Sold my Soul

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Chapter Ten - Stephen’s POV

I quickly dial his number back, and he answered on the second ring.

David - Boss, we got a problem

Stephen - What's up mate?

David - I was at Capulet in the office and one of the staff came and said there was a guy at the bark asking for Chad. I went out and he was asking if Chad was around, apparently been trying to reach him for two days. I asked who he was and here is where the problem is, he said he was his brother

Stephen - I didn't know Chad had a brother?

David - He doesn't, just 2 sisters and his mother. That's all the family he has.

Stephen - Right so what did you tell him?

David - I said if he was his brother then he would know where he was. Dubious story that they aren't close etc and his mother is urgently trying to reach him. Then he asked if you were around, you might know where he is. Of course I mentioned you've been out of town for several days, celebrating your new engagement.

Stephen - Good call, thanks mate. So what did you end up telling him?

David - Exactly what happened, Chad and his mate Mike went out of town on a trip. Didn't say where they were going but he could reach him on his mobile, he had it with him.

Stephen - Thanks Dave, keep me updated. If he comes back again call me straight away

Dave - Got it boss, night

I hung up and leaned against the bench thinking it through for a minute while having some water. So the cops are sniffing the dirty way already . . . . . .

I make a note to let Clint know tomorrow. Right now I don't want to take this back upstairs and worry my girl after she looked so relaxed when I came down. I head back upstairs and see my goddess still relaxing in the bath.

Stephen - Baby, you ready to hop out and get in bed?

Trinity - mmm yes my love, I'm ready for sleep. I am pleasantly spent right now

I smile at her adoringly and help her out the bath and wrap a towel around her drying her off. I bring her into the freshly made bed and tell her to lay on her stomach. I gently apply some cream to her beautiful butt cheeks soothing it in to her red skin.

Stephen - How's that feel my love

Trinity - Much better baby

I kiss her shoulder softly and put the cream up next to the bed. I turn the bedroom light off and make my way over and climb in next to her, pulling her body into mine moulding together perfectly.

Stephen - Sweet dreams baby, I love you

Trinity - I love you too

I listen as she falls asleep quickly and I love that sound of her peaceful breathing and tiny little purrs. It's when I know she is her safest, rested and safely in my arms. I lay there holding her for a while before I finally nod off myself.

I wake up the next morning and go to cuddle into my doll but find her side of the bed empty. I sit up looking around the room and find her not there.

Stephen - babe?

I yell out making sure she is here and ok

Trinity - I am fine sweetheart. I'll be back in a second I'm just making some coffee

I lay back and let out a deep breath I didn't realise I was holding. I'm lay in bed with my arm across my eyes when I hear her come back in and smell the delicious scent of coffee wafting through the room

Stephen - mmmmm that coffee smells good, where have you been all my life? I could get use to waking up like this

Trinity - As you should my king. Only the best for you

She comes over putting a coffee on the nightstand for me then leans over and softly kisses my lips. Being the cheeky sod I am I can't help but grabbing a handful of her butt as she does.

Stephen - How's this feeling this morning my love

Trinity - mmm much better than last night, I don't mind the little bit of soreness though, it's a nice reminder

She walks around and puts her coffee down on the bed side table and then crawls across the bed straddling me. We make out for a few minutes before we settle in bed enjoying our coffees. I am checking the news online on my phone while she's lay in my arms stroking my chest tenderly.

Stephen - Baby can I ask a promise of you please

Trinity - Of course

Stephen - Can we make a promise to allow at least half an hour every morning just to do this? Lay together with our coffees and wake up properly, I love this more than anything just being here in our own little bubble.

Trinity - You're adorable babe. And I'd love to, no one else I would want to do it with

We lay there for as long as possible just enjoying each other's company having a chat and a cuddle. My phone goes off and I look over and see it's Clint

Stephen - (Phone call) Fuck off, it's too early haha

Clint - (Phone call) Fuck you too mate haha

Stephen - (Phone call) What's up

Clint - (Phone call) Food? You guys wanna come for breakfast?

Stephen - Babe, you want food this morning?

Trinity - Definitely, I am starving this morning

I wiggle my eyebrows at her

Trinity - Pervert haha real food

Stephen - (Phone call) yeah count us in. Give us half hour and head over

Clint - (Phone call) That's quick for someone who claimed not to be a one pump wonder haha

Stephen - (Phone call) fuck off haha see you shortly bro

Clint - (Phone call) See you then bro

We get up and get dressed and are heading downstairs when we hear the door. We greet Mia and Clint and head over to the restaurant to eat. While having breakfast we decide to hit the slops for a bit today. As Clint and I go to pay for breakfast I tell him we are going for a jog this afternoon when we get back from the slops

Clint - You taking the piss right? I haven't run in this kind of weather for years mate

Stephen - We need to talk, Dave called last night

Clint - Say no more

We head over to the slops and get our gear ready. After several hours out there we head in and get some warm drinks

Clint - Mate, I don't want to get too comfortable now I am a married man, so what you say we go for a jog this afternoon

Stephen - Yeah mate I am happy to out run you again

Mia - And I do enough of that at work every day so I am happy to stay in where it is warm, what you say Trin?

Trinity - Yeah I think Mia has the right idea here

We head back and Clint and I get changed ready to go. I hear him head back into our chalet with Mia in tow carrying a bottle of wine.

Clint - Ready to do this old man?

Stephen - You dick, we are the same age haha

Clint - Yeah I just look better for it hahaha

Stephen - Bye baby see you when we get back

Trinity - Be safe

We head out and get started

We jog for about 45 minutes until I am comfortable we are far enough away to talk without disturbing the girls. We slow down to a walk and I start to fill Clint in on what happened with the call from Dave.

Clint - So how you going to deal with it?

Stephen - Call it straight out for the lie it is if they come in when we are back

Clint - How so?

Stephen - Ask how they think they could be his brother when we've known him for over 6 years now and know he doesn't have one.

Clint - Nice, although I am sure they'll have excuses to counteract it

Stephen - All of which we know enough to say otherwise

Clint - Such as?

Stephen - Well they would obviously know it's just him, his sisters and mother so if they try the avenue that his father remarried and had kids with his new wife I'll call their bluff and say he died before Chad's younger sister was born

Clint - Brutal but a good call. You going to ring him and speak to him?

Stephen - I thought I might put a bit of pressure on and remind him I did him a favour getting him out of the country before they tried arresting him over the botched operation and get him to put a call in saying he's gone travelling and looking at different business ventures as I asked the boys to move out now I am getting married I don't want a bachelor pad I want a home for my future family.

Clint - Solid, not a bad way to play it mate and suss them out in return

Stephen - Exactly my thoughts. Come on then let's get back to those terrible two before they drink too much wine. You guys got plans tonight?

Clint - Other than try and get my wife knocked up or at least practice, not much. You?

Stephen - Well we set a date for the wedding finally so might discuss that more but figured dinner all of us at yours or our chalet some drinks and a smoke, something chilled

Clint - Sounds good mate

Stephen - Come on then, let's get going

We start jogging back and I'm feeling better I have a plan of attack to counteract anything they may be planning.

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