole, fucking her, fucking her brains out. It was incredible, she began cumming all over my dick, her milky juices were dripping down my cock out her hole and all over my balls.

Her head pushed into the sheet, as her grip started to loosen on the ties. She was nearly done, but I was going to make her keep coming. I heard some muffled words, I think she was begging for me to stop, but she needed to squirt, she need to limp and her pussy needed to be sore before I was going to be done.

I could feel her clenching and beginning to shake, I thrust as hard as I could, getting as deep inside her as I could, almost leaving a permanent imprint on her womb. Now she was screaming. the gag of her thong doing nothing to muffle her cries. She got louder and her whole body was shaking.

My head was tilted back, my mouth wide open and deep primal grunting, groaning and growling noises were filling the room with ever thrust. My balls were tight, really tight, getting ready to unleash everything contained. Our movement was a blur, our bodies were one, our souls entwined.

My eyes rolled back, into my head. She let out a continuous scream of ecstasy and released a massive gush of her creamy juice everywhere, I pulled out a bit and watched as it covered my balls and lower stomach

Stephen - fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I screamed with a final thrust. My balls spasmed and my cum forced its way through my cock that was gripped so tight by her clenched walls. The pressure forced cum down my shaft, filling her, mixing with her milkiness, spilling out, making a delicious mess.

I collapsed on her in a breathless heap.

After a short while I managed to kneel back up. I pulled out and I could see her red, swollen, shaved kitty. I sat back for a minute enjoying the sight of the aftermath of our erotic act. She was tied and gagged, fucked and filled, dripping wet. A beautiful mess. My Queen.

I reached over and undid the ties so she could relax.

I gently remove the thong from her mouth. She was done and said nothing but had a gorgeous, albeit tired smile on her face.

I lay behind her and we held each other tight for a while before I carefully picked her up and walked her into the bathroom.

I sat her on the sink and I heard her hiss a little as her sore butt made contact with the cold vanity. I ran her a warm bath adding some oils to relax her body and once it was ready I gently carried her over and lowered her in.

I jumped in the shower next to her watching her from the other side of the glass as I cleaned myself off. She looked relaxed and completely pleasured. As I got out I dried and wrapped a towel around myself.

I walked over kissing her gently on the forehead, stroking her beautiful face lovingly.

Stephen - I love you daddy's good little baby girl

Trinity - mmmm I love you

I smiled at her adoringly, she was so spent she could barely open her eyes.

Stephen - Rest a bit baby, I am just going to get some waters and change the bed sheets then I will come back in and rub some cream on the beautiful butt of yours to make it feel better and get you to bed

Trinity - Ok my love

I walk out and look back to see her eyes closed fully submersed and at bliss in the bath. I grab my mobile out my pants and head down to the kitchen to get some waters for us. As I am nearing the fridge I go to unlock my phone and see 3 missed calls from Dave.

Shit! I told him not to call unless it was an emergency.

I quickly dial his number back and he answered on the second ring.

David - (Phone call) Boss, we got a problem . . . . .

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